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Practically everyone who's tried elevator shoes has tried boots. Most are designed to have a higher heel, which means they add to your height without being seen as “tall shoes”.

The problem has been that the boots were either “cowboy” style or some other fashion that was, frankly, unfashionable. Add to that the poorly constructed “height increasing boots” that are cheaply made (and priced), which self-destruct after a few months of wear.

Now, the fashion conscious man (and woman) who wants great boots with first quality materials and craftsmanship can own GuidoMaggi boots and ankle boots. Full grain Italian leather, top quality suede, high-tech lift inserts and meticulous attention to detail and construction means you can own the very best boots that add up to 3.1 inches (8cm) to your height.
Whether it's a lace-up style or slip-on, each of these pairs of boots offer you the benefits of superior looks, feel, long lasting wear and a definite boost to your height. Plus, since they're so well made and good looking, no one will suspect the “hidden benefit” of lift technology inside.

If you're not already familiar with the GuidoMaggi line, you're in for a surprise! These are the best made height increasing shoes in the world. Made with the same care and top quality leather as famous designer shoes (and by the same cobblers), GuidoMaggi is the number one source for your fashion and height enhancement needs.

GuidoMaggi boots and ankle boots: look taller, in style!

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