Snow Vacations: Unusual Accommodation in the French Mountains

From igloos to barrels, huts to caravans, there are plenty of unique places to stay in the French mountains. No matter what you opt for, GuidoMaggi elevator boots are essential

Ski season is here but if you’d rather opt for something other than a traditional hotel this year, the French ski resorts have plenty of alternatives.

In the French ski resort of Beille in the Pyrenees, the village of Angaka is where you’ll find a Nordic Village where you can stay in Finnish style wooden kota huts, yurts, teepees and a trapper cabin. For a rustic but cozy Nordic style vacation, the Norway elevator bootsare just the thing. These full grain leather boots with non-slip sole will give you the comfort and durability you need for walking in the snow, as well as increase your height by up to 3.1 inches, giving you that added confidence boost.

If it’s been a childhood dream to sleep in an igloo then you can finally get the chance at the foot of the Meije glacier high up in the French Alps. With all the warm comforts you need, it can be the perfect place for an adventurous stay under the snow. Don’t forget the perfect shoe to keep you warm: the Times Square with its gray suede leather upper and soft goatskin lining, giving you added durability. The non-slip rubber sole is ideal for an igloo vacation and they can even discreetly add an extra 4 inches to your height.

If you’re looking for a really unique vacation, the Le Lioran resort in the Auvergne region is where you’ll find a Finnish barrel, which comfortably sleeps two people. There’s also a barrel sauna on site. But stay in style with the Courmayeur boots, designed to increase your height up to 3.1 inches and keep your feet warm in the cold temperatures: ideal for a mountain vacation.

Another option is the Loges de Coinchet in the Rousses resort, where you can stay in colorful gypsy caravans. GuidoMaggi Rhein boots will bring added glamor and practical comfort, with a waterproof suede leather; ideal for the surroundings.

For a magical vacation, stay inside a bubble in Combloux where you can fall asleep watching the snow fall and looking out towards Mont Blanc through the see-through ceiling and walls. This perfect romantic getaway deserves the Innsbruck boots to add elegance and deliver comfort and confidence with the goatskin lining and gray leather upper and the possibility of adding up to 6 inches to your height.