Norway, an Island and a Tiny House for Relaxation

A vacation immersed in nature, with only the ocean and the sound of the wind. A unique Architizer award winning design and hospitality experience.

Peace and breathtaking landscapes, no cars or shops, just silence and nature with all its magnificent beauty. Off the northern coast of Norway, there’s an island that offers all of this: Fordypningsrommet, the Arctic Hideaway, with only nine tiny cabins overlooking the ocean. To get there, visitors take an hour’s boat ride from a nearby island, then cross a footbridge over mountainous terrain leading to the dream vacation.

Despite its isolation, Fordypningsrommet is equipped with all modern design conveniences; prefabricated buildings, sustainable wood exteriors and even a pier to a floating cabin. The architects who designed this small community recently won the 2018 Architizer award, which recognizes the world’s best design projects. The rent is only $3,500 a week and you just need to take the essentials; one of which being the Minsk GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers to enjoy a relaxing coastal walk.

In addition to the four separate bedroom houses, there is a sauna and separate houses for the kitchen, bathroom and for relaxing. Since it opened in 2017 is has become a place to find peace and relaxation, “a small slice of paradise”. For guest comfort there are welcoming hosts who meet guests on arrival, prepare meals, heat the sauna and make the vacation unique.

One of the cabins is a tower that offers spectacular views of the Northern Lights. Between the sounds of birds, the wind and the ocean, it’s almost like living in a movie: walking through untouched nature, miles from the chaos of city life, is an experience that resets the mind and relaxes the body, so you can start again on the right foot. Inside the cozy little cabins, wear the Cortina D’Ampezzo GuidoMaggi elevator loafers to complete the experience of comfort and style.