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For many men, being dressed up is not a major part of their life. Then comes their wedding day, and the rules change! For the man who is already vertically challenged, this is the one day his woman will be wearing high heels. What to do?

For the man who's happy in his grungy clothes and worn out shoes most of the time, the very idea of getting fitted for formal wear causes a pain not unlike a toothache. If that man needs a boost in height to stand eye-to-eye with his bride in high heels, he needs something better than bargain basement elevator shoes that look and feel cheap.

GuidoMaggi to the rescue! Here are formal wear and bridegroom shoes that can elevate more than a man's height. They can actually enhance the look of a dress suit, tuxedo, morning coat/cutaway in a way no ordinary height increasing shoe can.

Now, if you are a fashion conscious man, who's no stranger to a tuxedo or other formal wear, consider the benefits of a pair of GuidoMaggi shoes: you have your choice of height increase; the shoes themselves are absolutely the best in fit, finish and style; and you will find them to be the best investment in formal shoes you can make.

These are fine patent leather shoes with a discreet amount of lift: 2.75inches(7cm) or 3.1inches(8cm). They have all the value added benefits GuidoMaggi is famous for: sewn-at-sight construction, 21st century lift technology, long lasting comfort and amazing looks.

GuidoMaggi formal and bridegroom shoes: the perfect fit for your wedding day.

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