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A global leader in elevator footwear, GuidoMaggi strives for perfection in all aspects, from style to design. In addition to a wide variety of striking luxury footwear models, GuidoMaggi offers styles utilizing detailed Goodyear stitching, resulting in optimal quality. Edgy and elegant at once, the label is committed to offering fashion-forward designs and superior construction to make an impact within the fast-growing elevator shoe industry.

Luxurious in its own right, Goodyear stitching requires a meticulous method of construction, achieved by skilled craftsmen experienced in the art of the trade. This outstanding attention to detail renders Goodyear stitching among the most sought after in the world. Performed by master craftsmen, the method involves the upper being nailed and diligently sewn together. The three components of the shoe are joined by a natural cork and stitched by hand to create a single element – one painstakingly crafted to ensure maximum durability.  This laborious process requires the utmost patience, dedication and concentration, which culminates into a shoe built to withstand the years. Unparalleled in comfort, softness and durability, this elegant method of construction is as luxurious as it is rare. For this reason and many others, a growing number of men are turning to Goodyear stitching to extend the wear of their height increasing shoes. 

All of GuidoMaggi’s Goodyear stitched footwear is available in heel heights of two to five inches, so you’re sure to find the ideal fit. It is possible to customize your pair of shoes by engraving the full name or just the initials on the central part of the outsole and also on precious metals such as gold or platinum.  

Goodyear Collection


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32 Item(s)