World Leaders Showcased Their Presidential Style at G7 Summit

Earlier this week, world leaders gathered in Italy for the G7 Summit. With a number of leaders in attendance, including U.S. President Donald Trump, the event attracted attention from the world over. Aside from the official business that took place at the event, the leaders and their first ladies’ fashion choices took center www. With the eyes of the world watching, the G7 Summit was the ideal time for world leaders to showcase their sophisticated style to the world. And in true presidential fashion, they did not disappoint.

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One of the most important characteristics a powerful man can display is self-confidence. While men like Trump and Trudeau are well-versed in business, it’s their personal style that is often the first indicator of how they are to be perceived. Rarely caught without a 3-piece suit, Trump is a man who realizes the importance of image. While a position of power will undoubtedly elevate a man’s self-confidence, a taller stature can do the same. One man who could benefit from a boost in height is newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron. The man has quickly become a rising star in the media since his election. Standing at 5’8, the French president could benefit from a boost in height to stand toe-to-toe with his colleagues, which include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, who stands at 6’2, commands instant attention with his tall stature.

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