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For a dress shoe that's slightly less formal than a plain Oxford lace up shoe, the Double Monk Strap style is both popular and handsome. The slip on construction adds to its popularity among the fashionable wearers who prefer this benefit.

Add to that the height enhancing lift technology that makes GuidoMaggi the best elevator shoes in the world, and you have style plus height increase plus comfort plus top quality materials and construction, for all the benefits you want in a dress shoe.

Whether you prefer a plain toe, brogue or puntina style, there's a GuidoMaggi Double Monk Strap style for you. Feel free to peruse the optional color, finish, sole and height enhancement choices available for each style. You're sure to find exactly the right match for your wardrobe and height requirements.

Take all the time you need, in the next thirty seconds, to decide to shop here and buy the best elevator shoes you can buy: GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, Handmade in Italy.

Monk Strap Shoes


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47 Item(s)