Trent Lockett shines on his wedding day wearing GuidoMaggi loafers!

The American basketball star Trent Lockett proved he knows how to make a perfect fashion choice, deciding to wear GuidoMaggi elegant loafers on his wedding day!

If you know anything about basketball, particularly the NBA league, then you have already heard of the name Trent Lockett. He is an American professional basketball player for the FIBA Champions League and the Israeli Premier League. Before playing professionally in the NBA G League, Lockett played college basketball for Arizona State and Marquette.

Lockett, besides being a very successful professional athlete, is also a man loved and respected by many, especially his newlywed wife, Nina. The 28-year-old shooting guard is quite lucky outside the basketball court as well, getting the chance to marry, as he has stated, “the woman of his dreams”.

On July 2, 2019, Trent and Nina had a classy wedding ceremony and celebration in Positano, Italy, where they crowned their love with marriage, leaving the party as the ‘Locketts’. The wedding itself was incredible, featuring Persian moments during the celebration in efforts to honor Nina’s origins. Starting from the venue, to the dresses of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, to the looks of both the bride and the groom, everyone and everything looked impeccable. The bride was wearing a beautiful long white gown with many details on it, while the groom, Trent Lockett, decided on a dark purple tuxedo with black details. The basketball star chose to compliment his overall look with nothing other than GuidoMaggi elegant loafers.

GuidoMaggi, as a popular Italian brand for luxury elevator shoes, is best known for the artisan’s keen eye for details, the comfort and the elegance of the shoes the brand makes. This summer, the elegant moccasins were the must-have item for the hot season, and Lockett did not miss out on the fashion trend.

The choice of the groom was Saint Moritz, classic black loafers, handmade in Italy. The shoes are made with upper in black semi-shiny calfskin, and they are embellished with elegant tassels in grey full-grain leather.

The outsole, which is in real leather, is assembled and sewn at sight. The Saint Moritz loafers, although are perfect for a wedding day, are ideal for every formal occasion as well.

The shoes have the ability to increase the height of the wearer up to 2.4 inches (6 cm) in absolute comfort.

What is most interesting about height-increasing shoes is that people quickly assume they are meant to be worn by short/er people.

However, Trent Lockett, a basketball star whose listed height is 1.96 centimeters, proved that elegance, style and comfort are the most important factor when it comes to choosing footwear. The fact that sports champions opt to wear luxury GuidoMaggi creations on the occasions that matter is beyond outstanding. By deciding to flatter his look with GuidoMaggi elevator loafers, Lockett remains a living proof that classical style is eternal, and that comfortable and stylish shoes are a number one priority.