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Detection and security – making sure no-one knows Part 1

The essence of the importance of security is simply this – you are adding height because you want to appear taller. But the key to doing this successfully is that you want to make sure no-one knows. That surely should be logical. And they do not need to, ever. It is pointless to avoid this fundamental issue because knowing the reasoning makes it easier to both achieve near 100% security and also to realize that even if you make a mistake and leave yourself open, there are some quite easy ways to correct it.

I’ve said this before. You start with a great advantage. You’ll be amazed at just how bad people are at being able to work out you have added height. Surveys have shown that the majority cannot even really pinpoint their own height against their friends and don’t know their partner’s heights. And imho, being ‘discovered’ only really comes if you make a mistake and let yourself open to it: it will never come with your girlfriend telling you; “Darling, you look 5.6cm taller tonight” – it will be with: “Hey, what’s this I discovered in your wardrobe?” It DOES happen. And I am writing this because a couple of my regular contacts have told me that they have done stuff that could potentially compromise them – in one case leaving a pair of elevators openly on the floor at mate’s house! Aaargh. I am going to do this in two posts. This post is about the business of security and how secure you want to be and all the stuff around it…and it is the second that will give you some practical bits of advice, specially to avoid detection and to deal with it should something like ‘the wardrobe incident’ occur. But onto general issues around security. It’s all about what you want and the practicalities of this.

Total security

Some guys (like myself) have to have total security. No-one knowing for a fact that I add height, including girlfriend; and a strategy in place to deal with issues that might arise if detection might possibly arise. I think that is really how most guys think about it in an ideal world, even if they do not think through the bit about how to react in a situation where you think you might make a mistake and leave yourself open to detection! For a second group of guys, I think it is a case of “prefer no-one knew but sometimes practicalities intervene and I might tell the girlfriend/wife, not sure, prefer not to”. I know no-one who actively tells people generally that they do it. Which is logical as it is counter-productive and spoils the effect. It may just be that if you are into being taller, your girlfriend/wife knows this and you have a long relationship – well in that case it may be that she can buy into the idea of you making yourself taller without blurting it all over the place. It may also be ‘shades of grey’, that she kinda knows but doesn’t know, if you like. But there are real issues around telling someone the full story. What you do not want is that someone who does not regard it as vital as you do tells someone because they think “it can’t do any harm”. “My boyfriend wears these thingies in his shoes and he’s like 10 inches taller”. Aaaargh. I think most (if not all) guys would prefer to add max height and engineer a situation in which even their closest friends and partner did not actually know. And, you know, it IS possible with certain lifestyles, without being overly furtive. I have certainly done it but it does require some effort, and a commitment to adding height gradually (but again, not TOO gradually!). And security. So here are my thoughts on the whole business of trying to keep height addition a complete secret. And there are really several aspects to it.

Keeping it secret

Firstly, as I have said, they will not notice you have got taller. I invite all guys to try this simple trick NOW - add an inch or a bit more of lifts in your shoes just normally at home and/or at work, then a week later add another inch (that’s about as much as you can really comfortably add in most footwear). No-one notices. This is because people are not really actually looking out at every aspect of your appearance and tend only to really take note when something is drawn to their attention. My mother is a psychologist and she works for the police and tells me all the time how amazed they are at witnesses just not knowing the basic details of potential suspects. He can be 5’8” or 6’2” according to who you ask! There are loads of reasons for it, but just take it as read that unless you set your height in stone and tell people (“didn’t you notice, I am 2” taller because I have lifts in my shoes?” Well of course THEN they are gonna notice), you have a lot of latitude. So this should give you confidence right away that what you want, security and total lack of detection, is very possible. And that can go right up the highest extras but the higher you go, the more careful you have to be. And this is really the key in regard to theory – how careful do you want or need to be? Take it from me that if you are just out to add a couple of inches or 5cm by way of elevators, then you can get away with it 100% and with great ease and with anyone – your girlfriend, and mates playing soccer or rugby, in the locker room, taking off and putting on shoes, the chances of detection are tiny. This is simply because ALL footwear adds height as does the footwear of your mates and (specially!) your girlfriend’s, because of heels etc. You are with the lower end of height addition, if you like you are just at the top end of when all footwear adds height. For some the best of all words. Tell no-one at all, add the height and it matters little when you are changing clothes etc. The only issue might be that you will of course be a couple of inches shorter when stood right right next to that guy you want to be as tall as or taller! OK, so don’t stand right next to him when you are both barefoot! But that guy will not notice a thing normally. But of course do not leave stuff lying around with lifts or elevators in. And bear in mind that applies to elevators - adding LIFTS not made for boots and sticking them into the heel area is in fact the worst of all worlds if detected – you gain an inch or so but if you are discovered everyone’s thinking you are adding serious height. Stand-alone lifts floating around in a pair of boots are not brilliant if you leave them lying around. But I have a strategy for dealing with that which I will tell you about next time.

Higher means more care

My theory post here is really more about higher levels of addition – 3” (8cm) or more. Bigger elevators are great – I myself wear 4” and 5” all the time and have never been detected, 3” would be a breeze for me and I long for the days of 6” elevators! But at this level you have to think of certain things and how they play in your own life. Reason for this is that we are all different as I said at the start. I am now ignoring buddies/mates in this posting and focusing on your partner, and how you need to handle the situation both in advance before you start adding height and later on in the journey. And it all depends upon the situation and the type of person you are with: sensible partners take limited notice and do not dwell on appearance issues (which allows you latitude), but we are not all sensible and some people obsess about appearance issues in their partners. So this depends a bit upon different types of partners and only YOU can judge this. “We’re all different”. I would say that for higher elevators, taking it in two steps (3” to 4” or 5”) minimizes detection. But I would further suggest that the real issues are around what your partner expects – in my situation, it is not an issue, my girlfriend would sooner take her vacation in freezing Antarctica than witter on about my jeans or shoes or hair (unless she thinks I am doing something totally stupid and it looks obviously so), but I do know guys whose girlfriends spend ages fussing over their boyfriend’s clothes. And this you HAVE to take into account. You would be surprised that even the fussier partner will almost always miss height addition when faced with it, but might nose around in that wardrobe etc. Answer to this problem – in my next post. The key then to this is what you do early on – sticking to low levels of addition is really just like putting an insole (well a turbo-charged insole) into your normal footwear and I think that there is almost no need for a strategy. But at its higher levels, you have to work out the impact of adding height very discreetly in a close relationship. The awkward fact is that some partners tend to dwell on appearance stuff as almost a moral type of issue and it becomes a kind of “I think I have a right to know” thing. This tendency will be near irrelevant in lower elevators but with higher ones it is to be considered. So you yourself have to work out, if you like, what your partner might think if, by accident, she worked out you were adding height. Is it worth then telling someone who you are close to? And how much to tell? There are degrees of ‘telling’, which I will come back to in my next post. Indeed, have a strategy for all this which I will discuss more fully in my next post but for the time I have just introduced what are some thoughts on this sensitive issue, and all of them can be dealt with – this is itself a longish post and it answers no questions. It is in a way meant to be like that. It’s meant to raise the points that all partners are different, that you can get away with all sorts of stuff in some cases and a certain amount in others, that you can make mistakes but that also these can be handled. That you have to consider a number of different things which are pretty straightforward. But that low level elevators are almost immune from detection on all fronts.

Next time I will give you some answers and advice. Trust me, when you get it right there is just nothing better – constantly taller and living your life as that taller guy.


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