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Correct Leg Asymmetry With Elevator Shoes

dismetria arti inferiori

One in three people in Italy and around the world show an asymmetry in the lower limbs. The medical term asymmetry describes a difference in leg length, which can lead to back pain and poor posture, as well as potentially serious conditions such as scoliosis, clubfoot, etc if not treated properly.

The cause of leg asymmetry isn’t entirely clear. It may be post-traumatic or related to an underlying disease or congenital malformation.

GuidoMaggi offers a wide collection of men's footwear that can help correct this difference in height of the limbs. The rise in internal anatomy - in 100% natural rubber - inside the footwear is used to cancel the postural gap by helping the spine to assume a more natural and therefore therapeutic position.

With the help of Italian craftsmen and orthopedic doctors, GuidoMaggi is able to study the height asymmetry of each individual client to develop a custom insole system based on their exact specifications.

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The positive effects of GuidoMaggi shoes include improved posture and natural movement of the foot and back, dissolved muscle tension, and psychological well-being, among others.