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When Traveling, Pack Light and Be Ready for Anything

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Whenever you have to pack for a trip that's more than just overnight (or will involve a change of climate during the trip), you may face a challenge as to how much (and what) to pack.

Too often, guys will either bring the minimum and be caught unprepared for unusual weather or fashion requirements, or drag along their entire wardrobe and end up using a fraction of what they packed.

elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, travel shoes, comfortable shoes

Here's how to get the most out of the minimum:

  1. Pick a single color theme. Rather than going with a full palette of colors, go with one basic major color (like blue) and select all your other clothing to match that main color. That way, you won't be stuck with a bunch of unrelated clothing items that only go with a given outfit or clashing color.

  2. Plan on dressing in layers. This is especially important if you're going from a warm to a cold climate in the same trip. You don't have to pack all your cold weather wear – just select items that will go together and will pack flat in your luggage. If you really need major cold weather coverage, a down-filled jacket beats a fleece for warmth and will collapse down to nearly nothing.

  3. Be ready for dressing up and down. Even if you're doing a casual vacation, it will be good to have a dressy jacket and pair of pants for spontaneous events (like meeting a lovely lady you want to take to dinner). If you're traveling for business, be ready for some down time with 'knock around' clothes. Even if you're in a cold climate, you may end up in a hotel with a pool or a place with a hot tub. Pack a bathing suit!

Most importantly of all, get in the habit of thinking ahead to what you'll actually be doing, rather than trying to cover all possible scenarios. With experience, you'll learn what to leave out, and what you must never forget to bring.

Buon viaggio!

Exotic Leather Elevator Shoes and Boots

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For the discriminating footwear buyer, 'height increasing shoes' can often be perceived as cheap, shoddy, and a fashion mistake. Not anymore! Thanks to market demand and entrepreneurial leaders, there are now bespoke elevator shoes, made by hand and crafted from exotic, luxurious leathers.

For example, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes can handcraft Baby Alligator leather boots and shoes that are specific to your needs and wants. Plus, you get a 'hidden' benefit inside: 21st Century lift technology that is discreet, comfortable, and long-lasting. These are not 'regular' shoes, with lift inserts added as an afterthought. They are designed around the height increasing natural rubber lifts and are made by hand by master craftsmen in Italy.

You can also order other specialty leathers, like Python and Hand Painted leather. Naturally, such premium footwear is not cheap. In fact, these may be the most expensive elevator shoes in the World—and worth every penny.

luxury boots

Best of all, these exotic leather shoes and boots are made from whole skins, not bits and pieces slapped together from different sources. Each and every pair you order will be matched and crafted to be consistent in look, and unique. This will be your exclusive footwear, made for you and you alone.

When price is no object, and you want to stand taller in style, this is the way to go: GuidoMaggi Exotic Leather Shoes, from the most luxurious shoe maker in the World that offers a discreet lift to your stature.

Tom Cruise: 5'7” and Loving It!

Tom Cruise elevator shoes, Tom Cruise height increasing shoes, Tom cruise tall shoes

For those of you that are 'vertically challenged', feeling self-conscious about it may bother you. After all, you're probably not a World-famous celebrity, who doesn't have to worry about whether your height is a limiting factor in your overall success. Tom Cruise probably doesn't. In fact, he's often appeared next to women who, in their high heels, towered over him at red carpet events in Los Angeles, New York, and around the World.

Now, on screen, the difference in height between him and his costars is managed with camera tricks, custom made elevator shoes, and wardrobe choices that de-emphasize the difference. You won't be able to take advantage of the camera angle trick, in most cases, but you can take heart: creating a slim, vertical line in your wardrobe is relatively easy. The same goes for buying bespoke elevator shoes.

The thing to keep in mind is that being comfortable in your own skin goes a long way towards minimizing height differences between you and those around you. If you're very uncomfortable in the presence of those who are taller (male and female), no amount of trickery will ease your mind. Instead, you have to commit to being who you are, as you are, and focusing on the people around you, not yourself.

By putting your attention on others, you automatically draw the right kind of attention to yourself – not on your height, but on your character and personality. Tom Cruise doesn't avoid those who are taller than himself. He can't. Instead, he seems to follow a simple rule: if you can't fix it, feature it! He stands next to tall women and men without calling attention to the difference.

tom cruise bespoke shoes

Get yourself used to getting past height differences in your mind. Of course, by taking action in advance that improves your appearance and increases your apparent height, you know, in your heart, that you've done everything you can to make up for the difference before you act, speak, and move through the World.

Getting Maximum Lift: It's Not Just Footwear

5 inch boots, elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, maximum lift, bespoke shoes


Guys who want (and need) an increase in height should consider whether getting the maximum lift available is a good idea. That's because a mismatch between their footwear and the rest of their wardrobe is a 'red flag' that they're trying to be something they're not.

For example, you wouldn't want to show up for a business meeting in a conservative suit, but wearing platform shoes. The disconnect between proper business attire and flamboyant footwear would ruin your credibility. If you want to be dressed for the occasion, and stand tall, use all the tricks and tips for improving your stature and appearance, along with a proper dress elevator shoe style.

On the other hand, there's a time and a place for going 'tall'. You can make the most of maximum lift footwear when you dress casually. The best way to get the most lift is a boot style. Not only is it acceptable for a boot to have a substantial heel 'lift', it's possible for a bespoke shoe creator to incorporate lift technology into a boot that won't work in, say, a pair of loafers.


The best elevator footwear is custom made. This means that when you want to go with 5 inch boots, go to a craftsman that knows how to make them work, both as height increasing shoes and for maximum comfort, all day long. You'll find that GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes knows how to do this, like no other footwear maker in the World. That's because each pair of boots and shoes is crafted, from the ground up, to be elegant, fashionable, and created to give you the 'tall' look you desire.

In short (pun intended), be discreet at work, and be your tallest at play. You'll find that 5 inch boots work best when you're not working!


Be an 'After', Not a 'Before'

height increasing shoes, tall shoes, elevator shoes


You've probably seen Before and After pictures of many different products and services (unless you live in a cave with no electricity). Here's the thing – all those comparisons want you to be an 'After'. They're intended to get you to take some action, of one kind or another.

You, on the other hand, may be reluctant to take that action. “What if the thing promised is just not able to deliver the 'After' for me? Then what?” There have been plenty of products and services that promised the World, and delivered a lot less than that.

We at GuidoMaggi understand this. The founder and CEO spent a long time thinking about trying elevator shoes before he bought his first pair. While they did boost his height a bit, they were disappointing in their appearance, long term performance and comfort. He wanted what the Before and After pictures promised: discreet height increase, without sacrificing comfort, style, and good craftsmanship.

That creative dissatisfaction led to the creation of a company that would deliver the best elevator shoes in the World. These shoes would not just make you stand taller. They would boost your confidence, enhance your wardrobe, and deliver lasting comfort. They would be handmade, by Italian craftsmen who truly understood the needs of the luxury market.

blog-taller shoes

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes guarantee you will have the best possible 'After'. It starts with 21st Century lift technology that is long lasting and comfortable. The shoes themselves are crafted around that lift technology, instead of being added to existing shoe styles that aren't made for increasing your height.

Best of all, these shoes are elegant. Made from the finest leathers, they are handmade by those who devote their life to the art of shoemaking. You get style, fashion, and discreet lift that others can only hope to imitate.

Go ahead. Be an 'After'. We'll be here for you.


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Tall Guys Catch Women's Eyes – If You Want to Be Married, Be Tall

bridegroom elevator shoes, formal tall shoes, luxury elevator shoes

You may be thinking about investing in first quality elevator shoes, especially if you're 'playing the field' in the dating market. Rather than depending upon rumor and speculation, do you really want to know what women want in a man? They want him tall. “American researchers at Rice University and the University of North Texas found that the height of the partner is more important for women than for men."

While you might be indifferent to the height of your partner, she's more likely to want you to be somebody she can look up to – literally. In fact, many women find it annoying to have to 'look down' into a man's eyes. This is especially true if she likes to wear high heels, which she would have to forego if her partner is vertically challenged. The ideal height difference for women is a man who's 8 inches taller. For men, it's a woman who's about 4 inches shorter.

high heel shoes for men

Now, this height preference is based on 'all other things being equal'. Celebrity males often get matched to women that are taller than them, simply because they're famous. Guys like Mark Wahlberg can marry a spouse (Rhea Durham, fashion model) who's actually 1½ inches taller than himself because, well, he's Mark Wahlberg.

So, if you want your shot at hooking a Victoria's Secret model, either you need to have the looks and charisma of the late James Dean (who was 5'8” tall), or wear height increasing shoes. You may not think that height makes that much of a difference now, especially if you're the American average height of 5'10”. The research quoted above shows that 6'2” is the ideal height for a man, and 5'8” for a woman.

The closer you are to the ideal height, the better your chances of having choices, rather than settling for whomever will take you. Think about it.

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Elevate Your Look with Fall Colors 2014

elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, Cognac, Cypress, GuidoMaggi

'Adventurous' sums up the color selections for Fall 2014. That's the word from Pantone, the industry standard in color definition and matching, which is trusted and used by designers, fashion houses, and the fashion industry. GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes can be a part of that palette. That's because two of the most exciting color choices of this season have been added to the line.

Chances are, you've already been perusing the latest offerings for Fall, and even purchased new shirts, slacks, jackets, and other fashion needs to keep up with the trends. Make sure you remember to 'tie' your new looks together with height increasing shoes that match the look you've chosen.

Rather than the old standbys of basic black and gray, the trend has been to enliven Fall with select Earth tones, some of which are as bright as Spring. The keynotes here are vigor and substance, which give you choices that will make your new Fall look outstanding. Here are two selections that are 'must have:

tall men shoes

Cypress or Deep Lichen Green

This is a powerful Earth tone that works with both full grain Italian leather and suede. Whether you choose a Burnished leather 5 inch elevator boot or matte suede finish height increasing sneaker, this color choice appropriate for most occasions. It works with dressy wardrobe choices, as well as 'knockaround' looks for casual and social occasions.

Cognac Brown

This exciting color is sweeping New York City this Fall, and is showing up in wardrobe choices that catch the eye and make a strong statement. A pair of Cognac Limited Edition boots will match your jeans and just about any other color of slacks you choose. This is the way to go if you want to flatter your wardrobe, while increasing your stature in style and luxury.

Luxury Elevator Shoes: What's New, What's Hot, What Works in 2014

elevator shoes, height increasing shoes, luxury elevator shoes, latest fashion

You'll find a wealth of new ideas, fashion firsts and stunning styles from GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. That's because innovation and fashion-forward thinking are an integral part of the mission to bring the best elevator shoes for you right into your home.

The Summer 2014 Collection features new looks, fashion accents and even comfy styles for Women. Check out the new sneakers, color-accented soles, silvery finished footwear and more. Each of the new styles represents the latest looks from this past Fashion Week, improvements to old standards and an innovative approach to improving your look and wardrobe.

You'll also find some 'firsts': 5 inch boots, made for comfort and stability and loafers (which nobody said could be done, but work beautifully) which deliver discreet height enhancement while looking casual and feeling comfortable.

Add to that two superb new looks: burnished cognac leather in both a shoe and boot style that looks terrific with jeans, along with a brogue style that sports a fringed look in silvery leather. Both of these fashion forward offerings are just the right accent for the fashionista who knows the value of fine Italian leather sculpted into footwear that flatters both height and wardrobe.

shoes that make you taller

The latest offering is like no other – literally. Imagine hand painted, full grain Italian leather that's fashioned into footwear by Italian artisans. Now picture the perfect boot, with available lift from 2.4 inches (6cm), 2.75inches(7cm), 3.1inches(8cm) or 4 inches(10cm) that will make your look unique, flattering and increase your height. That's the promise that the Hand Painted collection will deliver, beginning with the Van Gogh boots.

You need to check out all the new styles and colors for 2014. If you're new to GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, take all the time you need to peruse the complete line of footwear that gives you a discreet lift to your height and a major boost to your look that can only come from handmade, Italian footwear, shipped directly to your home.

Looking Taller – Good Practices and Pitfalls

looking taller, appearing taller, elevator shoes, height increasing shoes

For the man or woman who wants to appear taller, there are a few things that help and a few that actually hurt. Knowing the best practices and avoiding the pitfalls will help you increase your apparent stature safely and discreetly.

First, the pitfalls: wearing horizontal stripes or large patterns on your clothes doesn't flatter your height. The same goes for baggy clothing or sharply different colors on top and on the bottom. Finally, stay away from short sleeve shirts and shorts/cutoffs. The less you call attention to your limbs and proportions, the better.

For men, looking taller can start at the top: try spiking up your hairstyle. Match the color and tone of your clothing, so you create one solid line in the eyes of those who see you. Go for cropped jacket styles, narrower cuffs and make sure your jacket sleeve length shows less shirt cuff.

Women can shorten skirt length, wear high heels, wear open-toed shoes and sandals and the like. Short hair and wearing longer hair pulled back (ponytail, bun, etc.) will keep women from 'drowning' in their hair. Avoid shoes with ankle straps, shoe colors that contrast with either a skirt or slacks and low rise jeans, all of which can shorten the look of your legs.

height increasing shoes

Both men and women can benefit from sitting and standing up straight. Staying slim and fit helps, too, as you won't be calling attention to your stature as much as you might if you're heavier than you need to be.

Finally, both men and women can wear shoes that increase height discreetly. Avoid cheap 'lift shoes' that don't match your wardrobe. Well made shoes with modern lift technology can do more for your apparent height than just about anything else. You'll find a wealth of such shoes, boots, sneakers and more right here.

Modern Style: Looking Tall

height increasing, platform shoes, height footwear, Italian leather shoes

shoe lifts for men For those who wish to make a strong fashion statement, there's one thing they can do to enhance whatever look they choose: stand taller. Shoes are definitely a part of any ensemble, but the fact they can be height increasing is often overlooked.

Women know the value of high heels, both as a boost to height and flattering their appearance when combined with the right look in clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. Men also know that boots, “Cuban” heels and platform shoes are all choices they can make, if they want an obvious boost to their height and look.

A new trend in fashion is using well made elevator shoes to subtly increase the height of the wearer without signaling that the shoe itself is a “tall shoe”. For those who only buy top quality footwear, their only choice was to wear shoes with lifts, until recently.

With the advent of first quality height footwear by GuidoMaggi, even the most serious fashionista, man or woman, can enjoy the benefits of taller shoes made with the finest materials and construction in the world.elevator shoes for men

Luxury shoes andheight increasing shoes are now combined like never before.

These are not “lifts shoes” – they are full grain Italian leather shoes that can also increase height 7 or 8 centimeters (2.75 to 3.1 inches). Along with a boost in height, these taller shoes can improve posture and carriage, which will always enhance the way clothes look on the body.

If you choose to look taller, make sure you choose the right footwear to enhance your look. Choose the shoes that have the fit and finish that will enhance your appearance: GuidoMaggi.

Elevator Shoes for the Bridegroom

Wedding shoes, look taller, height increasing shoes, elevator shoes

wedding elevator shoes

A day that practically every bride dreams of from the time she is a girl is her wedding day. For men, that day usually doesn't dominate their imagination until they become engaged. Once he is engaged, the question of how he will appear next to his bride becomes a priority.

Wedding shoes are a luxury item. However, for the man who wants to stand taller, they generally don't do the job of increasing his height, compared to his bride, who's wearing high heels. Regular height increasing shoes seldom have the fit and finish that's appropriate for formal wear. Fortunately, there's one source for luxury tall shoes that a bridegroom can wear with pride: GuidoMaggi.

Made from the finest calf black patent leather, GuidoMaggi bridegroom shoes are crafted by the most skilled Italian artisans with meticulous attention to detail. These shoes make you look taller with style and looks that are second to none.

These superb shoes are not just for the man who lacks stature. Many tall men marry tall women, who wear four inch high heels as a part of her wedding ensemble. GuidoMaggi wedding shoes elevate the bridegroom in a way that does not call attention to the fact that he's wearing “look taller shoes”. That's because these are first quality Italian leather shoes, made with comfort, fit and surefooted performance in every pair of shoes.

You'll dance all night at your wedding party, secure in the knowledge that your bridegroom shoes won't let you down. Plus, when it comes time for you to “dress down” for your honeymoon, you'll find a complete line of GuidoMaggi casual elevator shoes to complement your casual look, too.

Stand Tall With Elevator Shoes

elevator shoes handmade height increasing shoes, elevator shoes, talian leather shoes

‘Height’ is an important aspect of a human’s personality. Be it a man or a woman, a good height is integral for impressive looks. Hence, for people who are not tall enough, elevator shoes are blessing in disguise.

As the name itself describes, these shoes are specifically designed to make a person look taller. However, the very phrase ‘good height’ is subjective in nature. It depends on various factors i.e., diet, exercise, parental influence etc. Hence, there is no hard and fast rule that these shoes are exclusively for those who are ‘short in height’. Even tall people can wear elevator shoes.

However, there are few things that one needs to keep in mind before buying them. Elevator shoes made of Italian leather are the best. Hence, before buying, ensure that the pair is made of Italian leather. The best way to judge is to look out for ‘VERO CUOIO LEATHER OUTSOLE CERTIFICATION’. If it has one, then don’t think twice before buying. While purchasing elevator shoes, also ask if they are handmade in Italy. Remember, handmade height increasing shoes are highly durable.

Interestingly, most buyers believe that handmade Italian leather shoes are extremely expensive. However, that’s no longer true in today’s date. Various elevator shoes makers are offering the chance to prospective buyers to place order Online. Booking Online gives buyers a decisive cost advantage. Case in point – a normal handmade Italian leather pair will cost approximately 800 Euros when bought from physical stores. However, if the buyer places order Online, the same pair will cost him somewhere around 250 Euros. Clearly, the latter is a better option.

Elevator shoes manufacturers cater to very wide section of society. Since, it is a relatively untapped market, many brands tend to go overboard with their claims and offers in their attempt to gain more customers. Majority of these brands lure customers by guaranteeing them an elevation of five inches or more with their shoes. Beware of such advertisements.

Medical studies have shown that shoes providing elevation over 3 inches can affect your bone structure. Plus, people who tend to put any material in their normal shoes for gaining height elevation should avoid doing so. The neck of the feet will start hurting if one continues doing it.

Hence, buying elevator shoes from a genuine brand is a better choice, any day.

Now Walk With Confidence in Elevator shoes!

height increasing shoes for men elevator shoes for men, height increasing shoes, handmade Italian leather shoes

Normally people associate Elevator shoes for people short in stature. But contrary to this popular notion, these shoes are also known for their stylish make. Hence, people who have bought can wear them at any occasion or place. After all, wearing these shoes boosts confidence. And after that, be it cracking interviews or impressing your girlfriend on date, everything becomes extremely easy. However, there is more to such height increasing shoes than what meets the eye.

One of the important components of these types of shoes is the insole. The insole is made of high quality material that does not suppress even after years of usage. Insole allows the heel part to lift up thus providing an elevation of sorts. Interestingly, the elevation is not visible from outside. Moreover, the wearer never notices it. Besides, it is super comfortable to wear. This for one makes these shoes different from regular shoes and of course, extra special.

Most of the brands making shoes for height increase tend to claim that their products can provide wearers elevation up to 5 inches. This is not true. It is simply because more the elevation more the person wearing it will get uncomfortable. Plus, consistently wearing such shoes can also affect your body’s bone structure. Remember, elevation up to 3 inches is right for the body. It is a scientifically proven fact.

As far as buying elevator shoes for men are concerned, a better option would be to go for handmade Italian leather shoes. However, that should not be before being thoroughly satisfied with the quality of leather used.

Look for VERO CUOIO leather outsole certification. This is the mark of purity and durability. Also, please check if you can get the same product at slightly less price. Yes, normally the price range of handmade height increase shoes, when bought from physical stores, starts from 800 Euros. However, by ordering Online, customers can save significant amount of money. The same pair of shoe can be bought for as less as 250 Euros. Hence, look for such definite cost advantage.

Overall, shoes for height increase make you look good without putting too much burden on the pocket.