How to Easily Combine Classic Attires with Elevator Sneakers

Elevator sneakers are slowly but surely taking over the male wardrobe! Not only the footwear is perfect for casual outfits, but they can be worn with more formal looks as well. Here is how!

It is the sneakers’ time of the year. There simply is no escape from this trend. And you should not even want to miss out on it! Sporty chic shoes dominate the catwalks as well as the male wardrobe. Not only they are ideal for casual outfits, but now they are gaining momentum in being worn with more formal clothing too. The contemporary man is attentive to style and does not renounce to comfort, so the sneakers became the must-have to always wear, from leisure to the office.

Versatile but stylish, they are the perfect fit for all occasions. As fashion allows it, sports shoes are good even on the most serious suits and occasions when you have to show off classic looks. However, one must be careful about how to easily and flawlessly combine these two without overdoing it. While paying attention to elegance is important, choosing the right model is fundamental to avoid horror styles, both when it comes to combining elevator sneakers with jeans, and with formal attires.

The first crucial thing is for the apparel not to be too sophisticated, but classic. In this sense, a slim-fit suit that is one colored will perfectly do the job. Avoid combining too many colors because it will not look classy not it will match correctly. In order to best combine this traditional look is to compliment it with white sneakers. Due to the fact the shoes are plain as well, the effect will be really great. GuidoMaggi has the right sneakers, made to measure and treated in detail by skilled Italian craftsmen, that have an innovative design and increase height discreetly.

When simplicity rhymes exclusivity, here comes Alba, total white elevator sneakers with full-grain leather upper and sole in super-light rubber. Alba is an athletic shoe with an iconic and timeless design. The shoes increase the height of the wearer by 2.4 inches (6 centimeters) in total secrecy and comfort.

The GuidoMaggi artisans also allow the possibility of customizing the footwear with the name of the brand written on the side, which only adds to the chic look of these sneakers.

On the other hand, if you want to dare with more colorful sneakers, you should first pay attention to your suit. Under the jacket, make sure you wear a white shirt and tie so that you respect the chromatic balance. This will allow you to play with the nuances of the sneakers, therefore colored sneakers can be your choice to go with.

The Varenne Vintage sneakers, from the new capsule collection by GuidoMaggi, are the winning choice. Under the banner of luxury sportswear, the Varenne Vintage sneakers, inspired

by the iconic models of the 70s, are made of black rubberized calf leather, dark green suede, and a semi-shiny gray calfskin featuring a leather used effect. The sole is made of ultra-light rubber. The elevator sneakers of the new Varenne collection manage to combine sportiness and luxury which results in real high-design creations.

The shoes increase the wearers’ stature from 2.4  (6 cm) up to 4 inches (10 cm) in absolute comfort and are handmade in Italy.