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Elevator Shoes: "Bottega Italiana"

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A worldwide leader in luxury goods, Bottega Veneta continues to wow the fashion world with a line of products of unmatched aesthetic and quality. Founded in 1966 in Italy’s Veneto Region, Bottega Veneta remains a go-to for the world’s celebrities looking to blow onlookers away on the red carpet. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is one other brand dedicated to the art of style. These height increasing shoes are designed to help both men and women elevate their look and stature at once.

height increasing shoes

GuidoMaggi’s Italian roots are at the forefront of its aesthetic. With the fall season just around the corner, it may be time to reinvent your style. GuidoMaggi’s wide selection of tall shoes is intended to boost stature and confidence. From luxurious loafers primed for vacation, to sophisticated dress shoes ideal for the office and other special events, GuidoMaggi’s extensive range of fashion-forward height increasing shoes is elegance personified.

Sleek, sophisticated with an irresistible dose of edge ideal for the modern man, GuidoMaggi’s selection is unmatched in terms of style, comfort and function. If you’re searching for a pair of shoes with a little something extra, GuidoMaggi also offers a variety of limited edition styles. Choose from a selection of hand-painted pairs, or one from the limited edition collection by Vini Uehara. You can even customize your own pair to your exact specifications, making for a fit and level of comfort that’s simply unparalleled. Whether you’re seeking just a small boost in height, or a higher heel that will increase your stature by several inches, elevator shoes can do wonders for your self-confidence.

Each pair of GuidoMaggi shows is handmade in Italy from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal durability. A number of styles are as versatile as they are functional, making them a superb addition to your wardrobe. If you’re ready to take your personal style to new, uncharted heights, take a peek at GuidoMaggi’s lush virtual shelves to find your perfect pair today.

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Italian Elevator Shoes: national pride!

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Founded in 1986 by Ennio Capasa, Italian fashion house “Costume National” has made quite the impact on the style scene. The brand’s luxurious selection of Ready To Wear apparel, footwear and accessories have become popular among trend-setters young and old. Part of Costume National's allure is its Italian roots, as it remains one in an ever-growing line of Italian brands renowned for its craftsmanship and creative direction.

tal men shoes

GuidoMaggi’s Italian roots are seen in each pair of luxury elevator shoes the brand has created. The market for elevator footwear is growing by the day, and while many emerging brands focus solely on function, GuidoMaggi consistently stays true to style. Height increasing footwear can be just as edgy and fashion forward as regular footwear, and the label’s team of designers recognizes this fact, as they continue to implement new, innovative designs that do double duty on the fashion front. Sleek, sophisticated and always reliable, GuidoMaggi shoes are the answer to your desire for a taller stature, all while keeping you stylish as ever.

GuidoMaggi is one in a long line of Italian-based companies who take great pride in the construction of their products. The brand’s elevator footwear is made with a meticulous attention to detail and a number of high-quality products that combine to form shoes that are as reliable as they are supremely stylish. A team of talented designers utilizes an extensive knowledge of fashion trends and technology to ensure all of GuidoMaggi’s shoes are fashion forward and superb in fit. Clients are welcome to customize their own pair to their specific taste in color, cut and heel height, all in the hopes of creating a shoe that speaks directly to them and their own unique personal style.

Versatility is important in the realm of elevator footwear. GuidoMaggi’s virtual shelves contain dozens of elevator sneakers, boots, height increasing sandals and a variety of other styles intended to boost your height and your confidence. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes capable of changing your life in more ways than one, GuidoMaggi may very well be the solution – and a stylish one, at that.

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Elevator Shoes: Swiss? No, Italian

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Founded over 100 years ago, Bally has long offered luxury goods to the masses. Bally shoes began producing footwear in Switzerland more than a century ago, and to this day still remains highly relevant in the fashion realm. A dedication to quality, style and comfort has kept Bally Shoes in business since 1851, and GuidoMaggi is just one other brand who shares this very same commitment to excellence.

elevator shoes bally

Products hand-made in Italy have always garnered special attention from the fashion crowd. GuidoMaggi is one of a long line of Italian brands who takes great pride in its Italian roots. As one of the world’s leading vendors of elevator footwear, GuidoMaggi has commanded a loyal fan base of men and women hoping for a boost in height without sacrificing style. While height increasing shoes often lack the aesthetic found in your typical dress shoe, GuidoMaggi’s team of designers goes to great lengths to ensure a product that takes style, comfort and function in mind.

With an extensive range of elevator shoes to choose from, finding the ideal shoe is now within reach. GuidoMaggi’s Summer 2016 collection boasts a wide variety of shoes intended to elevate your height, and your sense of style. Choose from elevator sneakers, sandals, loafers, boots or dress shoes – each made with a meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Whether your style is casual or more sophisticated, GuidoMaggi has a pair that speaks to you. Customize your own pair for a fit and look that embodies your unique style persona. From color to cut, to heel height, taking part in the creation of your own shoe is highly rewarding, and will result in a one-of-a-kind fit that’s optimized for comfort.

What good are shoes without quality? GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are made with reliability in mind. Handcrafted from a range of exceptional materials, including rare leathers, this height increasing footwear is sleek, edgy and versatile at once, making for a killer combination as far as style is concerned.

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Elevator Shoes and personalization: the new frontier of Made in Italy

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Europe has long been recognized for its numerous high-fashion brands, each dedicated to preserving the art of style. British clothing brand Ted Baker is known for its luxurious, trend-setting collections, and this reputation has stood strong for more than two decades. An exceptional design aesthetic and high-quality materials renders Ted Baker a British favorite, and this same commitment to excellence can be seen in GuidoMaggi’s luxury line of elevator footwear.

elevator shoes ted baker

GuidoMaggi prides itself on a superior customer experience. In striving for the perfect fit, clients are invited to customize their pair of elevator shoes, ensuring optimal style and comfort. Choose from colors, heel heights and high-quality leathers to create a shoe that speaks directly to you.

Our stunning array of elevator footwear was created to entice a wide variety of clientele. From edgy sneakers, to sophisticated dress shoes made with the finest materials, GuidoMaggi’s selection embodies the modern man.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are designed for men seeking a boost in both height and confidence. Our designers utilize an expert knowledge of trends to create a selection of footwear that appeals to fashion-forward individuals with a desire both fashion and function. A meticulous attention to detail, along with the use of high-quality materials renders our line of elevator shoes amongst the finest in the world. Invest in several pairs to create a wardrobe that is as stylish as it is versatile. Many of our shoes can be worn to a variety of occasions, making them the ideal footwear to invest in for longevity.

The summer season is prime for reinventing your personal style. The summer 2016 collection is filled with a wide variety of footwear guaranteed to make an impact. Our extensive collection features footwear for work and plan. From slide-on sandals that revel in comfort, to dress shoes ideal for all of life's special events, there is no shortage of fashionable footwear to choose from. Allow GuidoMaggi to unlock the door to style beyond measure. Shop the exclusive collection today.

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Elevator Boots: let's rock!

height increasing shoes, shoes that make you taller, elevator boots

When it comes to boots, you’d be hard pressed to find a brand more famed than Dr. Martens. The label was founded in the late 1940s, when Dr. Klaus Märtens sought more comfort in the standard army boot. Since then, the brand has grown exponentially, selling millions of pairs of rough, rugged boots to men and women alike.

elevator boots dr martens

Dr. Martens isn’t the only label who places an emphasis on comfort. GuidoMaggi boasts an extensive range of elevator footwear that increases height, all while maintaining a superior sense of style and comfort. GuidoMaggi’s team of talented designers utilize innovative technology and an unsurpassed knowledge of trends to create a line that includes a style for everyone. From luxurious dress shoes to bold boots capable of navigating a variety of terrains, GuidoMaggi shoes are as versatile as they are unique.

Whether you’re seeking a small boost in height, or one a bit more significant, GuidoMaggi offers the opportunity to customize your very own pair of elevator footwear. Select from a range of color, style and height options to create a pair that speaks to you alone. You can also purchase a pair from the label’s extensive virtual racks, which even contain 5-inch elevator shoes capable of driving your stature to new heights.

When building the perfect wardrobe, versatility is important. One that includes a casual sneaker, a rugged boot and a luxe pair of dress shoes can ensure you go through all of life’s events looking sleek and incredibly stylish. GuidoMaggi covers all the bases when it comes to sophisticated footwear. There is now a collection intended just for women who are seeking a stylish means of increasing their height, without the uncomfortable feel of high-heel shoes.

If you’re on the hunt for a shoe that embodies the style you’ve always imagined for yourself, consider a pair of elevator footwear from a brand who does it right.

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The secret of Success

height increasing shoes, shoes that make you taller, tall men shoes,hugo boss

Founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss, the Hugo Boss fashion label has become renowned for decades for its high-quality garments and aesthetic. The German luxury fashion house is headquartered in Metzingen, Germany, and is driven by famed fashion designer Jason Wu, who accepted the role of Art Director of the House of Boss in June of 2013. Today, Hugo Boss remains one of the fashion world’s most long-standing labels, commanding its own base of loyal followers.

elevator shoes hugo boss

GuidoMaggi is just one other brand that’s earned a loyal following among fashion lovers. Luxury elevator footwear is more in demand than ever, as men are turning to shoes to give them that extra increase in height they’ve always dreamed of. Whether you are seeking a small increase in height, or one a bit more significant, GuidoMaggi offers a range of high-quality footwear built with comfort and style in mind.

It’s scientifically proven that taller men get further in life, and GuidoMaggi elevator shoes ensure every man has this opportunity. Clients are welcome to select from a variety of striking silhouettes in all colors and styles, in hopes of finding a shoe that speaks personally to you. While previous generations of elevator shoes focused on function and lacked imagination, today’s are intended to make a statement in the most sophisticated of ways.

There are many reasons why stylish men flock to GuidoMaggi for footwear. The brand’s Italian roots are embedded in each pair of elevator shoes, rendering them of supreme quality and style. GuidoMaggi’s team of designers utilize innovative technology and an expert knowledge of fashion trends to create unique styles for every occasion. Luxurious dress shoes fit for all of life’s most special occasions, in addition to stylish sneakers that reign in unmatched comfort, are just a few of the incredible styles offered among GuidoMaggi’s extensive virtual shelves. If you’re looking to elevate your style this season, choose from one of GuidoMaggi’s exceptional style of elevator shoes to get the job done.

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Made in Italy: from Fendi to Elevator Shoes

height increasing shoes, elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men, fendi

Founded in Rome in 1925, Fendi has become one of the world’s most celebrated fashion labels, for more reasons than one. The brand has long utilized superior Italian craftsmanship to create endless collections of luxurious garments and accessories. This commitment to excellence has made Fendi a household name, and thus, paved the way for its role in fashion history.

elevator shoes fendi

GuidoMaggi is another Italian label dedicated to the art of style. Elevator footwear has the potential to elevate height, as well as confidence, and GuidoMaggi specializes in the craft, ensuring each pair of elevator shoes is made with the customer in mind. Aside from superior comfort, GuidoMaggi elevator footwear offers unsurpassed style. Edgy, sophisticated and sleek at once, elevator footwear has the power to do much more than simply add a few inches to your frame. Height elevating shoes can also reinvent your style.

Whether you’re a man who loves to keep things casual, or one who prides himself in looking polished at all times, there’s a style just for you within GuidoMaggi’s virtual shelves. Customize your pair to your exact specifications to create a shoe that’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. From color, to cut, and heel height, options are everything in the realm of luxury footwear. GuidoMaggi’s team of designers utilize innovative technology and an in-depth knowledge of fashion to form a shoe line that is as functional as it is fashionable.

Elevator shoes weren’t always so stylish. GuidoMaggi has paved the way for a new breed of elevator footwear that does double-duty in regard to function. Previous generations of elevator shoes added height, but did so with little regard to comfort. Supple leather, soft cushioning and rare, exotic materials are just a few details that set GuidoMaggi shoes apart from the rest.

Don’t let summer pass you by without an attempt to elevate your style. Whether you’re on the hunt for a sleek pair of sneakers, a luxe pair of loafers or boots capable of taking you from day to night, GuidoMaggi covers all the bases in ensuring a versatile collection of stylish elevator footwear for all.

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Excellence Made in Italy

height increasing shoes, shoes that make you taller, excellence made in italy

Alberto Guardiani’s expertise in shoes dates back to 1947. A brand nearly 70 years in the making, Alberto Guardiani’s shoe collections have long represented the best of Italian craftsmanship. Stunning arrays of footwear uncompromising in style have made the label famed throughout the world.

alberto guardiani

GuidoMaggi maintains this same commitment to excellence. The luxury shoe label takes great pride in offering a range of shoes that speaks true to men with a knack for style. Elevator footwear has never been known for being the most stylish among the bunch, but GuidoMaggi has altered the industry by creating a line of footwear that keeps both function, style and comfort in mind. Not only do elevator shoes provide an instant boost of confidence, but they also have the power to transform your entire wardrobe. There’s a style for every man within the confines of GuidoMaggi’s collections, and the Summer 2016 selection is no different. From sleek sneakers to luxe loafers and powerful boots in between, there is no shortage of sophisticated footwear to be found on the virtual shelves of one of Italy’s most exciting shoe labels.

No matter what type of style you are looking for, GuidoMaggi has it. The brand’s designers utilize a knowledge of trends and a meticulous eye for detail to create shoes of unparalleled fashion. The use of soft, supple leather and innovative cushioning technology makes for a comfortable fit ideal for navigating the summer season. Whether you’ve got a big vacation planned or will be taking care of business, as usual, investing in a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes will take both your style and stature to new, uncharted heights.

As comfort is key in the realm of elevators shoes, GuidoMaggi offers the option for complete customization. Choose from a variety of colors, silhouettes and heel heights to create a shoe that’s unique and one-of-a-kind. You may also choose from a limited edition selection that boasts a number of statement-making designs. From world-class luxury leathers, to hand-painted styles that put your appreciation for style on full display, there are a number of finely-crafted elevator shoes to choose from when shopping GuidoMaggi’s extensive collection.

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Elevator Shoes and technological innovation have made great strides

elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men, geox

Fashion and innovation go hand-in-hand these days, with exciting, daring designs emerging at every turn. Geox is one such brand utilizing technology to leave its footprint in the fashion world. It was the first of its kind to feature a breathable design that allows for optimal comfort. GuidoMaggi shares this same passion for innovation, and continues to explore exciting new styles intended to make a statement.

elevator shoes geox

GuidoMaggi’s elevator footwear is among the most finely crafted in the world. The newest collection consists of a wide variety of sleek, stylish designs bound to appeal to the sophisticated man. A comfortable fit is imperative in the realm of luxury footwear, and GuidoMaggi’s designers stop at nothing to ensure clients are able to take on the world. Choose from a variety of heel heights, and customize other features like color and cut to create a one-of-a-kind shoe that speaks to your true style personality.

For years, elevator shoes provided height, but lacked the aesthetic to keep stylish men satisfied. GuidoMaggi changed that with its luxury line of height increasing shoes. Like Geox, the label utilizes a number of innovative techniques to achieve silhouettes of uncompromising style. With the scorching summer season upon you, it’s important to invest in shoes that will take you through a number of events. Opt for a pair of luxurious loafers, or a pair of sneakers that adds instant edge to any ensemble. There is now a range of elevator shoes for women to provide a boost without compromising comfort.

Whether you’re a businessman traveling the globe, or a bachelor navigating the summer without a care in the world, there’s a pair of elevator footwear just for you. Choose from styles made of rare, exotic leathers, or opt for hand-painted shoes that add instant style to your wardrobe. The options are endless, as GuidoMaggi’s extensive range of footwear is intended to speak to every man or woman with a desire for added height and great style in one.

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Pitti Uomo Day 3: GuidoMaggi Bids Adieu in Great Style

height increasing shoes pitti, shoes that make you taller pitti, tall men shoes pitti, pitti men style

The 90th edition of the famed fashion festival gathered men from every corner, each bringing their own personal brand of style to the streets of Florence. Among the many brands celebrated this year was GuidoMaggi, whose Summer 2016 collection was met with acclaim amongst the incredibly sleek crowd.

elevator shoes pitti

GuidoMaggi CEO Emanuele Briganti spent the last day of Pitti Uomo in casual elegance, dressed in an outfit appropriate for both day and night. A white leather jacket, fitted black pants and the “Colosseum” shoe from the label’s newest collection evoked the very sophisticated edge GuidoMaggi embodies. Hand-crafted in Italy, the shoe utilizes luxurious black matte python and soft, supple leather to create a shoe unlike your typical elevator shoe.

tall men shoes pitti uomo

Famed fashion blogger Kish was also present to close out Pitti Uomo, dressed in an exquisitely eccentric outfit of contrasting shades like khaki, light blue and navy. Mirrored sunglasses and the “Rue de Rennes” from GuidoMaggi’s Summer 2016 collection completed the ensemble to perfection.

height increasing shoes guidomaggi

Pitti Uomo is one of the few events in which Europe’s most fashionable men collide. Lino Leluzzi, owner of Milan’s “Al Bazar” was spotted among the stylish crowd, dressed in a sophisticated white double-breasted jacket and sleek two-tone loafers. Journalist Gianni Fontana made a statement in a blue and white zigzagata jacket, trousers and an impeccably styled loafer in rich, blue suede.

Lino Ielluzzi Pitti

While the 90th edition of Pitti Uomo has come to a close, GuidoMaggi is not done yet. Emanuele Briganti and crew will be attending the 59th edition of “Shoes from Italy”, to be held in Tokyo, Japan from July 5-7. Located in the vibrant Shibuya district, which has served as home to a variety of famous fashion events, the exhibition will follow a new format destined to draw a crowd larger than before. “Shoes from Italy” will showcase the finest selection of fashion goods the country has to offer, with GuidoMaggi elevator shoes proudly among them.

Pitti Uomo Day 3: GuidoMaggi Bids Adieu in Great Style - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Pitti Uomo Day 2: GuidoMaggi Takes to the Streets in Summer 16 Collection

elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men pitti, pitti men style

Day 2 of the 90th edition of men’s fashion marvel Pitti Uomo has paved the way for a summer filled with sophisticated silhouettes in eccentric prints. A variety of presentations showcased a range of cool clothing from dozens of Europe’s most treasured men’s labels.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are currently taking the streets of Florence by storm. CEO Emanuele Briganti wore an outfit dripping in the kind of cool sophistication the luxury elevator shoe label stands for. Distressed denim paired with a blue button-down, contrasting checkered vest and the Leicester shoe from GuidoMaggi’s newest collection set the tone for the beautiful day and night ahead. World-class fashion blogger Kish was also seen spotted wearing GuidoMaggi – a true testament to the impeccable style the brand encompasses.

elevator shoes pitti

Fashion journalists and bloggers play an integral role in the success of Pitti Uomo. Hugo Jacomet was spotted in an eccentric look befitting of the elegance he so constantly emulates. Blogger Frank Gallucci wore a blue double-breasted with a moccasin moody, while fellow fashion blogger German Justus F. Hansen rocked a pair of flaming red and white sneakers with the greatest of ease. Giorgio Giangiulo, was also in attendance, looking sleek and stylish as always, as was Mr. Rafal Poland, a man who frequently draws attention for his stellar style prowess.

pitti men style

Among the highlights of the day was Karl Lagerfeld’s star-studded guest appearance, intended to showcase his new exhibit titled, “Visions of Fashion”. The fashion designer turned photographer made quite the splash, lending his own brand of edgy elegance to an event already overflowing with great style.

height increasing shoes pitti

Trade shows like Pitti Uomo are valuable for much more than showcasing the impeccable street style of the world’s most stylish men. They present a world of opportunity for small vendors to present their designs to the (very well dressed) masses. There was a resurgence of several trends from the past, including military uniforms and military trousers contrasted by thin stripes and plaid jackets. With GuidoMaggi’s newest collection filled with an array of edgy sneakers, sophisticated loafers and a number of other edgy designs intended to captivate onlookers, there was no absolutely no shortage of style during Day 2.

Pitti Uomo Day 2: GuidoMaggi Takes to the Streets in Summer 16 Collection - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Pitti Uomo Day 1: GuidoMaggi Takes Florence by Storm

elevator shoes pitti, shoe lifts for men pitti, elevator shoes for men pitti, pitti uomo

It’s no secret that some of the world’s boldest fashion is bred in Italy. For decades, bustling cities like Florence have immersed themselves in culture, making the city the ideal backdrop for Pitti Uomo, one of the fashion world’s most anticipated events. The fashion festival’s 90th edition kicked off today, bringing with it all new possibility for the exciting realm of men’s luxury fashion. The GuidoMaggi team is here at last, ready to take on the city in sleek, new styles of elevator shoes bound to make a statement at every turn.

elevator shoes pitti

Pitti Uomo is where men’s fashion takes a turn for the unexpected. Impeccable style abounds, with droves of stylish men gathering to revel in everything Florence has to offer. GuidoMaggi CEO Emanuele Briganti was spotted wearing a striking blue and white checkered suit, while world-famous fashion blogger Kish looked sleek as always, dressed in a deep purple suit and the “Leicester” shoe from GuidoMaggi’s newest collection.

From runway shows, to special previews, to dinner parties and concerts, Pitti Uomo is where innovation begins, and the GuidoMaggi team is along for the ride.

height increasing shoes pitti

The first day of Pitti Uomo was filled with style, class and sophistication, as always. Luxurious dinner parties filled with some of fashion’s heavy hitters, as well as other events in which bloggers reigned supreme create ample opportunity for discussions about what’s next for the exciting world of men’s luxury fashion. Bloggers have become an integral part of Pitti Uomo. Men’s fashion blogger extraordinaire Mariano Di Vaio is also in attendance, as he posed for photos with GuidoMaggi’s very own CEO. Pitti Uomo is known for encouraging bold, daring designs among attendees, which perfectly complements GuidoMaggi’s unmatched aesthetic.

men style shoes pitti

The next few days are bound to hold a world of possibility for men’s fashion, and the many men who thrive in the industry. GuidoMaggi’s luxe line of Italian-crafted elevator footwear is just one of many to be displayed during Pitti Uomo. In the next few days, Emanuele Briganti and his team of models will display some of the line’s most exciting new designs, which are bound to draw attention as they take the men to new heights. Stay tuned for more from Emanuele Briganti and the GuidoMaggi gang, as they take the streets of Florence by storm.

Pitti Uomo will take place from June 14-17.

Pitti Uomo Day 1: GuidoMaggi Takes Florence by Storm - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Karl Lagerfeld: from Dior to Elevator Shoes

elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men, height increasing shoes, karl lagerfeld

As the brains behind one of the world’s most luxurious clothing labels, it would make sense that Karl Lagerfeld knows how to make a statement. The designer’s preference for edgy, monochromatic looks could not be further from the prim and proper garments he frequently sends down the Chanel runway, but that is a large part of Lagerfeld’s appeal. Innovative, daring and always on a quest to surprise his audience, Lagerfeld is just one designer who understands the importance of a bold pair of footwear.

While men like Lagerfeld possess larger-than-life personality, their stature does not always match their persona. Those looking for a boost in height, as well as confidence, need only look to elevator shoes to get the job done. With long, summer days in the horizon, a sense of style that speaks to the season, while remaining sleek and sophisticated is imperative. There are edgy designs for the man who likes to make a statement, as well as cool, classic designs for men who thrive on an aesthetic of understated elegance.

Shopping for a proper elevator shoe online is no easy task. There are a number of factors to consider when you find yourself on the hunt for a shoe that builds both height and confidence. Comfort is key when achieving a look that’s effortlessly striking. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes keep this in mind, as experienced designers utilize a variety of knowledge and innovative technologies to make for a fit unlike any other. From the softest in supple leathers, to extra cushioning, a number of details are designed specifically for comfort and ease of use.

As a luxury label, GuidoMaggi has always strived to provide unmatched style. The company employs a variety of methods to ensure a reliable, durable product intended to last for years. Italian construction and the finest in luxury materials play an equally indispensable role in creating an elevator shoe fit for the most elegant of men. Whether you are the type of man commonly found in a boardroom, or one that can be seen walking along the world’s finest beaches, GuidoMaggi takes great care to create a shoe just for you. Choose from luxe loafers or sneakers for casual days, or opt for a pair of exquisite dress shoes for those once-in-a-lifetime events.

Karl Lagerfeld: from Dior to Elevator Shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Gianni Versace, the classicality and elegance of Elevator Shoes

elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men, gianni versace

A significant portion of the fashion world’s most beloved designers hails from the country of Italy. Gianni Versace is just one in a long line of innovators who have utilised the Italian aesthetic to create awe-inspiring garments and accessories alike. Even more than a decade after his passing, Gianni Versace remains one of the most influential Italian designers in the world. His namesake brand’s preference for sexy, edgy designs continues to inspire a new wave of fashion lovers.

elevator shoes versace

Much like Gianni Versace, today’s designers strive to create clothing with a twist. Cool, sexy styles reign supreme, and this notion has translated well into the realm of elevator footwear. Elevator shoes have vastly improved over the years, with exciting new styles being created in droves. While previous selections focused on height alone, today’s are more stylish and more comfortable than ever, bringing a new appreciation for this type of functional footwear.

The summer season is opportune for reinventing your style to suit your needs. Versatility is key when building a stylish footwear collection. The collection includes a style of shoe for every personality. Luxurious dress shoes are prime for summer weddings, while loafers, sandals and sneakers are ideal for navigating the warm summer months in impeccable style. There are even a number of limited edition styles capable of creating a standout look that commands attention. From rare leathers, to hand-painted styles that combine art and fashion in one, elevator shoes can provide just the aesthetic you’ve been looking for. Whatever your preference, an elevator shoe that adds height, as well as a dose of high fashion into your wardrobe can do wonders for your appearance.

A proper fit is imperative when you are in the market for luxury goods. Customize your shoes to ensure a fit tailored for your specific needs. New technology has made a perfect fit more achievable than ever. Whether you are seeking a slight increase in height or one more drastic, the right pair of elevator shoes can elevate your confidence to new heights.

Gianni Versace, the classicality and elegance of Elevator Shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

The "emotional" fashion: from Givenchy to elevator shoes

elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men, givenchy

While Paris-based luxury brand Givenchy first garnered fame for its collections of simple, versatile garments, creative director Riccardo Tisci has transformed it into a label that demands so much more. Daring designs and an unmistakable air of luxury have made Givenchy one of the world’s most coveted fashion brands. From accessories, to avant-garde couture, every bit of the brand is meant to evoke emotion. Hubert de Givenchy, who founded the namesake label in the early 1950s, paved the way for the exceptional fashion to come.

givenchy elevator shoes

Much like Tisci’s collaboration with Nike, today’s wide selection of elevator shoes contains designs both basic and irresistibly bold. From dressy shoes for all of the season’s formal events, to casual shoes intended for the adventurers among us, elevator shoes need not sacrifice style to be effective. In the realm of elevated shoes, comfort is key. Luxury styles, hand-made in Italy, are made from the finest materials, ensuring optimal comfort and durability. Experienced designers have combined a passion for innovation with a fine knowledge of fashion to create a line of shoes meticulously crafted for unsurpassed quality.

Men with a taste for luxury understand the significance of quality when it comes to footwear. Our shoes go far beyond the traditional. We offer a variety of unique styles that celebrate exclusivity. From hand-painted styles to those made from rare materials such as python and South African ostrich, our sleek selection of elevator shoes is intended for the man who takes style seriously.

Durability, reliability and versatility are all important factors when shopping for elevated shoes. Exquisite Italian craftsmanship makes for quality beyond measure. A well-constructed pair of elevator shoes can last for years. Choose from a number of styles that are both classic and trendy at once. These can come in the form of black leather python shoes or rich, luxurious South African ostrich styles -- both found within our collection. There are also sandals, boots and sneakers ideal for maintaining an air of elegance even in casual settings.

Men looking to add height to their frame do so for a variety of reasons. The confidence that can come from a pair of sophisticated elevator shoes is priceless. Silhouettes that balance edge and sophistication can prove an invaluable for those who live life passionately. Whether for work or for play, elevator shoes that are as stylish as they are comfortable are an absolute necessity for the modern gentleman.

The "emotional" fashion: from Givenchy to elevator shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Tod's, Hogan and the Elevator Shoes

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A true innovator in the fashion realm, Filippo Della Valle began his craft in a basement during the late 1920s. Over time, the small, family-owned shoe company grew into an international brand, driven by Fillipo’s grandson, Diego Della Valle. Expanding to American department stores during the 1970s, Diego leveraged the success of the family business to establish Tod’s, which remains one of the most notable names in shoes today. With this, beloved labels like Hogan and Hogan Interactive were born, paving the way for today’s unique array of high-quality, Italian-crafted elevator shoes.

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Founded in 1986, Hogan’s has remained a trust source for shoes for decades. Their brand of casual luxury has garnered a worldwide fan base due to a distinct aesthetic that speaks to those in search of contemporary footwear of enduring quality.

The overwhelming demand for height-elevating shoes resulted in the creation of Hogan Interactive, which offered casual elevator shoes capable of adding instant height. Word of Hogan Interactive spread, thus commanding its own fan base of clients seeking added height and comfort.

While Hogan Interactive shoes added height to many a short frame throughout the years, these shoes lacked the subtlety many men and women crave with their elevator shoes. The modern man searching for sleek, sophisticated elevator shoes needed more.

Enter todays’ variety of luxury, Italian-crafted elevator shoes. Made from the finest materials, this variety of shoes revels in outstanding luxury. Sleek, sophisticated silhouettes that add height while maintaining their aesthetic make for a shoe unlike any other. From luxe loafers, to dress shoes, to casual sneakers, these height increasing shoes are high fashion personified. Clients from all over the world seek Italian-crafted luxury elevator shoes for style, comfort and reliability.

In the fashion world, comfort takes a backseat to style, in many instances. Such is not the case with today’s breed of Italian-crafted elevator shoes. Materials of the finest quality are expertly manipulated to create a range of elevated shoes that embodies everything today’s stylish man stands for. In addition to luxurious materials such as Python, Baby Alligator and South African Ostrich, Italian-crafted elevator shoes also incorporate innovative technology that adds height without sacrificing comfort or subtlety. These shoes are capable of adding instant height while still remaining some of the most stylish footwear available today.

The outstanding success of luxury brands like Tod’s has solidified the Della Valle’s name in fashion history. Filippo Della Valle innovative spirit can still be seen in many of Hogan and Hogan Interactive’s designs. Without this innovation, today’s variety of luxury elevator shoes may have never been possible. While the Della Valle family paved the way for worldwide interest in elevator shoes, others perfected it.

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Giuseppe Zanotti: will he launch soon elevator shoes?

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Few shoe designers have garnered as much fanfare in recent years as Italian-brend Giuseppe Zanotti. A genius in the art of the sneaker, Zanotti commands his own army of celebrity shoe-lovers, with everyone from Hollywood celebrities to hip-hop royalty sporting his luxurious designs both on and off the stage. With his aesthetic well received in the fashion world, Zanotti remains at the pinnacle of Italian shoe design, producing drool-worthy designs with the passing of each season. While he is well versed in the art of adding inches to the frames of the world’s most glamorous women, his own height could benefit from a bit of a boost.

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Enter the luxury elevator shoe. These sleek, sophisticated shoes are capable of adding height instantly, all while preserving a highly fashionable aesthetic that could stand against any other shoe in the room. While the virtual shelves of the Internet are home to a seemingly endless supply of elevating shoes, few possess the intricate detail found in the Italian-crafted variety. Italian-crafted shoes are made of the finest materials, and are inspired by an unsurpassed sense of style guaranteed to appeal to the modern gentleman.

Height-increasing shoes that take both style and comfort in mind are a necessity for men hoping to add inches to their frame in a stylish manner. Today’s breed of elevator shoes is much different than past versions that didn’t take subtlety into account. Height-boosting shoes made in Italy incorporate a meticulous attention to detail, producing a superb fit and an outstanding sense of comfort unmatched by other shoes on the market. Whether you’ll be attending a luxurious summer wedding, or engaging in a season filled with yachts, beaches and pools, there is a style of elevator shoe for every man hoping to increase his stature. Some luxury lines even include rare materials such as python, South African ostrich or Piracucu skin. These exquisite materials are ideal for achieving a sleek, sophisticated look that keeps high fashion in mind.

While luxury elevator shoes are a sought-after option for professional men hoping to increase their height, there are also a range of other styles to choose from, including sandals, sneakers and boots. No matter your personal style, elevated shoes are a solid option for adding instant height to your frame, all while maintain an impeccable sense of style. When you’ve got the right pair of shoes on your feet, you can take over the world.

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Christian Louboutin: the "big" shoe designer

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In the fashion world, red bottoms are synonymous with Louboutin. Christian Louboutin has been serving up luxury footwear for the masses for decades. No other shoe designer garners as much fanfare. For both men and women, a pair of red bottoms signifies opulence. Edgy, sexy sophistication is the name of the game in regards to Louboutin’s coveted shoe designs, and while he is well versed in adding height to women’s frames, he could use a bit of a boost himself.

Stylish men small in stature often crave added height, by whatever means necessary. Elevator footwear is the simplest way to achieve this extra height, and the most fashionable way, at that. Men like Christian Louboutin, who are frequently photographed around tall, beautiful women, look to height increasing shoes to give them the tall appearance they’ve always dreamed of, but never thought was possible. An elevator shoe that combines comfort, function and impeccable style is the answer to the ages-old problem.

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A good pair of elevated shoes doesn’t stop at adding height to your frame. Height-increasing shoes that keep fashion as a factor can be a fabulous addition to your closet. With the spring season here and the summer season fast approaching, a pair of shoes that’s both stylish and comfortable is a necessity. Luckily, there are hundreds of height increasing shoes to choose from. There are sandals and loafers for men seeking something casual to take with them on a warm weather adventure. There are luxurious dress shoes for special events like the ever-present summer wedding. When it comes to elevated shoes, men have options, but only a shoe that combines exceptional craftsmanship and a sleek, chic silhouette will do.

There’s a reason why fashion lovers flock to cities like Milan to locate the latest in fashion. Italian craftsmanship is among the finest in the world. Shoes that incorporate the finest materials and superior attention to detail can create a footwear experience unlike any other.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a means to add height to your frame while remaining cool, calm and comfortable, elevator shoes are a great – and extremely stylish – way to go.

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Pierre Balmain - a Giant at 5'9”

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While many view designer Olivier Rousteing as the brains behind high-fashion house Balmain, it was founder Pierre Balmain who truly embodied the label’s most sophisticated designs. The designer, known for his elegant aesthetic, achieved a great deal during his lifetime, establishing one of the world’s most coveted brands. Even decades after his passing, Balmain is still fondly remembered for his work, his persona and his contributions to the ever-growing world of fashion. While he stood at only 5’9, his height never hindered his ability to command attention.

Today’s modern man has access to endless designs, courtesy of brilliant designers all over the world. While stylish, elegant footwear can be found in many places, elevator shoes are much less widespread, but just as significant in today’s high-paced fashion world. Shoes that add inches to a short frame can make a world of difference in both style and confidence.

pierre balmaine

Creating a sleek, sophisticated look doesn’t require that you sacrifice comfort. Today’s bold breed of elevator shoes utilizes high-end technology and world-class materials to forge a look and fit intended specifically for the stylish among men. With the spring season here at last, there’s no better time to breathe new life into your wardrobe, and there’s simply no better time to elevate your style to new, exciting heights.

Whether you are on the hunt for a special pair of dress shoes for an upcoming wedding, or are looking for the perfect pair of sandals to take with you on that much-deserved vacation, you’ve got access to an ever-increasing selection of superbly crafted elevator shoes built with unmatched style in mind.

If your desire for luxury elevator shoes goes beyond Italian leather, you can also choose from a limited-edition selection of Python and genuine South African ostrich leather, as well as exceptionally rare Piracucu to truly forge a look that’s unique. These sleek, sophisticated designs are suited for the man who knows great style, and isn’t afraid to showcase his own.

When it comes to elevator shoes, taller never looked this good.

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La “Dolce” vita

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One half of dynamic designer duo Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico Dolce has forged quite the impact during his time on the fashion scene. With decades of experience in the art of dressing, Dolce has remained an integral part of Italian fashion, inspiring many with his daring designs. Combined, Dolce & Gabbana’s signature aesthetic calls for an edgy, sexy persona, and Dolce’s own personal style mimics this vibe to a T. He is rarely seen looking anything but sleek and sophisticated, albeit slightly shorter than his counterpart, Stefano Gabbana. Standing at 5’7, Dolce and other men of this stature may require a boost of height to stand tall and proud alongside other members of the fashion glitterati. Elevator shoes are a superb way to achieve this, and there is a wide variety to choose from when hoping to establish a look that screams “luxe”.

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Choosing an elevator shoe that takes both style and comfort into consideration can present quite the challenge. Luckily, today’s elevator shoes are capable of creating the illusion of extra height like never before. A range of shoes that combines impeccable style with a number of details intended for comfort is ideal for the modern man, and if anyone can benefit from this, it’s those in the public eye like Dolce.

Elevator shoes boast an unconventional structure, unlike typical dress shoes. Increaser insoles boasting a unique and advanced ergonomic design made from innovative materials ensure optimal comfort, while soft leather lining throughout makes for enhanced durability. Factors like these paired with a number of stylish, on-trend designs result in an elevator shoe capable of taking men through a wide variety of occasions. There are sleek sandals for laid-back days of vacationing; luxurious dress shoes for formal events and comfortable yet durable boots for outdoor adventures. The possibilities are endless when dealing with shoes that place equal importance on fashion and function.

A growing number of men are turning to elevator shoes to provide the height they dared not dream of. Some of Hollywood’s most famed celebrities have utilized sleek, chic elevator shoes to take their red carpet looks to the next level. Domenico Dolce is just one who could benefit from the effects of a reliable – and highly fashionable – pair of elevator shoes. Keeping just one pair of these within your shoe arsenal will have long-lasting effects on your overall style and self-confidence.

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Calvin Klein and the Elevator Shoes

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Designers like Calvin Klein have paved the way for today’s breed of daring, young designers. From his controversial ads of the 1980s to the resurgence of the Calvin Klein sports bra, it’s safe to say that Klein’s designs are as relevant now as ever. Throughout his decades-long career, Klein has dressed models and celebrities alike, injecting his own personal brand of sleek, minimalistic style to achieve a signature look evocative of his aesthetic. While his brand is larger than life, in many ways, at only 5’9, Klein may benefit elevator shoes for a bit of a boost.

Elevator footwear is an easy option for men hoping to add inches to their height. There are many reasons why taller is better. Well versed in the art of the public eye, men like Klein are frequently photographed alongside other members of the celebrity realm. A shoe that adds inches to their stature will keep them standing proud. Advances in the art of constructing elevator shoes has led to models capable of adding as much as 5-inches of height.

calvin klein elevator shoes

Few countries are as revered for their fine craftsmanship as Italy. Italian-constructed elevator footwear combines impeccable style with a number of other features made with comfort in mind. A meticulous attention to detail during construction creates a fit unlike any other, in addition to stylish silhouettes that will mesh perfectly within the fast-paced, high fashion realm. Whether for work or play, elevator shoes have the potential to dramatically alter a man’s look. From loafers and sandals for vacationing, to luxurious dress shoes and boots for events, elevated shoes are the ideal item to boost a man’s height to new levels.

Today’s breed of elevated shoes offer unmatched style and comfort. High-quality materials combined with modern yet classic designs make for shoes ideal for sophisticated men with a knack for great style.

There have been many advances in the industry of elevator shoes, including “extra comfort” models that utilize special materials for superior wear. From memory foam padding on the insoles to 21st Century lift technology, high-quality elevator shoes pull out all of the stops to ensure complete satisfaction. Styles like slip-ons provide optimal convenience, while luxe, hand-painted dress shoes made of the finest materials are intended to make formal events that much more memorable. For men like Calvin Klein, reliable, comfortable and supremely stylish shoes are a necessity. Elevator shoes that take these factors into consideration are a must-have for the modern gentleman’s closet.

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Roberto Cavalli: "Just" 5ft 8in

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Few designers in today’s fashion industry are as widely revered as Roberto Cavalli. The Italian designer has spent decades building a brand that speaks to the sleek, sexy and glamorous among men and women. As such, his designs never fail to elicit gasps both on the red carpet and on the streets of some of the world’s most stylish cities. While Cavalli is well versed in the art of dressing celebrities, he does just as well with his own personal style.

As one of an ever-growing industry’s most respected designers, Cavalli is constantly on the go, looking sleek, sharp and sophisticated in a number of red carpet looks. While his overall style requires little improvement, at 5’8, his height might benefit from a small boost that puts him face-to-face with the very models and celebrities he constantly dresses. Elevator shoes are a stylish, subtle way to create the illusion of height, and only a few of today’s stunning varieties contain all of the elements needed to achieve the look seamlessly.

roberto cavalli

Elevator shoes are a simple option for men of Cavalli’s stature to add height to their appearance. Elevator shoes are capable of adding inches of height instantly. With dozens of luxe styles to choose from, a sleek, red-carpet worthy look is finally within reach.

Handmade in Italy, luxury elevator shoes are made of the finest materials to ensure optimal comfort and durability. From casual elevator sneakers, to luxurious loafers, and elevator boots in between, there is a wide range available for any stylish man looking to create an impeccable look from head-to-toe. There are even 5-inch boots for those looking for an even greater increase in height.

Stylish men like Cavalli with a desire for added height needn’t look further than elevator shoes to achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of. Elevator shoes are often made with a meticulous attention to detail to keep feet comfortable and stylish throughout any event. Choose from a selection of hand-painted elevator shoes that’s unique and luxe at once. When it comes to increasing height in unsurpassed style hand-crafted Italian elevator shoes fit the bill.

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Ralph Lauren: 5'6” Tall

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With decades of experience in the realm of high fashion, Ralph Lauren never ceases to blow onlookers away with his suave style and powerful persona. His preference for stylish, sophisticated pieces has rendered him a force to be reckoned with on the fashion front, and at 76, he is known to outshine men half his age. While forging a memorable look has never been a problem for a man as stylish as Ralph Lauren, his height may hinder his abilities to stand to see eye-to-eye with the statuesque models he frequently dresses.

At 5’6, Ralph Lauren stands inches shorter than his industry peers, though his larger-than-life persona more than compensates for this lack of height. Elevator shoes are the ideal option for the gentleman who craves added height combined with impeccable style. Sleek, sophisticated and completely timeless, Ralph Lauren’s red carpet looks could reach new levels with the addition of practical elevator shoes.

ralph lauren

When it comes to elevator shoes, high-quality craftsmanship paves the way for a shoe unlike any other. GuidoMaggi’s extensive line of luxury shoes features cutting-edge designs that are both modern and classic, at once. Comfort ranks high in importance for a man constantly on the go. Aside from 100% genuine leather insoles for instant height, GuidoMaggi’s luxury shoes contain a cushioning system to ensure maximum comfort while navigating anything from the cobblestone streets of Milan to the spotlight-filled red carpets of famed festivals like Cannes.

With the summer season fast approaching, a footwear arsenal that covers all the bases is a necessity to keep stylish throughout. From elevator sandals to withstand the world’s most luxurious beaches to dress shoes ideal for dancing the night away, an array of ready-to-wear shoes can make dressing for any occasion a breeze. Even shoes as casual as sneakers can be made infinitely more stylish with the addition of components like genuine goatskin lining and luxe patent leather.

As one of fashion’s most prominent figures, this debonair designer and philanthropist spares no expense when it comes to style. Only a line of shoes as luxurious as GuidoMaggi’s would fit the needs of a man as suave as the inimitable Ralph Lauren. Browse our selection of hand-made, Italian-crafted footwear to achieve a look guaranteed to shine amongst the crowd.

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Fashion Powerhouse Marc Jacobs Turns Heads at 5’9

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A fashion powerhouse in his own right, Marc Jacobs is no stranger to style. The American designer is well versed in the art of the catwalk, sending chic models down the runway by the dozens. With more than three decades of experience in the world of fashion, Jacobs knows a thing or two about creating an ensemble that makes a statement. It may come as a surprise, though, that Jacobs’, just 5’9, is shorter than the models and endless male clients he frequently dresses. There are fashion photographs filled with images of Jacobs standing proudly, albeit shorter than his companions. If there’s one way for Jacobs to match the height of his peers, it’s by way of sleek, luxury elevator shoes.

marc jacobs elevator shoes

An eccentric dresser, Jacobs has been known to sport platforms on the red carpet. However, not all men are as comfortable wearing this style of shoe. There are other ways to achieve added height that aren’t as obvious. Elevator shoes with a hidden platform are much more suited for the modern man with a knack for style.

A shoe that combines comfort, height and impeccable style would bode well among the high-paced fashion world in which Jacobs lives. And for a man with style as varied as Jacobs, options are everything. A wardrobe containing stylish sneakers, sandals and dress shoes with hidden platform and cushioning will keep any man comfortable and stylish through every event. From summer weddings, to Paris fashion week this fall, luxury elevator shoes can withstand any occasion, especially those that require long hours standing, walking or making waves on the dance floor.

Versatility ranks high among factors when choosing luxury footwear. A pair capable of going from work to play is ideal for the man always on the go. Jacobs is only one in a long line of fashionable, modern men searching for unsurpassed style when shopping for elevator shoes. Fashion, comfort and high-quality craftsmanship combine to create a luxury shoe unlike any other, one sure to impress even one of the most fashion-forward gentlemen on the planet. Elevator shoes of this caliber are a necessity for the man wishing to make a statement either on the red carpet or the runway.

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At 5'8”, Giorgio Armani Towers Over the Fashion World

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Giorgio Armani is considered to be the most successful Italian designer in the world. The yearly revenue for his business starts with a 'b' (as in billion), and his personal net worth also begins there. Yet, he doesn't stand as tall as some of his fellow designers, at only 5'8”. He's another example of a man who may be vertically challenged, but doesn't resort to shoes that make you look taller when appearing in public next to tall women, and taller men.

armani elevator shoes

Armani is credited with being the man who turned Red Carpet fashion into a phenomenon. He's also the man who began banning ultra-thin models from his fashion shows, after the death of model Ana Carolina Reston from complications of anorexia nervosa. Perhaps most importantly, Armani is the look that those who aren't known for wearing cutting edge fashion, but need to look good on the Red Carpet go to for public appearances. Actress Jodie Foster wears Armani. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr., famous for his “show me the money” performance in the movie Jerry Maguire that won him an Oscar, was jokingly alleged to have said, “Show me Armani” when shopping for a tuxedo for the Academy Awards.

While his fashion lines span the spectrum from high end to more affordable, he's also known for his one-off designs for movies, singers like Lady Gaga, and going wide with everything from makeup and perfume, to interior design and hotels/resorts. What really stands out with the Armani brand is how he prepares to exploit new markets, new ways of marketing (the first to stream his fashion show live on the Internet in January, 2007), and creating opportunities for extending the Armani brand across many different venues.

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