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Elevator Boots & Booties - Limited Edition

Here's an exclusive collection of boots for the most fashion forward man, designed by Brazilian designer/model Vini Uehara. These are a labor of love, and it shows!

Featuring exclusive color finishes and top quality full grain Italian leather, these boots deliver style, height increase and can be a striking complement to your wardrobe. They are handmade in Italy, with all the care and attention you expect from Italian craftsmen.

Carefully peruse each style. You'll find that most of them offer up to 4 inches (10cm) of lift, upon request (excluding the Chelsea Limited Edition pull-on boot). These superb, uplifting boots deliver all the fashion, comfort and height increase you want.

GuidoMaggi Limited Edition Boots by Vini Uehara: superior elevator shoes that define today's fashion.

custom made elevator shoes


550 €

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hand made elevator shoes


550 €

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