Spring into Summer with Elevator Shoes

Spring is here and so it’s time to embrace the biggest trends of the Spring and Summer 2018 collections. This season is all about street style and bringing elements of the 90s to the modern day. Also for Height Increasing Shoes…

elevator sneakers

Whether you’re looking to fully embrace the trends of Spring/Summer 2018 or you just want to pick a couple of trendy pieces and mix and match them with your own style, this season’s collections are all about looking to the streets for inspiration. Almost all of this season’s collections pay homage to the street in some way or other. And that’s why we’re seeing a return to many of the trends of the 90s, as street style played an important role in fashion a couple of decades ago. Today, the 90s trends have returned but have been reinvented with a modern twist. Yes, oversized suits and jackets are back but can be paired with a more tailored shirt or shorts for a look that’s more suited to 2018.

Bold prints are one trend that you’ll see everywhere this summer. Whether it’s a Hawaiian print shirt or a bold graphic t-shirt, you’ll be seeing prints and patterns in all the sleekest boutiques this season. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection from Dolce & Gabbana is full of prints and bold patterns, from Asian inspired designs and animal prints, to all-over printed suits and pants. The collection even takes inspiration from the bold designs of a pack of playing cards.

To elevate these Spring/Summer 2018 collections you’ll need to add some stylish luxury footwear to your wardrobe. The Shenzhen sneaker from GuidoMaggi is a comfortable elevator shoe that takes its inspiration from the street, with its speckled effect leather and comfortable non-slip rubber sole. These super sleek lace-up elevator sneakers can discreetly boost your height by 2.6 inches and will be the perfect addition to all your street style outfits this season.

Camouflage prints have been on trend for the past few seasons and Spring/Summer 2018 is no different. And for a stylish pair of elevator shoes that are made for summer living, the Nosy Be is just the thing. Not only will it help you stay on trend with this season’s must-have styles while you’re at the pool or strolling along the beach, but these luxury Italian handcrafted elevator sandals will increase your height by 2 inches. The camouflage leather sandal will give you the comfort you need in the hottest months of the year and will look sleek with many of the trends of this summer, from the earth tones trend to the animal print trend and even the oversized suit trend. Mix and match the trends for a personalized style that’s all your own.