Hollywood Stars Step Out in Style at the 2018 Venice Film Festival

The 75th Venice Film Festival kicked off this week and saw the arrival of some of the hottest stars of the silver screen. Fashion will be just as important as film at this international festival in one of Italy’s most stylish cities. And one way to add style to a red carpet look is with luxury elevator shoes. Read more

Elevator Boots Even in the Summer

Boots are not just for the colder months. They can be ideal for adding a little edge to your style even in the summer. And with the slick elevator styles from GuidoMaggi you can stay comfortable, look cool and be taller in summer and all year long… Read more

This Year’s Trends for Sneakers and the Return of the 90s

The trend for sneakers this year is seeing a return to the trends of the 90s. But even with this comeback style, there are still modern twists with new technology. And GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers are the ideal blend of technology and style to keep you on trend all year… Read more

Men’s Fashion: Summer is the Season for Blue

No matter what footwear you choose, whether it’s a classic elevator shoe or a comfy sneaker, one thing that will matter is the color. And for this summer the hottest color is blue…

Blue is a color that will go with just about everything. It can be worn for both casual and formal occasions and can look chic and elegant no matter what the season. But in the summer, the color blue always seems to have a fresh look about it. Navy and ocean inspired shades are particularly popular in summer and that’s no different for summer 2018. Blue always looks great and it’s a color that suits everyone. It can add sophistication to a business suit and can give you a cool, summer look at an evening event, helping you to feel more confident. Read more

Celebrate the World Cup with GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes

It’s the summer of sport and the final week of the World Cup is here. So, no matter what team you’re supporting, it’s time to celebrate in style with this summer’s hottest elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi

The summer may have not long begun but the sporting events have already been making headlines across the world. One of the biggest sporting events in this year’s calendar is the World Cup, which is taking place right now in Russia. This year’s event kicked off on the 14th of June and the final will be played on the 15th of July. Read more