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These are simply the finest luxury elevator shoes and boots in the world. Made from whole-skin exotic leathers (not pieced together scraps), you can have your own pair of unique boots and shoes, crafted for your personal comfort, style and height increase.

These are limited edition creations, which means no one else in the world will have what you will have when you order these shoes and boots. Each pair will be crafted to your personal needs and requirements, including custom tanning and coloration. Email us for more information. You will receive personal attention and the best made footwear possible, anywhere in the World.

Act fast! There are only a limited number of whole skins available. Once they are gone, you may have to wait months before another leather auction is held. Why wait? Order yours today, and get the benefit of unique styling, discreet height increase, and unmatched comfort.

Exotic Leather Shoes


5 Item(s)


5 Item(s)