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Society Says Taller is Better, but Short Men Have Options in Striving for Taller Height

From movies, to television ads, there’s a narrative that says tall is better. In many cases, this may be true. It’s been proven that taller men experience more success in life, and it’s well known that women prefer tall men when it comes to romance. But while modern society dictates that shorter men should feel less than, many of today’s modern men are finding ways to circumvent their short stature. While a shorter height is by no means a death sentence in the dating or corporate worlds, yearning for taller height is something many men struggle with every day. Companies like GuidoMaggi were built to address these needs.

elevator dress shoes

Misleading as the concept may be, people inherently view taller people as more powerful. Creating taller height naturally may seem impossible, and in many ways, it is. Today’s modern man can, however, explore other ways to add inches to their height without sacrificing their dignity. From dressing well, to wearing elevator shoes, there is a number of things short men can do to elevate their stature and self-confidence. 

When it comes to women, there is little dispute that they prefer tall, strong men. This stems from women’s desire to be protected. While height can be an important factor, there are other characteristics that can make up for a shorter height. Women may be more willing to overlook a taller stature if a man is charming, witty and romantic. Confidence is one of the most important character traits women search for in a man. If you sit somewhere on the shorter end of the height spectrum, working on improving your confidence may go a long way in attracting members of the opposite sex. 

Don’t let a short stature stop you from living your life to the fullest. A pair of elevator shoes may be just the ticket to forging the height you’ve always dreamed of. GuidoMaggi carries a wide selection of elegant tall shoes to fit every man’s unique need for style. Whether you are looking for a subtle boost in height or one that’s more drastic, GuidoMaggi boasts a number of elegant yet edgy models to take your confidence and wardrobe to new heights. Choose one great style or fill your wardrobe with several versatile models to ensure your look is effortlessly sleek and sophisticated all year long. With height increasing shoes, you’ll receive all the benefits of a taller stature, even if you weren’t destined for it.

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Create the Illusion of Taller Height with These Simple Style Tips

Men’s fashion is continually evolving, but there are a number of style essentials that withstand the test of time. Creating a timeless wardrobe is particularly important for shorter men, given that certain garments will only draw attention to a short stature. Opting for a wardrobe that is as versatile as it is fashionable is wise for the modern man hoping to appear consistently put-together. 

elevator luxury shoes

There is a specific set of style “rules” shorter men can follow to make the most out a short stature. From the clothing you wear, to the accessories you choose, these may help give you the look you’ve always wanted. Some of them include:

Draw Attention Up High

One thing that doesn’t necessarily help hide a short stature? Drawing attention to it! You can easily distract from a short stature by drawing the eye upward. This can be achieved with statement-making details. Try patterned ties, a colorful pocket square, or shirts with a pattern on the upper portion to take the attention away from your bottom half. 

Opt for Cleverly Placed Patterns

Sartorial stripes can be a tricky concept. By their very nature, they’re designed to draw attention to the areas in which they run. Horizontal stripes are bound to highlight your wideness, while vertical stripes draw the eye upward. If you’re going to wear stripes, opt for vertical stripes that lengthen your torso, creating the illusion of a taller height. 

Wear Clothing That Truly Fits

Clothing that drowns you will do nothing for your stature or self-confidence. Men’s clothing is intended to fit well, so wearing clothing that is too loose will only draw attention to a short stature. Stylish men are well aware that fit is everything, which accounts for the demand for expert tailoring. Wear clothing that fits properly, so people notice your overall style, not just the fit of your clothes.

Explore Tall Shoes

Distracting from a short stature may be difficult, no matter your clothing. The best way to achieve a taller height is through elevator shoes. As years pass, a growing number of footwear brands are recognizing the demand for this type of special shoe. From elevator sneakers, to sleek loafers and dress shoes, elevator footwear may be just the trick to creating the height you’ve always dreamed of. GuidoMaggi is just one of a number of brands with a luxurious variety to choose from. Fill your wardrobe with exceptional styles that will not only add height to your appearance, but will increase your self-confidence, too.

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Timeless Style Tips for Shorter Men

Trends come and go, but there will always be style that stands the test of time. Your goal should be to achieve a wardrobe filled with endless possibilities. Versatility in your closet matters, and keeping a range of timeless pieces within yours can lead to impeccable style year after year. Aside from clothing that stays true to current standards of style, you might also be searching for something that works to offset your short stature. There are several ways to achieve the illusion of taller height, none of which compromise great style. Consider these key pieces next time you hit the shops in search of new pieces to elevate your personal sense of fashion.  

elevator dress shoes

Avoid Loose Clothing

There’s a good reason why men pay money for expert tailoring. Tailoring is important for any man’s wardrobe. Wearing baggy clothing will do nothing but accentuate your short height, and may even cause you to look heavier than you are. Be sure your clothing fits well, avoiding styles that are too loose and/or too tight.  

Opt for Monochromatic Looks

A monochromatic look that doesn’t break up your body can help you maintain the illusion of a taller stature. While your entire wardrobe doesn’t need to be filled with monochrome, keep in mind that matching pieces can do a lot for your appearance and your sense of style.  

Avoid Large Ties

Large ties will draw attention to your smaller stature. If you must wear a tie, opt for a slim one that fits the proportions of your outfit. 

Invest in Elevator Shoes

A pair of elevator shoes that adds both style and height to your appearance is a great investment. High-end pairs that combine outstanding quality and comfort will do double duty for your stature and your self-confidence. From subtle boosts of just a couple of inches, to larger increases of 5-inches, tall shoes can make all the difference in giving you the height you’ve always wanted. 

GuidoMaggi carries a wide selection of edgy and elegant elevator shoes for the modern man. Whether your personal style is mostly casual, or filled with sophisticated looks for the office, GuidoMaggi carries a pair of elevator shoes just for you. If you can’t find the perfect pair within our growing selection, speak to one of our representatives to begin customizing your ideal pair. There is no limit to the style you can achieve with GuidoMaggi on the feet.  

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Oscar Night: the Triumph of "Made in Italy"

Oscar night was every bit the spectacle it always is, only with a little drama and a lot of high fashion intertwined. The stars were out in full force, decked out in luxurious garb from today’s most sought-after designers. From actresses in dramatic ball gowns, to dapper men whose tuxedos stole the show, there was no shortage of impeccable style on the Oscars red carpet this year. Italian-made fashion abound, taking form in Viola Davis’ beautiful custom Armani, and Halle Barry’s Atelier Versace Couture gown, to name a few. There were also a number of Italian-made accessories, from fierce footwear, to dazzling jewelry. 

luxury elevator shoes

While the Oscar ceremony was filled with a number of memorable moments, including Hollywood tour group passing by mingle with the stars, the night’s most controversial moment came at the end. Actor Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway took the stage to announce the winner of the Best Picture category. As La La Land rushed the stage in glee once its name was called, it was noted that something was amiss. The speech was interrupted, and it was revealed that Moonlight was the true winner, which sent the crowd and media into a tailspin. A highly unusual moment for one of Hollywood’s most important nights, and one that will surely be talked about for years to come.  

As with every Oscar night, the real fun begins at the after party.  A quick wardrobe change means stars get to drink and be merry all night long. Elegant luxury was the name of the game as Hollywood’s leading ladies and gentlemen attended after parties thrown by Vanity Fair, Elton John and the like. From Justin Timberlake, to Ryan Gosling and newcomer Riz Ahmed, the men of tinseltown brought their A-game to the red carpet, representing the very pinnacle of men’s fashion. 

Although the Academy Awards are intended to celebrate the accomplishments of the film industry’s most talented players, it’s the fashion that captivates the eyes of the world. Casey Affleck, winner of the Best Actor award for his work in the movie Manchester by the Sea, looked dapper in a stunning tuxedo, his 5’7 inch frame was on full display. Men like Casey are turning to GuidoMaggi shoes to offer a much-needed boost in height when it matters most. GuidoMaggi carries a wide range of elegant elevator shoes to help men increase their height and stature. From bold dress shoes intended for special events, to casual sneakers with an unmistakable edge, GuidoMaggi’s extensive selection of tall shoes for men is ideal for fashion lovers young and old. 

Handmade in Italy from exceptional-quality materials, GuidoMaggi’s elegant elevator shoes are the perfect way to increase your height and personal style at once. Shop the exclusive collection today. 

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GuidoMaggi Among the Many Brands Seen at the 83rd MICAM

The 83rd MICAM, which took place from February 12-15, brought together some of fashion’s most foremost influences. Dedicated solely to luxury fashion accessories, the tradeshow is one of Europe’s most famous fashion tradeshows. The events surrounding the 4-day event play a major role in deciding trends for the fashion seasons to come. From Prada, to Tod’s and Gucci, a variety of world-class labels participate in MICAM. GuidoMaggi was one of a diverse variety of fashion labels worn by attendees. The Islington shoe, a height increasing boot, was one that caught the attention of photographers. GuidoMaggi, which specializes in luxury elevator shoes, embodies the very best of fine Italian style and craftsmanship.

scarpe rialzanti micam

Held at the Fiera Milano in Milan, Italy, MICAM highlighted the newest footwear and leather accessories from today’s finest accessory labels. The exciting event boasted an all-new, completely renovated layout intended to optimize the designers’ showcases to the fullest.

A number of famous labels showcased their latest products at MICAM, including Prada, which displayed projected images of its spring footwear collection in an elegant exhibition space. Tod’s and Ferragamo also showcased their elegant range of men’s accessories.

Fendi chose a minimalistic yet elegant exhibition space to showcase their latest offerings. There was also Gucci, which offered a look at their eclectic range of fur slippers that, while somewhat controversial, was every bit representative of the brand’s preference to push boundaries. 

scarpe con rialzo micam

A new exhibition space was dedicated to showcasing a group of new, up and coming designers. A variety of young creators presented their products at the exhibition, combining futuristic concepts with technological innovation . The new wave of designers are helping set the trends for the upcoming fashion seasons. Fashionable MICAM attendees wore clothing from a variety of luxury fashion labels, including GuidoMaggi height increasing footwear. The brand’s luxurious line of height increasing shoes for men is made from the finest materials, resulting in extraordinary quality not typically found within the elevator shoe industry. From luxe loafers, to elegant dress shoes and casual athletic shoes in between, there are a variety of stunning models to choose from within GuidoMaggi’s growing collection. With all of its footwear made exclusively in Italy, GuidoMaggi footwear blended seamlessly into the high fashion style seen at MICAM.


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The Stars of Men’s Fashion Descent Upon the Big Apple for NYFW

Hot off the heels of fashion events in Paris, Milan and London, the heavy hitters of men’s fashion have descended upon New York to bask in the newest collections from the year’s hottest designers. In addition to an eclectic variety of pieces, there were a number of unexpected events that only added to the grandiosity of NYFW. From surprise appearances, to envelope-pushing shows that evoked emotion, there has yet to be a dull moment in the Big Apple, as far as men’s fashion is concerned.

elevator shoes NYFW 

While there have been lighthearted moments indeed, the tone of the event is more political than in years past. Designers are taking a stand, incorporating hints of political protest within their collections. President Trump’s executive order has sparked international outrage, leading a growing number of artists to channel their frustration into their art. Robert James, in particular, used placards with terms like “Made in a Sanctuary City” and “Bridges Not Walls” to prove his point. He was just one of many designers to make a statement through fashion. 

Among the many interesting happenings was the runway walk of former astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Joining Nick Graham’s Mars-themed runway collection, Aldrin and another big name in science, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” also made a cameo, much to the surprise of stunned onlookers.  

Tried and true sartorial stars sent models storming down the runway, including Hugo Boss. For their newest collection, they’ve showcased an array of trench coats, zipped-up sweaters, baggy blazers and oversized trousers. 

World-famous DJ Steve Aoki previewed his clothing line, Dim Mak, which has become increasingly popular in Japan throughout its short time on the scene. The collection included an array of skater-inspired clothing, including pink hoodies, jackets with vivid prints painted by David Choe, and oversized coats, to name a few. The show was quite the spectacle, as the DJ commissioned 20 skaters to showcase his collection off a skating ramp.  

GuidoMaggi ambassadors were also in attendance, sporting luxurious elevator shoes from the Italian fashion label. The “Via Fiori Chiari”, named for the location of the label’s first Italian showroom, were the perfect complement to sleek, sophisticated ensembles. To the contrast, the “Bombay” shoe was used to incorporate an unmistakable edge. GuidoMaggi’s fashion-forward aesthetic blended seamlessly with the hip and happening collections that shone at NYFW. Stay tuned for more from the luxury brand as they’re seen around the globe. 







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GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes Take Paris Fashion Week by Storm

After a week filled with impeccable style, Paris Fashion Week has ended, with a number of designers having showed their Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 collections to the masses. GuidoMaggi ambassador, Kish Raveendran from Canada, who also attended London, Milan and Florence fashion weeks, was also present for the events, wearing a pair of GuidoMaggi loafers that spoke true to his own unique aesthetic. The shoes boasted shiny brown and double buckle for optimal sophistication. 

elevator shoes paris

Following the success of London, Florence and Pitti Uomo 91, Paris paved the way for new showcases from some of today’s most sought after designers, including Valentino, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Kenzo, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Homme Dior. While a number of notable labels were present on the Seine, special attention was paid to Thom Browne, the genius fashion designer who has become known for his eccentric, irreverent approach to design.

Ever one to push the envelope, Browne’s collection was among the most talked about of the week. A stark contrast to Milan’s “lumberjack” aesthetic, the designer brought a “cartoon” style to the French runway. This manifested in a range of clothing and accessories that boasted gigantic proportions and bizarre polychrome textures.

A common element among the designers’ collections was a modern, futuristic direction for today’s gentleman. Designers alternated sporty and casual looks with those more classic. From bombers and hoodies, to long, sophisticated coats, a wide variety of pieces made their debuts. There was also an abundance of tailored jackets, colorful shirts in creative patterns, and sleek slim fit trousers in square patterns.

A range of accessories including contemporary, trendy bags also saw the runway, as did sporty shoes in patent leather and suede. 

Fashion blogger Kish Raveendran donned a blue sweater with a white shirt and tie combination, along with a jacket in charcoal gray tones. These were perfect complemented by slim fit trousers. His shoes, a pair of elevator moccasins from GuidoMaggi, offered an additional dose of sophistication. The unique model fit perfectly in line with the futuristic motif. Handcrafted details took center stage, appealing to the casual, chic men hoping to increase style and comfort with handcrafted elevator shoes.

Now, the attention will shift to New York Fashion Week, which will take place in the Big Apple from February 9 through February 14. 







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GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes Take Milan Fashion Week

The long-awaited Milan Fashion Week reached its end yesterday, along with the debut of a variety of men’s fashion trends for the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 season. GuidoMaggi ambassador, Canadian fashion blogger Kish Raveendran, who recently attended fashion weeks in both Florence and London, visited the GuidoMaggi showroom in the historic Brera district to offer elevator shoe styling advice to GuidoMaggi’s unique clientele. 

elevator shoes fashion week

Pitti Immagine Uomo passed the baton to Milan Fashion Week, and what an exciting week it was. From January 13-17, thousands of stylish men and fashion insiders will witness an explosive range of clothing onstage. The task of opening the week’s events fell on Ermenegildo Zegna, and will continue on with Diesel, which is slated to kick off the second day of the festival. Set to follow will be Moncler, Dsquared2, and classic labels like Emporio Armani, Versace, Missoni, Etro and Prada. Louis Vuitton, also present, has recently opened its first pop-up store, which showcases the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, with signed pieces by artistic director Kim Jones. The new collection, which is inspired by African art and the Chapman brothers, can be found in Milan’s Fiori Chiari, just a few steps from GuidoMaggi’s own elevator shoe showroom. 

By the looks of the runway, stylish men next winter will be dressed in clothing and accessories boasting tailoring inspired by the past, particularly the 40s and 50s, though mixed with a modern, contemporary style. From warm knit sweaters in V-neck and turtleneck styles, to cashmere scarves, classic-cut trousers with an elastic ankle, and two-button jackets in velvet monochrome, the runways showcased a wide variety. 

Milan Fashion Week will appeal to the modern, sophisticated man able to mix traditional tailored items with more casual pieces and a hint of retro. This aesthetic can be seen in leather items like jackets and vests, slimfit trousers in shiny leather, mesh cashmere and waterproof coats in full grain, vegetable tanned leather. 

A sophisticated but sober man, who loves you mix traditional tailoring with more casual items. A gentleman in step with the times, fascinated by the style a little 'retro and not disdain leather garments like jackets and vests in calf abraded, trousers slim fit leather shiny, mesh cashmere ribbed effect handmade parka polychromatic or coats waterproof full grain leather vegetable tanned. 

GuidoMaggi ambassador Kish Raveendran sported new elevator shoes from the brand’s latest collection, including sneakers made from exotic leather and shiny ribbed rubber soles. The model, named the “Sloane Square”, was handcrafted in Italy, and boasts a glossy outer that is as versatile as it is stylish. Like all of GuidoMaggi’s luxury elevator shoes, the “Sloane Square” was constructed with a fine attention to detail, extreme comfort and a fashion-forward design, allowing for a height increase of several inches, all while remaining stylish as ever. 

The focus now is on Paris fashion week, scheduled through January 22. GuidoMaggi will see you there! 

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GuidoMaggi Debuts "Patina" Technique at the 91st edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo

The 91st edition of menswear fashion show Pitti Immagine Uomo kicked off on Tuesday. This year’s theme, #PittiDanceOff, explores the worlds of music and dance, and the way these two work in unison with fashion. 

A variety of brands will present their unique collections of Fall/Winter 2017-2018 clothing and accessories through an array of events, discussions, conferences and musical concerts. 

Tommy Hilfiger presented his new ready-to-wear collection, which included looks that were both sporty and sophisticated, glamorous and young. 

elevator shoes patina

Historic Tuscan brand Sutor Mantellassi compiled one of the most striking events of the entire 91st edition, offering a series of images from Ruediger Glatz. These photos tell the story of strong personalities throughout history, from Welsh designer and tailor Timothy Everest, to German artist Sandro Kopp and bassist Lorenzo Jovanotti, Saturnino. 

The upcoming collections included a variety of casual looks, though the designers took care not to neglect quality and craftsmanship. From the use of new materials, to a meticulous attention to detail and a comfortable fit, a number of trends were present. There was also a heavy presence of shirts and sweaters boasting bicolor and decorated details. There were casual pants that were sports-inspired, while remaining soft and elegant, as well as denim that is seemingly destined to be the star of next year’s winterwear. 

Not surprisingly, designers presented a wide array of jackets on the runway, from classic black, to those decorated in trendy stripes and unconventional shades like white and blue. GuidoMaggi ambassador and fashion blogger Kish Raveendran kept with this year’s theme, sporting a sleek and sophisticated look that drew attention with little effort. 

Raveendran wore a pair of GuidoMaggi shoes boasting exclusive “patina” construction. This meticulous process requires a great deal of craftsmanship, as it entails fading shades to their original color by dabbing a sponge on top of full grain leather to create a look that is retro-inspired and completely unique. It is a technique enhances the texture, gradation and natural shine of the shoe. It pays homage to the shoe’s wearer – a modern man with a sophisticated, elegant way of dressing. 

Pitti Uomo 2017, in addition to serving as a meeting place for fashion lovers is crucial in determining future trends in men's fashion, and for this reason the "patina" technique by GuidoMaggi marks the new frontier of masculine chic.

Pitti Uomo will run through Friday, January 13. 

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London Fashion Week Highlights from GuidoMaggi

A number of new collections debuted at London Fashion Week, paving the way for fashionable months ahead. One notable newcomer included Tinie Tempah’s What We Wear, while Vivienne Westwood made the transition from Milan to London at last. Her long-awaited return was not the least bit disappointing to true connoisseurs of men’s fashion.

scarpe rialzate fashion week

Staying true to her punk roots, Westwood’s models marched down the runway in a variety of exquisite pieces – some good, some bad, and some ugly by no accident. This bizarre compilation of styles made for some of the most interesting at London’s Fashion Week. A collection that won’t soon be forgotten.

elevator shoes fashion week

Liam Hodges debuted a dystopian-esque collection featuring digitally printed camo on denim, apocalyptic prints and unique headwear that evoked thoughts of A Clockwork Orange. Urban by nature, the collection was among the most offbeat at London Fashion Week.

Like many other fashion weeks in recent years, bloggers and fashion journalists stole the show in terms of street wear. A number of trends were present among patrons, including men and women wearing brilliant shades of cobalt blue, red and yellow. A stark contrast to the minimalism that rang throughout, these statement-making pieces lent a burst of brightness to an otherwise dreary London weekend. Fashion blogger Kish Raveendran wore GuidoMaggi for the occasion, pairing distressed brown dress shoes with a striking navy pinstriped suit that read polished with edge.

Named among the weekend’s Best Dressed by GQ Australia, Kish evoked the true spirit of GuidoMaggi – bold, sophisticated and supremely stylish. The GuidoMaggi collection contains a number of fashion-forward styles, including handpainted pairs customized to fit the size and unique demands of each customer. These special height increasing shoes can subtly and discreetly increase height, providing the style and stature men have craved for decades.

The Urban aesthetic was alive and well within several collections at London Fashion Week. GuidoMaggi’s line of tall shoes meshes perfectly with this theme. From stylish sneakers ideal for leisure, to dress shoes intended to celebrate all of life’s most special events, GuidoMaggi strives to offer footwear that not only alters your appearance, but also state of mind.






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Embrace the New Year with Luxurious Elevator Shoes from GuidoMaggi

Versatility is an important aspect of any stylish wardrobe. It’s important to be prepared for whatever event lies ahead, and this is easily achievable with footwear from GuidoMaggi’s collection of luxury height increasing shoes. Our new showroom contains a pair to suit every man’s unique sense of style. From exquisite dress shoes, to casual sneakers capable of putting an edgy spin on any look, there are dozens of incredible styles to choose from. The Bahrain shoe, just one of many stellar new models in the Winter 2017 collection, is as comfortable as it is versatile. Ultra luxurious but timeless at once, this sleek style can be worn casually or alongside a pair of slacks and a dress shirt for a modern take on sophisticated.

Luxury elevator boots

There is simply no better time than the holidays to put your impeccable style on full display. GuidoMaggi’s Winter 2017 collection of elevator shoes offers a variety of fashion-forward styles to appeal to gentlemen young and old. Increase your height by inches while maintaining an air of elegance at once with one of more than one dozen pairs of height increasing shoes. The Madagascar shoe, exceptional in quality and captivating to the eye, is made from genuine python patent leather, creating a sleek look that is equally sophisticated. Lined with soft goatskin, the Madagascar shoe is comfortable, primed for navigating the holiday scene with style.

Whether you’re hoping to elevate your self-confidence, or impress the woman you’ve had your eye on, a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is a wise way to go. Opulence personified, our Cape Town boot is made from rare baby crocodile leather to create a style unlike any other within our collection. This unique look has the power to instantly transform any look within your closet, boosting both your height and fashion sense at once. Wear the Cape Town boot with denim jeans and a button-down shirt for an eclectic mix of high and low that’s sure to impress your onlookers.

Handmade in Italy from the finest materials, GuidoMaggi’s luxe range of height increasing shoes is unlike any other, for many reasons. A meticulous attention to detail ensures an impeccable fit, forging the type of comfort you never thought possible. Whether you purchase a model from our collection, or decide to customize your pair to your exact specifications, there’s no better way to welcome a new year than dressed in an outfit that makes you feel like the man you were destined to be.

Embrace the New Year with Luxurious Elevator Shoes from GuidoMaggi - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Back to the past: classic colors and Elevated Shoes

While Italy is frequently hailed as one of the world’s most fashionable countries, a significant portion of the industry’s most famed designers originated in the U.K. DAKS is one such brand. Founded in 1894 by Simeon Sampson, the luxury fashion label currently serves 30 countries across 2,000 shops, stores and concessions. High-quality products combined with a passion for the art of style, DAKS remains a coveted entity within the fashion industry.

elevated shoes

As the holidays approach, so do infinite opportunities to elevate your personal style. GuidoMaggi’s luxurious line of height increasing shoes for men is primed to take the season by storm. Short men seeking a means of increasing their height need not struggle anymore. Built with comfort in mind, GuidoMaggi’s elevator shoes can provide up to 5 inches of height in a way that is discreet, elegant and sophisticated. The shoes are made from the finest materials, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Italy for optimal authenticity.

In keeping true to its commitment to great style, GuidoMaggi has introduced a number of new models ideal for the holiday season. These sleek styles include those made from rare, luxurious leathers, elegant in design and superior in fit. Customize your own pair of elevator shoes by selecting from a variety of heel height, color and leather options. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of sneakers, boots or elegant dress shoes, there are a number of exquisite styles to choose from, each as stylish as the next. From classic pairs to those that look to the future, GuidoMaggi simply has it all.

There are myriad reasons why men look to GuidoMaggi for footwear. Quality is key in the realm of elevator shoes, and the company stops at nothing to ensure reliability and durability in each pair. This is achieved through a team of knowledgeable designers, exceptional materials and innovative techniques that provide a sufficient increase in height without sacrificing comfort. Lightweight and sturdy at once, GuidoMaggi’s selection of height increasing shoes for men seeks to bridge the cap between great style and function.

Creating a sleek look is easier than ever before with GuidoMaggi. In addition to adding inches of height to your frame, the company seeks to help you achieve newfound levels of self-confidence. Look good, feel good, and portray an image of supreme sophistication with a pair of height increasing shoes from GuidoMaggi. There’s no better time than now to embark on the journey toward impeccable style. Shop GuidoMaggi today.

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GuidoMaggi Set to Open World’s First Elevator Shoe Showroom in Milan

elevator shoes, shoe lifts for men, elevator shoes for men, elevated shoes showroom, tall men shoes milano

Italian footwear brand, GuidoMaggi, will open its first showroom on Dec. 1, 2016 in Milan at 18 Via Fiori Chiari in the historic Brera. The showroom is the first elevator shoe showroom in the world, showcasing the brand’s latest selection of height increasing sneakers, loafers, boots and dress shoes, which are handmade in Italy and tailored by a team of skilled local artisans. Managed by Andrea Clessi, the flamboyant designer behind the "Clique Rielaboratorio", the store’s interior design was intended to exude optimal luxury. Clessi carefully selected the store’s furniture, with each piece echoing the same passion and skill found in GuidoMaggi’s line of luxury elevator shoes. The brand currently delivers elevator footwear to more than 90 countries worldwide.

"To open a showroom in the capital of fashion has always been our goal,” said GuidoMaggi CEO, Emanuele Briganti. “A company with a focus on exports like ours, which relies solely on e-commerce as a sales channel, sought to create a real experiential path. We have created a place where you can develop a sense of intimacy with the product. Choosing a shoe goes well beyond the simple visual factor. It also involves other senses, through the scent of leather, its softness, its comfort. Our company was founded as a craft workshop. We cherish these roots as they continue to guide us through the global market of e-commerce. Our new showroom allows a closer look of our craftsmanship. Our mission is to increase the stature of people who feel this need, and achieve it in a way that is natural, elegant and with maximum comfort.”

GuidoMaggi shoes are created by hand utilizing two different methods of construction. Some shoes boast Blake seaming, which involves a single seam holding together the shoe’s outsole, lining, upper and insole. Others include Goodyear stitching, created by a master craftsman attaching the outsole to the welt — a meticulous process requiring skill and patience. GuidoMaggi’s collection of luxury elevator shoes can discreetly and effectively increase height by 2.4 to 5 inches instantly.

"Our strictly artisanal production provides classic elevator shoes, loafers, sneakers, boots and ankle boots, made by skilled craftsmen using the finest leathers and high quality materials. We also carry a unique and prestigious line of footwear made from exotic skins such as python, alligator, crocodile, ostrich and piracucu. GuidoMaggi is the only producer of shoes that utilize the skin of this rare and valuable Amazonian fish,” said Briganti.

As a brand, GuidoMaggi accommodates a unique clientele, specifically the modern gentleman seeking to increase his height, style and self-confidence. GuidoMaggi’s clients settle for nothing less than superior quality and absolute comfort. The company offers an exclusive bespoke experience, allowing customers to customize a pair of elevator shoes to their exact specifications, selecting from a range of color, leather and internal lift options. The showroom allows for direct interaction between the company and its customers, offering a more inclusive experience than ever before.

GuidoMaggi’s Italian history is rooted in passion, skill and dedication. "Ours is the first showroom for elevator shoes in the world,” said Emanuele Briganti, “and will be the ideal meeting place in which to breathe innovation and tradition; where each shoe has a soul and a story of its own to tell."

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Art and fashion: from Thom Browne to Guidomaggi elevator shoes

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The fashion industry is tinged with artists who continuously push the envelope in search of sartorial glory. This is none more evident than in artists like Thom Browne, who use style as a medium to achieve greatness. Thom Browne has forged a movement with his daring designs and often thought-provoking pieces. GuidoMaggi, like the Thom Browne brand, is dedicated to preserving the art of impeccable style. This can be seen in each and every pair of GuidoMaggi luxury elevator shoes, shoes intended to elevate a man’s look to new heights.

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Height increasing shoes by GuidoMaggi can provide what no other shoe can. Added height is invaluable, but the self-confidence to be gained from a taller stature is simply priceless. GuidoMaggi prides itself in offering superior style and comfort at once. This is achieved through a variety of methods. GuidoMaggi’s extensive range of luxury footwear is crafted by hand in Italy, which promotes an unmatched quality of construction. A large part of GuidoMaggi’s luxury elevator shoes’ appeal is the sheer reliability. Made by hand from the finest materials, these tall shoes will provide a superb sense of style for years to come.

There are certainly other brands of elevator shoes in the market, but few can achieve what GuidoMaggi does in terms of quality and aesthetic. Edgy and elegant at once, luxury elevator shoes by GuidoMaggi have the potential to skyrocket your personal style to new levels. Dive deep into the fall and winter seasons with footwear that dares to be bold.

With so many sleek styles to choose from, you may be wondering which pair is right for you. Luckily, a wide variety of shoes from GuidoMaggi’s collection are versatile, combining sophisticated silhouettes with edgy elements to create shoes that are as unique as they are enticing. No matter which pair of GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes you choose, you’re in for a world of style. The “Illinois” sneaker, which can add as much as four inches of height to your frame, can be paired with anything from denim and T-shirts to a tailored suits for a youthful spin on a tried and true classic.

There are no limits to the looks you can achieve when you choose to shop GuidoMaggi. Stock your closet with a variety of exceptional pairs to ensure you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead. From dress shoes prime for business meetings and events, to luxury elevator sneakers that top off any outfit, there is no shortage of exquisite styles to choose from among GuidoMaggi’s extensive selection.

Art and fashion: from Thom Browne to Guidomaggi elevator shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

The "avant-garde fashion": from Yohji Yamamoto to GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes

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When it comes to envelope-pushing fashion, Yohji Yamamoto’s work stands front and center. Throughout the years, the designer has continually challenged traditional methods of menswear, utilizing a keen sense of style and imagination to conceptualize clothing that is in a class all of its own. GuidoMaggi shares this same commitment to sartorial excellence in creating luxury elevator shoes. Like Yohji Yamamoto, GuidoMaggi is fearless in its pursuit. This has been a large part of the company’s success.

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Foremost in the tall shoe industry, GuidoMaggi continually incorporates new, innovative designs into each and every collection. The Winter 2016 Collection carries dozens of exceptional styles primed for the season. Opt for a pair of leather elevator sneakers to become the epitome of cool, or instead opt for a sleek pair of dress shoes that will impress everyone in the room. Not only do GuidoMaggi’s elegant elevator footwear add height to your frame, but they’ll do wonders for your appearance, too. Style, function and comfort combined, the benefits of purchasing elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi are plenty.

While style is certainly a factor, comfort is key in the realm of tall shoes. GuidoMaggi’s team of designers have always taken comfort into consideration when creating height increasing shoes for the masses. The heightened sense of comfort these shoes provide can be attributed to more than a clever design. High-quality materials like supple leathers and reliable rubber provide a sense of reliability that is simply unmatched.

GuidoMaggi doesn’t just stop at great style. Fine Italian craftsmanship ensures quality like no other. In rare cases, you might not find a shoe that meets your exact needs, but that’s no cause for worry. GuidoMaggi offers the option to customize your own pair of elevator shoes to your exact specifications, ensuring a superior fit. Simply select from different options of color, cut and heel height, and allow GuidoMaggi’s skilled craftsmen to get to work on the shoes you’ve always dreamed of.

The "avant-garde fashion": from Yohji Yamamoto to GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Quality as distinction

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French apparel brand Moncler specializes in high quality garments for the masses. The French fashion label, founded by René Ramillon in 1952, is known for its range of exceptional products, carrying accessories and clothing for men and women that speaks of true style. GuidoMaggi shares this same commitment to excellence, which can be seen in each and every pair of luxury tall shoes.

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As a world leader in the realm of tall shoes, GuidoMaggi knows a thing or two about making a statement. The brand, best known for its wide array of height increasing shoes for men, understands the importance of comfort in every pair. This has led to the company’s growing fanbase, and its reputation as a worldwide leader in the industry.

A number of unique factors set GuidoMaggi apart from other elevator shoe brands. While other brands place emphasis on the look of the shoe alone, GuidoMaggi employs a variety of techniques to ensure optimal comfort and durability in each pair. This is achieved through the use of highly-skilled craftsmen, a team of designers that are experts in their craft, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

GuidoMaggi’s design aesthetic is a large part of its international appeal. The brand combines sophisticated designs with unmistakable doses of edge to create a line of footwear that is simply unparalleled in terms of style. From luxurious loafers, to elevator sneakers that primed for street style, there is no shortage of fashion-forward designs to choose from when you shop GuidoMaggi. Choose a pair of dress shoes to top off all of your holiday ensembles, or opt for a pair of tall boots that adds inches of height discreetly.

As a worldwide leader in elevator footwear, GuidoMaggi understands the importance of impeccable fit. If you can’t find a style of shoe that matches your own personal fashion sense, you can easily customize your pair to ensure it’s exactly the way you want it. Choose from a variety of heel heights, color and cut options to create a pair that is to your exact specifications.

Quality as distinction - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Excellence made in the USA and excellence made in Italy: the clash of the Titans

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A staple of the American fashion scene for decades, Michael Kors has created a legendary empire. His abilities to transform high fashion concepts into affordable fashion for the masses has garnered him a loyal fanbase throughout the years. Quality, comfort and great style combined, Michael Kors is committed to excellence.

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GuidoMaggi is one other brand dedicated to the art of great style. The realm of tall shoes is littered with footwear that focuses on looks alone, but there is much more to creating tall shoes that get the job done. As well as elevating style, GuidoMaggi’s exclusive collection of height increasing shoes for men seeks to bridge the gap between style and function. The company’s shoes are as elegant as they are edgy, which makes for a unique selection that is sophisticated and daring at once.

What makes GuidoMaggi footwear special? Fine Italian construction, for one. The brand’s Italian roots are at the helm of its design aesthetic. This means an emphasis on quality, and an intent to push boundaries. If you’re unable to find a pair that meets your needs, simply select from a variety of heel, cut and color options to customize your own pair of tall shoes, ensuring it fits your exact specifications.

Whether you choose one great pair or several, GuidoMaggi’s range of height increasing shoes for men are built to last. From luxurious loafers, to edgy sneakers and exquisite dress shoes in between, these shoes are guaranteed to take your wardrobe to new heights. There are even a number of options for women who seek taller height, without the discomfort of typical high heels.

There are a few reasons why more of today’s modern men are using tall shoes to get the height they’ve always wanted. This discreet, stylish way of adding height is comfortable and reliable. Impress the ladies, earn the respect of everyone at the office, or simply elevate your own self-confidence with a pair of striking shoes from GuidoMaggi’s range of elevator footwear for men.

Excellence made in the USA and excellence made in Italy: the clash of the Titans - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Elevator shoes for the modern man

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Fashion brands like Lanvin has long been a pinnacle of great style, as it has consistently offered exceptional clothing for celebrities and the fashion-forward crowd alike. From modern designs, to exquisite craftsmanship and an edgy aesthetic in between, Lanvin remains a trusted figure in fashion, due in no small part to the brand’s dedication to elegance. GuidoMaggi shares this dedication, as the elevator shoe brand continues to dominate the market with height increasing footwear intended for the modern man.

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An ever-growing number of men are turning to height shoes to give them the tall stature they’ve always wanted. Fashion and functioned combined, height increasing shoes for men provide a simple way to add height without sacrificing comfort. GuidoMaggi’s team of designers ensures an extraordinary fit by utilizing a variety of innovative techniques, including special 21st century lift technology. Only the finest materials are used in each pair, ensuring a luxurious look and feel that is simply unmatched in terms of elevator footwear. With so many exceptional styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that mimics your personal style to a T. There is also the option to customize your own pair to your specifications, ensuring a superior fit. GuidoMaggi’s tall shoes can boost height, correct problems with asymmetry, and provide an overall better sense of style that will serve you well until the spring season.

There are a variety of ways to increase self-confidence, but what better way to do it than with style? Height shoes are a great way to boost your height, all while maintaining a sleek fashion sense that draws attention for all the right reasons. Whether your personal style is youthful in edgy, or sophisticated with an affinity for the classics, GuidoMaggi height shoes have a variety of incredible styles that will fit well within any wardrobe. There are luxury elevator sneakers for casual days, and sleek elevator dress shoes for special occasions. GuidoMaggi also carries an extensive variety of luxury elevator boots, which will provide an added dose of style to all of your favorite fall pieces.

Fine Italian craftsmanship sits at the helm of GuidoMaggi’s design aesthetic. Durable components and the use of exquisite materials set the shoe brand apart from others, and this has led to a loyal group of clients that simply can’t do without GuidoMaggi. Experience what everyone is talking about. Order your pair today!

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Do the perfect shoes to be taller exist?

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Established in Rome in 1945, Brioni remains one of Italy’s many fashion institutions. The brand commands a loyal following of fans with a thirst for great style, led by the elegant Italian aesthetic the country has become known for. Brands like Brioni are beloved in the world of fashion, but in the realm of height shoes, no one does it quite like GuidoMaggi. The brand utilizes innovative techniques with a rich Italian history to create height shoes that are simply unlike any other on earth.

be taller with elevator dress shoes

If you’ve ever wondered what outstanding comfort feels like, experiment with GuidoMaggi’s luxurious line of high heel shoes for men. If you can’t find a style of height shoe that suits your specific needs, you can easily customize your own to ensure the perfect fit. The brand prides itself in offering an extensive range of footwear styles to appeal to every man, no matter his personal style. There are elevator boots, sneakers and luxurious elevator loafers to choose from, as well as a number of limited edition styles that sit at the height of sophistication.

What constitutes the perfect shoe? There is no clear cut answer, but GuidoMaggi is committed to creating the perfect shoe to suit your needs. The brand’s website is filled with an extensive array of height shoes, each pair made with a meticulous attention to detail that breeds supreme quality. GuidoMaggi’s team of experienced designers utilize a number of innovative techniques in creating the ideal high heel mens shoes.

Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to footwear. Many height shoes of the past have neglected the comfort factor, which left much to be desired. GuidoMaggi addresses this need by utilizing only the finest quality materials and innovative design to create a line of height shoes unlike any other. These factors combined have rendered GuidoMaggi luxury footwear among the very best height increasing shoes for men. Experience the comfort yourself. Purchase your perfect pair today.

Do the perfect shoes to be taller exist? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Elegant Elevator Shoes are an investment

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There is no shortage of great clothing within today’s high-fashion realm, but brands like Custo Barcelona and Balenciaga have yet to confront the realities faced by shorter men on the hunt for great style. While Custo Barcelona and Balenciaga command their own fair shares of fanfare, and rightfully so, with their stunning ready-to-wear collections, only GuidoMaggi appeals exclusively to men seeking to increase height. This has allowed GuidoMaggi to go where few shoe labels have gone before. Luxury at its finest, elevated footwear by GuidoMaggi has the potential to help shorter men reach new heights.

elevated shoes

Short men need not struggle with height any longer. High heel mens shoes are the ticket to long-lasting comfort and style. Mens high heel shoes are a growing phenomenon, for several reasons. GuidoMaggi’s collection of elevated shoes is filled with a wide array of styles sure to appeal to men of all different personalities. Whether your style is casual and cool, or filled with sleek sophistication, GuidoMaggi elevated shoes has a pair just for you. If you can’t find a pair that speaks to you, you can easily create your own with GuidoMaggi’s customization services, which allow you to select your own color, style and heel height, making for a look and fit that perfectly represents your aesthetic. From luxury alligator, to piracucu and python, GuidoMaggi employs only the finest materials to create a line of footwear that personifies elegance.

In keeping true to its commitment to excellence, GuidoMaggi shoes are made with the finest attention to detail. This promotes a fit that is simply unmatched in terms of comfort. The brand’s designers utilize a number of innovative techniques to ensure a subtle boost in height that is highly effective in elevating self-confidence.

Elegant elevator shoes are an investment, and one that will maintain reliable for years to come. Whether you are looking for casual elevator shoes or elegant height increasing shoes, GuidoMaggi has everything you need to build the footwear collection you’ve always dreamed of.

Elegant Elevator Shoes are an investment - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Handmade Elevator Shoes: high quality and impeccable style

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Known for his daring designs, Rick Owens is one in a long line of designers who utilize the element of surprise to sell clothing. The label’s runway shows are nothing short of awe-inspiring, a characteristic that can also be seen in Rick Owens’ product line of clothing and accessories. High-quality construction, an edgy aesthetic and a commitment to impeccable style are just a few things that drive Rick Owens as a brand.

handmade elevator shoes

GuidoMaggi’s range of height shoes dares to mimic the same commitment. The brand’s Italian roots allow for a range of benefits, including superb quality construction and a variety of rare, luxurious materials. GuidoMaggi’s team of talented designers utilize an exceptional knowledge of fashion and trends to bring the latest designs to the masses. These luxury shoes for short men include loafers, dress shoes, elevator sneakers and dress boots, each made with fashion and function in mind.

Elevated shoes for short men are unique in composition. GuidoMaggi utilizes special 21st century lift technology to create a subtle increase in height that is both effective and fashionable at once. These elevated shoes revel in comfort and versatility. Stock up on one or several pairs to navigate the fall and winter seasons impeccably dressed and ready to impress.

A number of factors set GuidoMaggi height shoes apart from the rest. While elevated shoes are not a new concept, previous models didn’t possess the comfort factor that can be found in those carried by GuidoMaggi. Brands like Rick Owens are quickly catching onto the height shoes concept, but do so in a way that is obvious, and with little regard to a timeless sense of style. Where they fail, GuidoMaggi’s designs succeed. The Winter 2017 collection is home to a wide variety of striking styles guaranteed to satisfy every man, regardless of personal style. Whether yours is edgy, sophisticated, sporty or sleek, there is a model of height shoe just for you. If you can’t find one, customize your own to your exact specifications, making for a fit that is unlike any other you’ve experienced. With GuidoMaggi, exceptional style is just one step away.

Handmade Elevator Shoes: high quality and impeccable style - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

More casual...taller!

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No other sneaker commands as much fanfare as the classic Converse Chuck Taylor. The timeless silhouette has been bringing great style to the masses for decades, remaining just as relevant today as it was in the 1960s. While Converse and other shoe brands are reliable sources for athletic shoes, few provide the same function as GuidoMaggi. GuidoMaggi’s line of elevator sneakers is intended to bring both height, style and comfort at once.

elevator sneakers

GuidoMaggi’s Italian roots are at the center of its aesthetic. Superior craftsmanship is one of the many appeals of Italian-made items. This commitment to excellence can be seen in each and every pair of GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes, where genuine leather insoles and outsoles are sewn at sight, resulting in optimal durability. Luxury elevator footwear is an investment, and one that will take you far when you shop GuidoMaggi, the best height increasing shoes for men.

A number of factors set GuidoMaggi apart from the rest. The company offers the option to customize your own pair of height shoes to ensure an impeccable fit. Select from a number of color, style and heel height options to find a shoe that speaks directly to you. Choose from exotic leathers like python or baby alligator, and select your own heel height to forge the exact look you are hoping for. There is no limit to the style you can achieve when you shop tall shoes of this outstanding caliber.

GuidoMaggi is among the foremost companies for height shoes for many reasons, one of which is its unwavering commitment to great style. Each pair of GuidoMaggi tall shoes is meticulously hand crafted with the finest materials, ensuring a fashion-forward way to boost height in an instant. More and more men are looking to elevator footwear to give them the stature and self-confidence they’ve always dreamed of. Whether your personal style is classic, edgy or rooted in sophistication, there is a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes with the potential to skyrocket your personal style.

Comfort is among the top priorities for GuidoMaggi’s team of designers. From innovative technology to create a discreet lift, to the use of soft, supple leathers and padding, in between, there are a number of techniques used to forge the look and fit every man craves.

More casual...taller! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Elevator Sneakers: not just sports shoes

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Sneakers and athletic shoes are important items in any wardrobe, and brands like Asics are well aware of this fact. Companies like Asics have nearly perfected the formula for athletic shoes, but they often fail in one department. Elevator sneakers are a rarity, and few brands are committed to offering this special type of shoe that accommodates shorter men. Where others fail, GuidoMaggi succeeds by providing an incredible collection of height increasing footwear destined to change your life for the better.

elevator sneakers

A range of footwear that is as versatile as it is luxurious is a great investment -- one with a big payout as far as style is concerned. Elevator footwear is becoming increasingly popular among men and women with a knack for style. The perks of added height, combined with the high-fashion essence that comes from Italian-made goods creates a perfect storm of style that is guaranteed to heighten your self-confidence.

GuidoMaggi’s range of luxury elevator footwear is filled with an extensive array of styles, ensuring you find a pair that’s just right for you. Choose from a selection of heel heights, or choose based on color, cut and material. In keeping true to its commitment to creating the most luxurious elevator footwear, GuidoMaggi utilizes a number of rare, superb-quality leathers that add instant style to any ensemble. From python, to South African ostrich, these leathers exemplify the elegance and dedication to great style that GuidoMaggi has become known for.

With the fall season just weeks away, it’s the perfect time to reinvent your personal style, driving your potential to new heights. Stock up on several pairs and build your fall wardrobe with boots, loafers and dress shoes at once, or instead opt for one special pair to make that special occasion even more enjoyable.

GuidoMaggi’s stellar reputation stems from more than just great-looking shoes. The company is committed to providing only reliable products intended to last for years. While other brands of elevator shoes focus on function and nothing more, GuidoMaggi prides itself on offering comfort and durability you can trust. From high-quality rubber, to waxed shoelaces that add an additional hint or sophistication, everything about GuidoMaggi is carefully thought out to ensure optimal luxury.

Elevator Sneakers: not just sports shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Taller even at the gym

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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the New Balance brand has become a staple in athletic shoes over the past two decades. Comparable in quality to other famed brands like Nike and Adidas, New Balance is among fitness’s more affordable brands, which has led to its growing fan base and excellent reputation. While New Balance continues to forge an impact in the realm of fitness, there are other brands, like GuidoMaggi, that seek to combine functionality with fashion to create something true unique.

height increasing shoes

Now more than ever, people are investing in fitness. This has led to an increase in demand for stylish sneakers and athletic shoes. GuidoMaggi offers an extensive range of elevator sneakers for men seeking a subtle boost in height. Not only do elevator shoes provide the added height you crave, but they also provide a comfort level previously unseen in footwear of this caliber. GuidoMaggi’s team of designers utilize 21st century lift technology, as well as a number of other design elements to create a line of luxury shoes that is truly unique.

Every man needs a pair of stylish sneakers, and GuidoMaggi’s height increasing shoes provide so much more than the typical tennis shoe. Choose from a variety of trendy styles capable of taking any ensemble to the next level. Whether you’re style is classic, edgy or sophisticated, there is a style of shoe for you. GuidoMaggi shoes are distinct in their craftsmanship. Handmade in Italy, GuidoMaggi’s line of luxury sneakers goes far further than your run-of-the-mill athletic shoe by offering high-quality components and a design aesthetic driven by style.

Comfort is key when purchasing sneakers, and GuidoMaggi stops at nothing to ensure an impeccable fit. A meticulous attention to detail during construction renders the label’s luxury elevator sneakers among the finest in the world. Customize a pair to your exact specifications to ensure a fit that that is simply perfection. From luxurious leathers, to heel heights intended to give you the boost in height you’ve always craved, GuidoMaggi’s line of luxury elevator sneakers have the power to take fitness – and style – to new levels.

Taller even at the gym - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Fitness and Height Increasing Shoes

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Millions of people look to brands like Adidas for sneaker, and for good reason. The Adidas brand has become synonymous with fitness, though it stands for so much more. With decades in the business of footwear, Adidas remains a trusted source for all shoes athletic. A household name, and one that continues to carry major weight in the growing world of athletic wear, Adidas remains a go-to for those looking for affordable footwear with a track record of reliability. Adidas sneakers are stylish as ever, but there are others that will give you more bang for your buck, serving as a means of style and function at once.

shoes for short men

GuidoMaggi’s collection of luxury elevator sneakers is guaranteed to take your style potential to new heights. The summer season is the perfect time to seek adventure, and a pair of sneakers that does double duty by boosting your height while keeping you comfortable is a great investment, in more ways than one. Whether you prefer to blend in or make a statement, GuidoMaggi’s height increasing sneakers can help you achieve your ideal look.

There are many reasons why GuidoMaggi is among the world’s foremost producers in elevator shoes. The company prides itself in its fine Italian craftsmanship and outstanding commitment to preserving the art of style in each and every pair. A meticulous attention to detail, paired with the use of exquisite materials make for a range of elevator shoes that stands among the finest anywhere.

A versatile wardrobe is one that will see you from the office to the pub effortlessly. Many of GuidoMaggi’s elevator shoes are edgy and sophisticated at once, making them ideal for a host of events. From a night out with the boys, to a romantic date night with your girl, a shoe that is uncompromising in style is a fantastic way to put your fashion sense on full display, in a way that is effortless and highly effective. Style knows no bounds when GuidoMaggi is in the picture. Shop the collection today.

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