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Greek Islands: Mediterranean Soul of the New GuidoMaggi Sneakers!

Deriving inspiration from the splendid colors of the Greek Islands, the new GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers are fresh and dynamic, perfect for the casual-chic summer outfits that simply cannot go unnoticed!

The magic of the Mediterranean is here, and you can finally feel it by wearing the new GuidoMaggi Greek Islands-inspired uplift sneakers. Read more

White and Classy: Best Choice for the Summer

This year men’s fashion dives into white as celebrities and fashion icons are exploring the possibilities of this classy and elegant choice. The truth is, you can’t go wrong with a light outfit during the summer, as long as you combine it with the proper white GuidoMaggi shoes. Read more

Father’s Day: The Celebrity Dads Who Reached Great Heights

On the third Sunday in June, the United States and the United Kingdom celebrate Father’s Day. This year it was on June 16th, when famous dads in the two countries shared their memories on social media. And a perfect gift might have been GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, so add a little height to their family weekend Read more

Coachella: where music meets fashion

The new summer trends can all be seen at the Californian event. With famous Brazilian model Vini Uehara gracing the occasion with his chic footwear, it’s no wonder GuidoMaggi couldn’t miss it… Read more