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Beatle Boots & Cuban Heels

Here's a Retro look that's actually cutting edge fashion: Beatle Boots and Cuban Heels. Both these styles have withstood the test of Time, with Beatle boots making a strong comeback in the last few years. Cuban heels have always been a part of the fashion scene, ever since they were introduced. Now, you can get the best of both these styles, plus bespoke attention to your particular needs, from GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes.

The Beatle boots are fashioned after the style worn by the Beatles, which was a modification of the classic Chelsea boot. The hand stitched center seam, running from the ankle to the toe, is just the right accent for the fashion conscious wearer. In fact, the resurgence of this style in the last few years, shows it to be a mainstay of the fashionista.

The Cuban heel boots are lower profile (despite the increase in height), and have a clean look that is both flexible and aggressively masculine. All you need to do is select the leather, finish, and any other modifications you desire, to get exactly the right boot for your needs.

Both of these styles represent GuidoMaggi's commitment to excellence, handcrafting, and bespoke service to our loyal customers. As you continue to look over each style, imagine yourself wearing them, made to order, and broadcasting to the World your commitment to wearing only the best. That's what makes the GuidoMaggi difference: giving you exactly what you need and want, and looking your best while standing tall.

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