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George Town

Price: 655 €

Chic and unique, “George Town”, the new elevator boots by GuidoMaggi for winter 2017 stand out for their upper in light brown full grain leather and the soft comfortable inner lining made of goatskin. New for the season is the red ribbed rubber outsole, super light and cushioning.

The natural rubber outsole 100% Italian with anti-slip - impact resistant - will also allow good surface traction and unparalleled comfort thanks to the new ergonomic tank thread design. The side elastic bands are in pure silk to ensure the ultimate flexibility, style and elegance.

The inner height increaser, invisible and anatomic can be chosen between 2.4”, 2.75”, 3.1” or 4 inches. A significant improvement in height and posture. GuidoMaggi's artisans allow possibilities for customization.

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elevator shoes George Town



George Town
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I love the unique look of this shoe. The heel adds several inches to my frame, and the pop of color really adds an interesting element. I’d like to see another cool color combo.

Brent Wills

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