Michael Jackson: Relive the Style of the King of Pop

With Williamsburg, Florida and Sacramento 10 years after his death, GuidoMaggi celebrates the icon of music and fashion

A legend. Ten years after his death – at his Holmby Hills home in Los Angeles on June 25th 2009 – Michael Jackson continues to influence music and culture today. Jacko, as some fans called him, was not only the revolutionary and undisputed King of Pop but he also left his mark on fashion and art. His unmistakable style continues to influence today, so much so that the Grand Palais of Paris has a dedicated exhibition called “On The Wall”. On till February 14th 2019, the exhibition shows how Michael Jackson became one of the most represented people in contemporary art since Andy Warhol used the image in 1982.

In anticipation of what would have been Jackson’s 60th birthday ABC broadcast a documentary back in May of “The Last Days of Michael Jackson”. In 2019 even the big fashion brands will celebrate the singer’s unmistakable outfits including from his most famous videos, Thriller, Bad and his public appearances. Michael Jackson inspired clothing will be a must this year.

Williamsburg, Florida and Sacramento are dedicated to Michael Jackson to celebrate the icon 10 years after his death. The Williamsburg elevator shoe pays homage to the punk movement, rock style and anti-conformist fashion that always inspired the former member of the Jackson 5. A studded shoe to show off a glam look but also for a classic, elegant look to play with the rules of fashion like Michael did.

Then play on Jackson’s song with the black and white tones of the Florida GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers: elegant, comfortable, with strong character. Using double colors, the Sacramento, with gold colored calfskin detailing, gives a unique, chic look and stands out for offering refinement and comfort; ideal for casual glamor.

 All inspired by the King of Pop the GuidoMaggi styles celebrate the 80s legend, combining style and refinement.