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Summer Loafers: Styles for the Season

Whether it’s the classic penny loafer or a more exotic leather variety, the loafer has long been a shoe for the summer. And summer 2018 is no different. With so many styles available, there’s an elevator loafer out there for every occasion…

Whether you want a classic tailored look or a more trendy, casual look, the iconic loafer can add just the right amount of style and elegance to any outfit. These stylish shoes should be a part of every man’s wardrobe, especially during the summer. Loafers can go with just about anything, looking sleek with a suit for the office or when heading out to a family brunch at the weekend.

With the summer 2018 collection from GuidoMaggi you can combine style and comfort with the added advantage of the elevator system. These summer loafers can increase your height and boost your self esteem, all while keeping you up to date with the latest trends.

Suede Loafers with Tassels

GuidoMaggi’s collection of luxury suede loafers are all handcrafted in Italy using the finest leathers. The Imperia is the ideal elevator shoe for the summer. This stylish elevator loafer is handcrafted in a beautiful burgundy suede calfskin leather and features Tuscan leather tassels. These comfortable shoes can increase your height by 2.6 inches and they are right on trend with one of the hottest colors of the season.

Loafers with Buckles

For a classic look with a modern twist, the Sirte could be your go-to shoe for the summer. These sleek elevator shoes will add 2.6 inches to your height, giving you the confidence to step out in style all summer long. They feature hand stitching and an elegant silver tone buckle. These height increasing shoes are handcrafted using dark brown calfskin leather and a natural brown leather sole for maximum comfort.

More formal occasions call for a more formal loafer and the Grenoble is perfect for any event this season. Whether it’s a summer wedding or a dinner party, these elevator shoes will help to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Increasing your height by 2.6 inches, these stunning shoes feature a glossy black leather upper with a silver tone buckle detail; ideal for pairing with a suit.

Penny Loafers

For a sleek style in one of this summer’s trendiest colors, the Avignon elevator shoes will keep you up to date with the fashion crowd. These handcrafted penny loafers have been modernized by GuidoMaggi to include the invisible heel that will make you 2.6 inches taller, so not only do you elevate your style but you increase your height and boost your confidence. These burgundy leather loafers and handmade in Italy and will keep you looking cool and comfortable all summer long.

So don’t let your summer pass you by without a pair of luxury elevator loafers in your wardrobe.

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Total Denim is Back, Even for Elevator Shoes

The all denim look is back for the spring summer 2018 season. So get ready to look out those old jeans and and top it off with a denim shirt and some denim inspired elevator shoes, for a modern retro style that will keep you right on trend this summer…

Denim has been a trendsetting fabric for decades. And this year, that double denim trend we saw in the late 90s and early 00s is finally making a comeback. Probably the most memorable moment for this all denim trend was back in 2001 when popstars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up on the red carpet at the American Music Awards each wearing all denim outfits, coordinating their style together. They showed the world that denim doesn’t have to be a casual style and can be worn for all occasions, even formal ones.

And that trend is once again making style statements among the most fashionable people in Hollywood. It can have a trendy street look and a smart, sophisticated look, all while being a super comfortable, easy to wear style.

For a cool, casual style, sneakers can be your best option. The Denim by GuidoMaggi perfectly captures the all denim trend and will look super slick with your Levi jeans. Double up the denim for extra street style with a washed denim shirt over a crisp white t-shirt, giving the trend an update for 2018. The Denim high top sneakers are the ideal elevator shoes to bring confidence to your style, able to increase your height by up to 4 inches. With two tone denim and rips with star detailing, these height increasing shoes channel the total denim trend.

For a lighter, more summery feel, a slip on may feel more comfortable. The Como will help you stay on trend with the double denim look with its textured denim effect cotton upper. These handcrafted elevator shoes can add 2.6 inches to your height and help to keep you cool when the temperatures rise. Ideal for pairing with light denim jeans.

Formal styles can also channel this double denim trend. Elevator shoes, such as the Corinth can help you emulate the modern denim look but keep you looking elegant for more formal occasions ad your workday. These Italian leather shoes feature various shades of blue and will increase your height by up to 3.1 inches. Plus, they’ll give you the comfort and sophistication that you need for an all day event.

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Elevator Shoes at the Cannes Film Festival for French Actor Edouard Baer

Tuesday May 8th marked the beginning of the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, with the role of Master of Ceremonies going to French actor, and previous host, Edouard Baer. Being just 5 foot 9, it would come as no surprise if he chose to wear luxury elevator shoes at this most glamorous of events…

Stars from the glittering world of film and television have been and will be stepping out onto the famous Promenade de la Croisette to celebrate the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which runs from May 8th to May 19th 2018. The film that kicked off this year’s world-renowned festival is the drama directed by Iranian director, Asghar Farhadi, Everybody Knows and starring Spanish husband and wife A-listers, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, who arrived on the red carpet at the Grand Theatre Lumiere looking radiant and elegant as always.

The president of this year’s jury is the award winning Cate Blanchett. And joining her on the jury are fellow stars of the screen from the worlds of writing, directing and acting; Chang Chen, Ava Duvernay, Robert Guédiguian, Khadja Nin, Lea Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Andrei Zvyagintsev and Denis Villeneuve. The Master of Ceremonies is the French Actor, and previous Master of Ceremonies, Edouard Baer, star of Asterix and Obelix, who kicked off the opening ceremony on Tuesday and will resume the duties at the festival’s closing ceremony.

The 2018 festival promises, as always, to be filled with glitz and glamor, surrounded by the elegance of the French Riviera. And for such a highly regarded event, it’s only fitting that the stars will be wearing the finest fashions and the most luxurious footwear. In this instance, stars like Edouard Baer, who’s only around 5 foot 9, could increase his height and maintain his charm by wearing stylish, formal elevator shoes that are handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials.

Other actors may appear tall on the red carpet and on the big screen but many of them turn to elevator shoes to increase their height and boost their confidence. Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas always dresses in a way that makes him look taller than he really is. Being under 5 foot 9, the A-list star chooses well-tailored outfits and pairs them with luxury handcrafted Italian elevator shoes.

Other actors who might find themselves lacking in height should take a leaf out of Banderas’s book and increase their height discreetly with elevator shoes. These elegant styles of shoes, sneakers and boots can increase height up to 6 inches. The summer styles will help to keep them comfortable and looking sleek whether they’re walking the red carpet or sipping drinks at the bar.

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The Hottest Elevator Shoes to Stay Cool this Summer

Here are three of the hottest trends for a stylish summer that promises to live up to all of your expectations. We’ll help you work the trends and find the perfect elevator shoes to match, so you can always be on top…

The summer weather is finally on its way and that means endless sunny days and warm evenings. So it’s time to put away those cold weather accessories and start shedding the extra layers of clothing. But what if, like many men, you’re not a fully fledged fashionista? It can be difficult to know what to wear, especially when the temperatures rise. But luckily we have the most glamorous European fashion shows to turn to for inspiration. And we’ll look at the coolest trends and the hottest elevator shoes to go with them.


This summer, bright colors are everywhere. And with this trend it doesn’t matter how you wear it. The brighter and bolder the better, as it’s all about fun primary colors. Highlight your tomato red shorts or shirt with the Pamplona elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi’s summer collection. The python skin leather in vibrant red makes these elevator sneakers an ideal choice for this color trend, and the patent white leather upper will add a fresh summer feel to your outfit, keeping you cool and slick. Not only that, the built-in elevator system will discreetly boost your height by an extra 2.6 inches.

Englishman in New York

Think dapper styles with added elegance for summer 2018. Classic glamour is always on trend and this year is no different. Pinstripe pants and linen shirts or jackets go splendidly with the Cremona shoe, giving a sleek look that will stand the test of time and make you rise right to the top of the style charts. This slick handcrafted brogue features two tone detailing for an elegant, dandy look, and combines dark gray leather with light gray fabric, as well as invisibly increasing your height up to 3.1 inches.

The 90s

The 90s have been making a comeback for what seems like a while and this summer the 90s trends are here to stay. There are so many trends of the 90s, but one thing you can guarantee is your comfortable footwear. Sneakers are the go-to shoes for this trend. Pair them with your oversized shirts, cut-off jeans or even your Hawaiian shirts. The Lisbon elevator sneakers are the ideal way to accessorize this hot trend. They will increase your height by 2.6 inches, boosting confidence, and will keep you looking cool and stylish all summer long.

So whatever trend you choose for summer 2018, you know you can elevate any look with the hottest styles from GuidoMaggi.

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Coachella 2018: The Styles and Trends to Steal

Coachella 2018 is in full swing and that means the summer’s hottest styles and trends are too. The famous annual music and arts festival is the perfect place to show off your personal style; and elevator shoes are the ideal way to complement any trend…

Coachella is not just about the music and arts. It’s about the fashion too! Historically, it’s the women’s fashion that has made the headlines over the years at this world-renowned music and arts festival. But this year, men have also been showing off their personalities through their style. Now in it’s 19th year, the Coachella Festival has always been an event where you can express yourself through your clothing and accessories. Held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, the event began on April 13th 2018 and will run till April 22nd. And the fashions tend to reflect the laid-back nature of a Californian lifestyle.

Coachella is all about comfort, style and looking cool in the heat of the desert. And this year it’s about channelling the trends of the 90s. This means the return of faded denim, graphic tees and sneakers. And one accessory that is a must-have in California is eyewear - so don’t forget the sunglasses! We might not all be able to make headlines like Beyonce but we can take our style to the next level by stealing some of the trends from Coachella 2018 and pairing them with height increasing shoes.

The luxury Coconut Grove elevator sneaker has a sense of style and elegance that will pair well with just about every trend at Coachella and through the summer. The clean white patent leather helps the black crocodile leather detailing stand out. And with the added benefit of a hidden 2.6 inch heel you’ll feel confident and walk taller. The Coconut Grove sneaker will look sleek with either sports shorts, denim cutoffs or jeans. Pair with a white t-shirt and shades for a classic look.

Canvas or suede sneakers and high-tops are also a good choice for festivals and can be worn with shorts or jeans. The Italian handcrafted Sahara high-tops are height increasing shoes that will keep you on trend all summer long. The desert sand suede sneakers can increase your height by up to 4 inches, giving you the confidence boost you need to pull off any style at Coachella.

For an elegant look, and if you don’t want to wear sneakers, follow in the footsteps of stylish Canadian fashion blogger, Kish Raveendran. He chose to style his handmade GuidoMaggi Idaho elevator boots, which increase height up to 4 inches, with rolled up black denims, a black and white striped shirt, cream hat and aviator sunglasses and looked slick, comfortable and festival-ready.

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Elevator Shoes on the Set of The Expendables 4

It can be easy to appear tall on screen if the rest of your cast is shorter than you. But when you have a cast full of tall men in The Expendables and you’re Sylvester Stallone or Jet Li, how do you do it? With the help of of height increasing shoes!

The Expendables film series is a multi-million dollar film franchise, grossing hundreds of millions of dollars. And this summer, the filming is set to begin on the fourth installment, The Expendables 4, with the return of Sylvester Stallone and likely Arnold Schwarzenegger. Filming is expected to returning to Bulgaria in August this year for an on-location shoot.

However, if you’re Sylvester Stallone, measuring just under 5 foot 9 in height and you have to appear on screen next to the 6 foot 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re going to need some help in the footwear department so you can stand shoulder to shoulder. Muscles can be built through hard work in the gym and eating lots of protein but the only way you can add extra height is by wearing elevator shoes that have been specially designed to give you the few extra inches you need. Height increasing shoes are the secret to how Hollywood’s leading men can appear tall and confident whether they’re filming on set or relaxing on their days off. 

So if you’re the star of an action movie, elevator shoes can increase your height both on and off the set. Jet Li, for example, is just 5 foot 6. So for him to appear taller and on a par with his costars he wears luxury elevator shoes that can discreetly boost his height by up to 6 inches. Whether it’s Italian elevator boots or elegant dress shoes for the red carpet, Jet Li can walk in comfort alongside his towering 6 foot 5 costar, Dolph Lundgren, and appear just as tall as his Expendables action hero character, Yin Yang.

Elevator shoes are extremely popular with Hollywood’s elite, as these height increasing shoes for men can add from 2 inches up to as much as 6 inches, boosting confidence and stature. And it’s not just on set that these Hollywood giants choose to wear Italian handcrafted elevator shoes, many of them choose to increase their height even when they’re not filming. Whether you’re a Hollywood action star or not, with the stylish range of height increasing shoes at GuidoMaggi, you can boost your height and self-esteem no matter what the occasion. These trendy elevator shoes have become popular with stars, such as, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas and Lenny Kravitz, proving that being taller is not just a special effect for the movies.

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Italian Fashion on Show: Discover the Made in Italy Season in Milan

Journey through the history of Italy as expressed through the world of fashion. The exhibition, “L’Italia vista dalla moda 1971-2001” is currently on at the Palazzo Reale in Milan until May 6th, where you can discover Italy as seen through fashion…

L’Italia vista dalla moda 1971-2001 is a current exhibition on display at the famous Palazzo Reale in Milan. In English, it’s “Italy as seen through fashion 1971-2001”. The exhibition, which runs until May 6th 2018, tells the story of Italy through the world of fashion. From artisan craftsmen to world famous Italian fashion houses and brands, there is more to fashion than just clothing and footwear.

There’s an entire culture behind each piece of design and craftsmanship. And nothing emulates this idea more than Italian footwear, for example the GuidoMaggi brand. With a focus on high quality and attention to detail, the local artisans create comfortable elevator shoes using the finest quality fabrics and materials, resulting in a product that is unsurpassed in quality. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are handcrafted in Italy and designed to increase height by up to 6 inches, increasing self-confidence and boosting style. Design and commitment goes into every detail to give custom made height increasing shoes that have become famous around the world.

One of Italy’s most famous exports is fashion. But behind Italian fashion is a history of artisanal culture that goes back generations. Creating clothing and footwear is not just a job; it’s a passion. It’s a culture. It’s a work of art and a way of life in Italy. The exhibition will show the influence of Italian culture on the designs of the fashion of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and up to the start of the 21st century. It will highlight Italy’s influence on the rest of the world’s fashion and design, with the emphasis on the importance of the “made in Italy” tag. The world trusts a “made in Italy” label and brand because of the history of high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Many of the world’s designs originate in Italy and other nations try to copy them with mass production methods, resulting in a lower quality product with little or no attention to detail or pride of product. Italian fashion differs from this because for Italians, fashion is not just what you wear. It’s a statement of your personality, your style and your culture. And with Italian fashion you get generations of culture and style handcrafted in a high quality piece of clothing or footwear.

GuidoMaggi is just one luxury brand that prides itself on its Italian heritage and craftsmanship, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, to provide the finest height increasing shoes that are known around the world for their comfort, elegance and confidence boosting heels.

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The Perfect Height Increasing Shoes for an Elevated Easter

It’s Easter Weekend and the beautiful spring weather has arrived. So it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe and accessorize with the perfect pair of height increasing shoes. Spend time with your family while looking tall, staying stylish and feeling comfortable…

Make the most of the spring weather this Easter Weekend and get out there to enjoy it in style and comfort. It’s the perfect time to pick out your favorite fashion trends for the spring summer season. Whatever trend you choose, keep it light and fresh and accessorize with a luxury pair of elevator shoes. Whether you’re jetting off on an Easter vacation, heading away for the weekend, or simply enjoying family fun with an Easter Egg hunt and a delicious family dinner at home, wearing comfortable shoes that can elevate your style and your height is a must.

The Brooklyn is the ideal elevator boot for Easter. Handcrafted in Italy from navy suede calfskin leather, these height increasing shoes feature a soft leather lining and waxed cotton laces. They are ideal for adding a modern twist to a classic spring look and can be easily paired with a light colored chino, crisp white shirt and a navy blazer or jacket, for a more formal style. Apart from being comfortable for wearing all day, these trendy shoes can add up to 3.1 inches to your height, with shoe lifts built discreetly into the heel.

You can pack a lot into your Easter Weekend, so you’ll need a comfortable shoe for more casual events. That’s where the Zaragoza elevator sneakers come in. With a discreet 2.6 inch heel rise, these stylish low-top elevator shoes can add a sleek touch to a more casual outfit. Wear them with dress shorts or chinos for a smart casual look and, with the navy leather and suede detailing, you can stay on trend with the season. These can be ideal for a day out with the family or taking on vacation, as they will elevate any style and give your outfit a fresh spring look for Easter. 

If the temperatures start to rise, or you’re heading somewhere hot, then you’ll need a comfortable shoe that can keep you looking cool and feeling fresh. Styles like the Como are perfect for when the weather warms up. Featuring a breathable organic cotton upper in a textured vintage effect denim, these elevator shoes are leather lined with a rubber sole, for maximum comfort on warmer days. With their blue tones, they will go with a whole range of spring outfits and will look super slick with shorts. Plus, they have the added convenience of being a slip-on and will give you a 2.6 inch boost to your height, to keep you feeling taller and more confident no matter what your plans are this Easter.

Whether you’re staying at home or going on vacation, make sure you’re walking taller this Easter with luxury Italian elevator shoes for every occasion.

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Spring is Here: And so are the Trendiest Elevator Slip-ons for the Most Colorful Season of the Year!

The Spring Summer 2018 men’s fashion collections are here, which means it’s the perfect season to elevate your casual style with some chic height increasing slip-ons…

elevated slip-ons

Whether you’re looking for a casual or smart piece of footwear, a pair of classic slip-ons can be the ideal accessory for wearing all season long. No matter what the weather or what the occasion, a pair of elevator slip-ons can give you the comfort and style that you need. Not only that, with the luxury collection of slip-ons from GuidoMaggi you can increase your height as well as your style, so you know that you can appear physically taller and walk with more confidence from the beginning of spring right through to the end of summer. 

For many of the trends of this year’s spring summer collections a slip-on shoe is the perfect choice. Spring and summer seasons are all about keeping it cool and casual and with elevator slip-ons you can stay comfortable, look elegant and stay on trend. Keep it chic and stylish with a modern Hawaiian shirt and boost your look with the Capitola. These handcrafted suede slip-ons feature a lightweight rubber sole with an invisible 2.6 inch heel. The burgundy color of these elevator shoes will also look chic when paired with the neutral color palettes seen in men’s fashion this season. Or embrace this season’s bowling shirt trend and pinstripe trend and choose the casual Copacabana slip-on sneaker. These lightweight striped sneakers will keep your style fresh and current throughout the season, as well as discreetly adding an extra 2.6 inches to your height.

If you’d prefer a less casual look but you’d still like the comfort of a sneaker and the convenience of a slip-on, the Gibraltar can be a fantastic choice. This handcrafted Italian leather sneaker features a trendy checked pattern for an elegant appearance and can increase your height by 2.6 inches.

At GuidoMaggi, comfort and style is never compromised, meaning you can get the sleekest elevator shoes made with the finest materials to give you an elevated look for all seasons. And that’s why the new collection of slip-ons can give you the best looks for spring and summer 2018. The Hamptons is a slip-on with a luxury appeal. Handcrafted in blue calf leather and featuring a crocodile print, these elevator shoes have the elegance of a loafer with the laid-back comfort of a sneaker, so they will look just as slick with your shorts as they would with a linen suit or jeans. The Boa Vista is ideal if you’re after that same style but with in classic brown.

Slip-ons are all about versatility and comfort. They are the perfect choice for this season, with a style and color to suit every outfit and every taste.

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Oscars 2018: Gary Oldman and Elevator Shoes Win Big

Gary Oldman took home one of the biggest awards of the night at the 90th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, winning Best Actor for his outstanding role as Winston Churchill in the World War II film Darkest Hour. But being just 5 foot 7 he may have had a little help in the height department with Italian elevator shoes...

elevator shoes oscar 2018

Held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California on Sunday night, the 90th annual Academy Awards was where Gary Oldman (fresh from his BAFTA and Golden Globes wins for the same role) won his first Oscar for his portrayal of the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the Oscar nominated World War II film Darkest Hour, directed by Joe Wright. It may not be well known that Gary Oldman is just 5 ft 7 inches tall. But with the help of handcrafted Italian elevator shoes, he can appear much taller on screen. At this year’s Oscars, Gary Oldman wore a bespoke suit by British designer, Paul Smith. His stylish black patent leather shoes were the perfect accompaniment to his Academy Awards style, discreetly elevating his height by up to 3.1 inches and boosting his confidence both on the red carpet and on stage. 

Oscars night is the most star studded and glamorous event of the year in Hollywood, with the world’s biggest stars showing up in their most exquisite outfits in the hope of making it to the stage to accept Hollywood’s greatest honor - an Academy Award. The biggest winner of the night was Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, which won four awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. Frances McDormand picked up the award for Best Actress for her leading role in Martin McDonagh’s film, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, 21 years after her first Oscar win for Fargo in 1997. 

One thing that remains a constant when the red carpet gets rolled out for Oscars night is that everyone’s eyes are on what the stars are wearing. Fashion and footwear are just as important when it comes to Oscars success as talent is. With the right height increasing shoes, stars of the silver screen can elevate their style and their confidence. And it’s not just women who wear the heels on the red carpet. With luxury handcrafted Italian elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi, men can secretly increase their height to their desired levels so they can walk the red carpet with their leading ladies and have comfortable feet (unlike many of their female co-stars), without sacrificing style.

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Elevator Shoes for Weddings: Elevate More than just your Style!

It will likely be the most important day of your life, and indeed your partner’s life. So choosing the right outfit is paramount for your day to be perfect. With the new Guidomaggi collection of height increasing shoes for weddings you can ensure some extra inches where it counts!

Finding the perfect outfit for your big day can often be a struggle. But when it comes to footwear, GuidoMaggi have a fantastic collection of luxury elevator shoes for your special occasion. No matter what your wedding colors are, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your celebration. In this day and age, there’s no reason why all eyes should only be on the brides. In today’s weddings, everyone’s eyes are on the happy couple and the most stylish guests.

One issue that will often pose a problem for many grooms is that their brides will likely be wearing sky-high heels to go under their bridal gown. But at Guidomaggi, being shorter than your bride doesn’t have to be an issue at all. Every shoe is handcrafted in Italy, using only the finest materials, and features discreet shoes lifts built into the heel, so you have shoes that make you taller without anyone knowing how it’s happened.

Your wedding day can be a nerve-wracking prospect but when you have the right footwear that can increase your height from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches then you can have one less thing to worry about. Elevator shoes can give you the extra confidence you need for your big day, as well as boost your height to your desired level. Not only that, the luxury Italian designed collection at Guidomaggi are built to give you the comfort you’ll need all day and into the small hours of the night.

So let’s say you’ll be wearing a navy suit for the ceremony. You’re going to need some slick navy shoes! The handcrafted Sicily is an ideal choice. The soft calfskin patent leather in a brilliant navy blue hue will ensure you look elegant and well finished. These sophisticated high gloss elevator shoes come in a choice of heel heights, from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches, so they add those all important confidence boosting inches. The soft leather insole will keep you feeling comfortable from the moment you head to the altar, through the iconic first dance, and to the moment you take them off. So you can have a perfect wedding and memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

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Fashion celebrates the Chinese New Year: here are the Elevator Shoes dedicated to the event

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, 2018 is the year of the dog. Many fashion brands, including Gucci and Diesel, have dedicated an entire collection to the event. GuidoMaggi celebrates the anniversary by being inspired and dedicating many of its handcrafted shoes to the Chinese cities...

Chinese New Year is one of the most important dates in the Chinese calendar, and is celebrated in a number of Asian countries, as well as in other communities around the world. 

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on a different day every year because it all depends on the moon. This year, 2018, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on Friday, February 16th and signifies the first day of the Year of the Dog.

There are twelve animals represented in the Chinese zodiac, with their history stemming from the legend of the Jade Emperor who required 12 animals to guard his palace. And it’s because of the behavior of each of the species that each of the animals got their reputation. 

The year in which you’re born can affect your personality, fortune and relationships because of the animal that is associated with that particular year. And it is often tradition that people wear red underwear on every day of the year when their zodiac year comes around, as this is thought to bring them good luck. People can also assess their lives by seeing their personality traits in the animal of their zodiac year.

The significance of the Chinese zodiac and the importance of bringing good luck and fortune throughout the year is not only seen in the color of your underwear. Fashion houses are also jumping on the bandwagon and bringing the Chinese traditions to their clothing and accessories brands, including Gucci and Diesel, and even Vogue Italia ran a Year of the Dog feature to highlight the influence of the Chinese New Year in fashion this year.

From dog inspired clothing to bags and accessories featuring cute canines, there are plenty of ways to bring this year’s zodiac year to your wardrobe. And at GuidoMaggi, you can even increase your height with elevator shoes that have an Asian influence. The Shanghai elevator boots can be the ideal footwear for bringing some Chinese good fortune to your world this year. Handcrafted in Italy, these exquisite leather height increasing shoes feature a gray leather exterior and soft goatskin lining. These lace up boots are designed for comfort and to give you that extra bit of height from 4 inches up to a massive 6 inches, all in a discreet way.

For a versatile, go-with-everything style, you can still keep the Asian influence with the Taipei boots. These luxury brown leather elevator shoes will not only make you taller but will also elevate your style to new heights. Similar to the Shanghai boots, the Taipei also comes with a heel height ranging from 4 inches up to 6 inches. The perfect pair of boots for everyday wear, and ideal for walking the dog!

But the surprises do not end here. You can discover the GuidoMaggi handcrafted creations dedicated to the Chinese New Year by clicking on this link: Wishing everyone a Happy New Year of the dog!

Fashion celebrates the Chinese New Year: here are the Elevator Shoes dedicated to the event - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Elevator Shoes at the 85th Micam 2018

The Micam provides the perfect spotlight to showcase stylish elevator shoes and fine Italian footwear design. And the 85th edition of the Micam is certainly no different.

The Micam is where the world’s best and most luxurious Italian shoe designers can show off their finest designs on a world stage. The Micam exhibition is held in Milan, known as one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world and home to some of the most famous fashion houses on Earth, including Prada, Armani, Giuseppe Zanotti, to name just a few. So what better location for an Italian footwear exhibition than one of the world’s most stylish cities.

The general theme of this year’s Micam fair is “vanity”, and how footwear can help to express your inner vanity. The Micam, which runs from the 11th to the 14th of February 2018 at the Fiera Milano, is the perfect opportunity for designers to show off their collections for autumn/winter 2018. 

And of course, GuidoMaggi’s autumn/winter 2018 collection was being showcased at the exhibition this year. Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi was there to help promote the luxury elevator shoe brand and was, of course, wearing a pair of chic handcrafted elevator boots from the stylish new collection. Emanuele’s choice of the leather Kingston boot shows you can still increase your height in a more casual style; keeping comfortable but looking sleek. 

Shoes that make you taller by up to 4 inches, and in some cases even up to 6 inches, are the ideal accessory for any man looking to increase his height and at the same time elevate his style. The collection of elevator shoes for men by GuidoMaggi combine genuine Italian craftsmanship with the finest materials to give you trendy, elegant shoes that can be worn for any occasion and for any event, no matter how formal or casual it is. Showcasing the fact that you can stay stylish and appear taller wherever you go is one of the main highlights of the luxury GuidoMaggi collection



The Micam is an unmissable event in the eyes of fashion and shoe designers and retailers. It is a chance to celebrate Italian footwear and Italian design. In collaboration with Elle, the Micam is also spreading out into the city, with the artistic display of 30 giant shoes being showcased along the Via Fiori Chiari in the center of Milan (on the same street as the GuidoMaggi showroom), highlighting the significance of the event and the historical significance of footwear design and manufacture in Italy.

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Elevate your Style for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

One way to make sure you have the perfect Valentine’s Day is to have the perfect elevator shoes to go with your most stylish outfit...

It’s the most romantic time of year and the ideal opportunity for you to look your best for that special someone in your life. So much thought goes into choosing just the right outfit but even the right outfit can’t look fantastic without the right pair of shoes. And with shoes that make you taller, you can not only boost your confidence but also improve your style, all while adding that all important bit of extra height.


Roses are red and so are these stylish elevator shoes for men. Well, they’re more of a burgundy tone but they’re perfect for a romantic Valentine’s soiree. These handcrafted Tuscan leather height increasing shoes are designed and made in Italy. With an Oxford style design, they feature a heel height of up to 3.1 inches, giving you that instant height boost that you’ve always wanted.

These elegant dress shoes will look ultra chic with a navy suit and a crisp white shirt for a romantic Valentine’s dinner with your loved one. If you’re looking to head to a party or are simply planning a more casual Valentine’s evening, then these luxury Toledo shoes will look extra sleek with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans.


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s time to pull out all the stops. And when you need some show-stopping shoes for your special occasion, then the Montpellier elevator shoes are just the thing. These luxury height increasing shoes are handcrafted in Italy using the finest leather and are a gorgeous shade of blue, with exquisite detailing, including the exclusive Goodyear stitching and potential personalization. 

These elegant shoes can increase your height by up to 3.1 inches, so you can subtly gain the extra height you need to show up to your Valentine’s date in style. For a sophisticated look, pair them with a light gray suit and for a chic, modern look you could always go for a tan colored suit.


If you want to channel a classic and elegant style this Valentine’s Day, then the Oxford elevator shoes will be the ideal footwear no matter what you have planned for your romantic day or evening. These luxurious dark brown leather shoes will deliver a sleek look when you team them with a smart pair of dark blue jeans, and will also boost your height by 2.4 inches, without anyone suspecting a thing. For a more formal occasion they will look great with a dark gray or charcoal suit.

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Grammy Awards 2018: Bruno Mars and his Love for Elevator Shoes

Celebrities throughout Hollywood and all across the world are taking their careers to new heights with the help of elevator shoes. And Bruno Mars is just one of those celebrities...

Bruno Mars is one of the hottest musicians on the planet right now, as his career is going from strength to strength. This is definitely, so far, the year of Bruno Mars and particularly with the success of his 24K Magic album and successful world tour to support it.

The highlight of his career so far will surely be his huge success with the six awards he took home at the 2018 Grammy Awards, being just two awards away from tying with Michael Jackson’s 1984 world record of eight awards in the one night and Santana who, later in 2000, equalled it with eight. 

But it’s not just music that Bruno Mars is known for. His love for fashion and style are always apparent no matter where he performs or how many red carpets he walks down. His glamorous style makes him stand out for more reasons than just his music, with many people trying to copy his trends. What’s also apparent is his love for luxury elevator shoes. Bruno Mars is definitely no stranger to height increasing shoes, choosing to wear heeled shoes and boots on a regular basis; even sometimes when the heel is not invisible.

Despite being just 165 centimeters tall, which is only a little over 5 foot 4, Bruno Mars is a giant on the stage. And this is helped by his love for height increasing footwear for men that can help to increase his height by up to 6 inches, depending on the shoes or boots. With the help of tall men shoes Bruno Mars can seem a lot taller than he is in real life. And you would never know he was wearing height increasing shoes when he’s dancing around the stage or strolling down the red carpet.

To channel the style worn by Bruno Mars during his sellout 24K Magic World Tour, the Texas boot from the luxury Italian brand Guidomaggi will not only elevate your height but will also elevate your style for a glamorous celebrity look. These luxurious black leather cowboy boots are handcrafted in Italy and feature a heel height of up to 4 inches. So you can look tall and feel confident no matter where you venture, and the only one who will know you’re wearing shoes that make you taller, is you! 

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Darren Criss: Red Carpet Style with Elevator Shoes

When stars like Darren Criss take to the red carpet, style and glamour can be one of the most important aspects of the day and night. And one way to elevate your style is with shoes that make you taller

Darren Criss is one of the stars of Hollywood’s hottest TV shows, American Crime Story, playing the role of the real life infamous killer, Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace. While the native Californian might appear tall on screen in his standout role, Darren Criss is just 173 cm tall (not even 5 foot 7) so how does he do it? Well, that’s where elevator shoes for men can come in.

Technology has improved upon the traditional shoe lifts for men, creating tall men shoes that will work with you and for you. Guidomaggi designs a whole range of Italian height increasing shoes by combining shoe lift technology with luxury style and exquisite details. Elevator shoes are often the secret of many of Hollywood’s leading men.

Elevator shoes can be a central part of any outfit, helping to boost your height as well as your confidence. Not all Hollywood actors have a natural confidence. Some are conscious of their height but that’s where height increasing shoes can provide shorter actors with the extra inches they need to feel more comfortable on the red carpet and when posing for photos with the rest of their cast.

Actors all over Hollywood are turning to elevator shoes to give them those extra few inches in height. When female cast members are strolling along the red carpet in 6 inch heels, it can make men feel and look even shorter. And the best way to combat this is with height increasing shoes. At Guidomaggi, style is as important as height, which is why they offer a full range of dress shoes that are ideal for even the most glamorous occasions. These fine Italian shoes are handcrafted and tailored to the heel height you need, so you can look tall on any red carpet without the high-heeled ladies towering above you. And the best part; nobody will suspect a thing!

It’s not just Darren Criss who likes to step out in style, his co-star Ricky Martin also likes to increase his height with elevator shoes. So the next time you see your favorite celebrity at an awards show, take a look at their footwear! And if you want to steal their style, then check out the fabulous collection of Guidomaggi luxury elevator shoes. You can choose the height you need in the perfect color and style for your event.

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Style Focus: Exotic Leather

If you’re looking for height increasing shoes that offer the ultimate in style and luxury then our exotic leather collection at GuidoMaggi can provide you with some of the finest elevator shoes in the world, designed for comfort and convenience...

exotic leather boots


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style and high end tastes when it comes to choosing your footwear. Shoe lifts for men in existing shoes can now be a thing of the past with these ultra stylish, luxurious Caribbean shoes. Handcrafted in Italy using high quality baby crocodile suede leather, these slip on elevator shoes for men will quickly become your new favorite accessory.

This Caribbean style will not only elevate your style every time you wear them but they are also shoes that make you taller, by increasing your height by a significant 2.6 inches, so you can walk tall and stand out wherever you go. The beautiful brown shade means you can wear them on a range of occasions. They will look sleek with a more formal blue suit or even with chinos or jeans for a more casual style.

Cape Town

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of elevator boots that will do more for you than just increase your height then these luxury Cape Town boots will give all the tall men shoes a run for their money. These are not just a stylish pair of boots, these are chic boots handcrafted in Italy using exquisite baby crocodile leather, helping to give the boots their rich texture. They also feature a genuine leather insole as well as a leather sole with an anti-slip rubber, making them ideal for all seasons.

The Chelsea boot style with elastic side panels makes them a versatile choice for any occasion, so they’ll look just as sleek with a suit as they will with a more casual outfit. Not only that, these exquisite boots come in a choice of heel heights, so you can tailor the height to your preference, between 2.4 inches and 3.1 inches.


When it comes to stylish footwear, it shouldn’t be reserved for formal occasions. And when it comes to luxury, you should always include a luxurious touch on every outfit and with these Santorini height increasing shoes you can do just that. These stunning sneakers feature a white goatskin leather upper with a beautiful shade of blue handcrafted in luxury ostrich leather, creating a nod to the Greek island with the fresh blue and white theme.

These sleek sneakers come in a choice of 2.4 inch and 2.75 inch heel heights so you can walk taller and stay comfortable and casual.



Style Focus: Exotic Leather - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

How to Dress for New Year’s Eve

It’s the glitziest night of the year and you want to look your best! We’ll help you dress for New Year’s Eve with the sleekest elevator shoes so you can look taller and more stylish at the party of the year...



The most glitzy night of the year calls for the most glitzy of elevator shoes, and the Madagascar shoe is just what you need to add that extra touch of glamor to your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Featuring genuine python leather upper in a glossy black patent, these elevator shoes for men are the perfect piece of footwear to make sure you step into the New Year in style.

This exquisite shoe benefits from a goatskin leather lining and a leather insole and midsole to give you all the comfort you need for a night of partying. The waxed cotton shoe laces also ensure a perfect fit.

But that’s not all. With these chic height increasing shoes you can boost your height as well as your style. The handcrafted Madagascar shoe can be customized with a heel height from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches.

These stylish elevator shoes will look super sleek with any black tuxedo or dress suit, or add some sparkle with a shimmery suit to match the sparkling occasion.


If you’re looking for a shoe that will stand out on New Year’s Eve then the Williamsburg could be just what you’re after. These punk inspired elevator shoes will boost your height and bring out your rocking personality

Handcrafted in Italy using full grain, speckled effect leather, these height increasing shoes feature silver tone spikes that have been applied by hand, for extra precision. They can increase your height from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches, to give you that extra boost you’ve always wanted.

Not only will you feel like a rockstar in these glam shoes but you’ll look like one too. Wear them with dark denim skinny jeans for a trendy look at a less formal event.


For a sophisticated look for this New Year’s Eve then the Brindisi is the ideal shoe. These tall men shoes are just the thing for adding a chic and stylish touch to your New Year’s outfit, while making you look taller and keeping you on trend.

Handcrafted in soft calfskin leather in a beautiful cognac brown, these elevator shoes for men will deliver the right amount of glamor to any special event. Featuring contrasting lace stitch detailing, these luxury shoes can boost your height up to 3.1 inches, so you can be taller as you party through the night.

Wear them with a stylish silver or gray suit for an elegant, classic look.


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Dazzle this Holiday Season in Italian Elevator Shoes

The holiday season seems to come around quicker and quicker every year, and now here it is upon us again. Trying to juggle all the parties and events we have to attend can be tricky business and trying to maintain your style and look chic at each one can be even trickier. But it doesn’t have to be - at least with your footwear. With our luxury collection of dress shoes that make you taller, you’ll be sure to have one less thing to worry about...

elevator luxury shoes

Tired of searching for shoe lifts for men to add some extra height to your style? Our elevator shoes for men are more than just tall men shoes. They will not only increase your height but they will also elevate your entire outfit to a new height, so you can be the best dressed at every event you attend.

To enhance your look this party season, we have a fantastic collection of dress shoes that will boost your height and make sure you stay on trend through the holidays.

Our Favorite Height Increasing Shoes for Festive Fun

The Newbury Street is a classic black dress shoe with a modern twist. Featuring an fine Italian leather upper with a sleek sheen and a soft goatskin lining, this chic dress shoe is enhanced by the black suede detailing around the laces, giving the shoe just the right amount of glamor for the festive season. This luxury design also features a customizable heel, with height choices from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches.

One of our sleekest dress shoes, the Orvieto, features a high gloss patent leather upper with lace detailing for a sophisticated look that will ensure your style is elegant and modern. With a choice of heel heights, you can customize the shoe to the height you prefer, up to 3.1 inches.

For an elegant and trendy look, the Montpellier is the one to go for. This exquisite blue leather shoe will boost your style, as well as your height, to a whole new level. With customizable heel heights and customizable sole engraving, this shoe will make you stand out in style at all the best parties.

How to Wear Them

With the classic black Newbury Street style, we think a black or gray suit would give you a sophisticated formal look. To add a touch of personality, gray dress pants with a black velvet blazer could do the trick.

The Orvieto can be worn with a range of black or gray suits, with the glossy finish helping to add elegance to your wardrobe. This style would also go well with a tuxedo.

A navy blue suit would enhance the Montpellier style, or for a less formal look, keep it simple with navy dress pants and a crisp white Oxford shirt.

Dazzle this Holiday Season in Italian Elevator Shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Who Says You Can’t Wear Elevator Shoes Everyday?

We all want to look our best at all times, so why should it be any different when it comes to our footwear? Why not wear your elevator shoes everyday? Well, now you can, thanks to our stylish and modern range of height increasing shoes for men.

Perhaps you’ve long been searching for shoes that make you taller but you haven’t found the right ones to match your lifestyle. Or perhaps you’ve only found these ‘tall men shoes’ in a limited number of designs, with many of them traditionally restricted to dress shoes.

elevator boots

That’s where GuidoMaggi is different from other designers, combining style with versatility and fine craftsmanship to create a range of elevator shoes for men that can be worn for every occasion. We want to look sophisticated during the week but sleek and casual at the weekends. There’s no limit to when you can wear them, so you can look tall everyday of the week; because height shouldn’t be limited to your work week.

Outdoor Leisure Pursuits

No matter what your hobbies involve, you don’t have to sacrifice your height just to get a suitable pair of shoes. We have a fantastic range of Italian handcrafted luxury leather boots that are ideal for a whole weekend full of outdoor activities.

Our Jacksonville style could be a particularly good choice for a weekend hiking trip or walking the dog. Featuring a modern rugged design, these lace up suede boots are comfortable for everyday wear and feature a thick rubber sole, which adds to their underfoot comfort as well as making them super durable. You can be up to 4 inches taller and only you will know the secret.

Out for Coffee or to the Pub

Elevator shoes for men are not simply for your office job. Why not maintain that workday height by opting for a pair of casual shoes that make you taller and maintain your personal style.

When you’re heading out for a casual drink with friends on the weekends you’re going to need some elevator shoes that can stand up to the plate when it comes to your sleek, casual style. We have a trendy collection of comfortable slip-on shoes and sneakers that will maintain your tall height while keeping you looking fashionable and on point all weekend long. 

Date Night

Now, when you’re heading out on a date, you’re going to need footwear that reflects your personality while looking chic and sophisticated. Our stylish collection of dress shoes and loafers offer a modern take on classic styles so you will no longer have to search for shoe lifts for men to add to your existing shoes. You will have a sleek pair of shoes that make you taller as soon as you put them on your feet, so you can enjoy your special date night in comfort and luxury.

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Step Up Your Style This Fall with These Fall and Winter Staples

Autumn is the ideal time to add polish to your wardrobe. With so many new styles emerging, stylish men the world over have their pick, but you can’t go wrong with the classics. Inject a dose of sleek style into your fall look when you combine timeless staples with bold accessories, creating the perfect storm.

elevated sneakers

One seasonal staple making a comeback in the upcoming months is the sweatshirt. Cool, casual and perfect for plenty of occasions, of-the-minute sweatshirts are as good for date night as they are for bar hopping. Pair a sweatshirt in a neutral shade, like grey, and rock it with a pair of shoes that does justice to its casual look. “The Venetian”, from GuidoMaggi’s new Fall/Winter 2018 collection, is unique in all its glory, with a variety of colors and textures combining to form a one-of-a-kind sneaker that speaks to the fashion-forward man. Comprised of four different leathers, this sneaker is perfect for a casual-chic look. Combine the “Venetian” with a comfortable sweatshirt and denim jeans for a no-fail ensemble this season.

Made from an array of high-quality materials, the Fall/Winter 2018 collection is comprised of a number of sleek models ideal for the cooler months. Perfect for lounging and casual strolls, the “Assisi” loafer, for instance, is everything you could want from a luxury shoe – incredible style and comfort in one. Pair the “Assisi” with a fitted flannel in a versatile shade and a pair of fitted denim. A look like this will keep you appearing comfortable, casual, and sophisticated.

There is no shortage of sleek items to choose from this season. In addition to classic styles that stand the test of time, the Fall/Winter 2018 of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes consists of plenty of fashion-forward models sure to please the modern gentlemen.

Rough, rugged boots in a number of shapes and colors make for optimal versatility.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a casual look or one that revels in sophistication, you’ll find it all plus more when you pair fall and winter staples in the Fall/Winter 2018 collection by GuidoMaggi. Browse our selection to find just what you’ve been waiting for.

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Floyd Mayweather: Prized Style for a Prized Fighter

There’s no denying that US boxer Floyd Mayweather is the greatest in the world at his craft. “The fight of the century”, as many have dubbed it, saw Mayweather up against Conor McGregor, one of the world’s best MMA fighters, and the results were explosive. Round after round of jabs and punches were thrown, and at the end of the fight, Mayweather had reigned supreme. Despite his relatively short 5’8 stature, Mayweather demonstrated he is not one to be trifled with. And neither is his personal style.

elevator sneakers

Recent photos from the boxer’s Instagram feed demonstrate his affinity for elevator footwear. Mayweather has amassed quite the fortune throughout his time on the scene, and it’s become quite obvious that he can afford the finer things in life. This is why Mayweather chooses luxury Italian shoes to provide the subtle boost in height he needs to maintain his larger-than-life persona.

Floyd Mayweather’s career has seen him dominate every opponent in the boxing ring. The 40-year-old is a world champion in five different categories, and while he retired in 2015, he couldn’t stay out of the ring for long. During the media circus that surrounded the event, it became evident that Conor McGregor was slightly taller than his opponent, but this did little to stand in the way of Mayweather’s victory.

Pretty Boy Floyd has demonstrated quite the unique fashion sense over the years. “Pretty Boy Floyd” is rarely seen without luxury surrounding him. From wads of cash in suitcases, to luxury cars like Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche and Lamborghini, as well as endless accessories, Mayweather is no stranger to fashion. As such, he is well aware that Italian elevator footwear is the way to go.

Elevator footwear is the ideal way to add inches of height to your stature, all with style in mind. While elevator shoes of the past focused purely on function, today’s breed of luxury Italian elevator shoes keep comfort and style in mind. From sleek dress shoes for special events like weddings and galas, to casual sneakers and loafers to wear during those long summer and fall days, elevator shoes are guaranteed to increase both height and stature. And as a man who has it all, height may be the one thing Mayweather craves. Luckily, in addition to being a world-class fighter, it seems he’s got his style in check, too.

And even if you disagree, why don’t you go up and tell him, right to his face?

Floyd Mayweather: Prized Style for a Prized Fighter - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Summer Time Essentials for the Stylish Man

Hot as it may be during summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to kick your personal style into high gear. If you’re headed on a luxurious vacation this season, there are a few items you may want to take with you to ensure you’re ready for whatever good times lay ahead. Cool and casual is the way to go, but you can certainly spice things up to accommodate your luxe lifestyle if you choose. Elevator shoes are just one accessory you can stock up before you embark on your summer time journey. From sleek sneakers, to sunglasses and bags, consider these items to make your trip that much better.

elevator italian slip-ons


A solid pair of high-quality sunglasses is a must-have during any season, but even more so during summer time. There’s no shortage of styles to choose from, either. Opt for vintage-inspired frames, or a style that’s more modern. Either way, a solid pair of sunglasses will keep you looking polished and pulled-together throughout the entirety of the summer season and beyond.

Lightweight Jackets

Summer time weather can be unpredictable, and this is precisely why you need a lightweight jacket. Cool, comfortable and casual, a lightweight jacket, like a denim jacket or trendy windbreaker, can elevate your look and keep you ready for anything this season.

Weekend Bag

You could tote around your luggage to your destination, sure. But why not invest in a great weekend bag to keep you looking sleek and stylish at every turn? Opt for a style in a sophisticated leather, or one bearing a bold print. Either way, eyes will be drawn to your impeccable fashion sense.

Elevator Shoes

Height increasing shoes are a great option if you’re dealing with a short stature. There are plenty of photos sure to be taken on your summer vacation, so you’d do well to look your best! From pairs in

bold shades, to those made with unique details, like tanned leather and hand-painting, you can definitely take risks with your sneakers during summer. The bolder, the better!

What other items are on your must-have list this season?

GuidoMaggi has a wide variety of elevator shoes to choose from, so you can be sure of a stellar look all throughout the summer, fall and winter seasons. Browse through our wide selection of elevator shoes today!

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Shoes Matter: Make a Good First Impression in These Sleek Elevator Shoes

In the business world, few things matter more than confidence. Between the business meetings, networking events and fundraisers, you’re sure to be striking up conversations with all kinds of interesting people. Shoes can be a great conversation starter, demonstrating your style chops right off the bat. There’s still plenty of time left this summer to up the ante on your style game. Whether your style is sophisticated, or cool and casual, here are a few excellent options to help you impress your audience at any and every event you attend this summer.

elevator boots

Luxury footwear doesn’t only feel incredible. It looks incredible, too. Sophisticated shoes in an array of luxe leathers automatically exudes confidence. For a look that’s guaranteed to attract all the right kind of attention, incorporate a pair of ostrich leather shoes into your look. Wear them with suits for the office, or use them to put the finishing touch on an elegant ensemble for your next special event.

Sneakers can be sleek, too. All it takes is a little imagination. Showcase your trendy side by pairing luxurious sneakers with a tailored suit. Modern times call for modern clothing, and more and more gentlemen are looking to sneakers to get through their days – both for work and for play. To the contrast, you can never, ever go wrong with crisp white sneakers. Choose a pair in a sleek leather, and choose your desired heel height to take your summer look to new levels of style. Whether you choose just a couple of inches or several, the power of a taller stature can’t be denied.

Contrary to popular belief, you can definitely incorporate boots into your summer looks. What’s more -- bold shades are perfect for summer time. Think vibrant shades of blue, green and red. The Hamptons shoe, in its brilliant shade of blue, is perfect for a wide array of looks. If you’re weary about diving into a bold shade on a whim, try a shoe like the Dublin. With just a hint of bright blue, it’s bound to draw the eye. Wear these with denim, a cool patterened shirt and a pair of shades for a no-fail look to rock all season.

Shoes Matter: Make a Good First Impression in These Sleek Elevator Shoes - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Dress Your Groomsmen in Sleek GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes for the Big Day

With wedding season here at last, there’s no better time to get your fashion game in check. If you happen to be planning a wedding, or are participating in one, you may be curious about the latest trends in wedding party attire. GuidoMaggi elevator footwear can help. Here are a few tips to keep your groomsmen looking handsome as can be when the big day comes.

Skip the Rentals

Groomsmen running to the tuxedo shop at the last minute to pick up their rentals is not uncommon, but who really needs that stress on such a big day? While rented tuxedos were the norm once upon a time, these days, groomsmen are looking to their own closets to get them ready for the big day. Have your groomsmen purchase their own suits or tuxedos in lieu of renting. A solid suit doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Not only will they have a great memento of the big day, but they’ll be much more comfortable throughout the day and night.

Avoid Colored Shirts

Colored shirts are a good idea in theory, but they may not look as good in photos as you want them to. When deciding on attire for your groomsmen, keep shirts plain and simple, then use accessories to jazz things up. A luxe tie or boutonniere in a striking shade makes much more of an impact than a blue or green shirt underneath a suit. When it comes to luxurious weddings, less is often more!

Think Outside the Box

Don’t conform to outdated rules about wedding parties. Pave your own way! Long gone are the days of groomsmen in matching tuxedos. Mix things up by letting them choose cuts, colors and styles that best reflect their personalities. Authenticity is always in style. Let your groomsmens’ true selves shine through.

Focus on Footwear

Don’t ever underestimate the power of footwear to elevate a groomsman’s look. GuidoMaggi carries a wide selection of luxurious elevator shoes and height increasing dress shoes for men. Choose from exquisite handpainted styles, to tried and true classics, each capable of increasing height by as much as five inches. There are no limits to the style you can achieve when GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are in the picture.

Dress Your Groomsmen in Sleek GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes for the Big Day - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote