Elevator Shoes

Blue and White: A Winning Combination

It’s not just for summer. Blue and white is a pairing that has long been regarded as incredibly stylish and chic in every season. And GuidoMaggi steps it up with trendy elevator shoes from the collection Read more

The joys of my 6 inch elevators – an update

I have been wearing my 6″ Hong Kong style boots for over a year now and this is an update on the joys of adding that extra inch! Adding so much is not for everyone, but I am just telling it as it is, and how it has been with me Read more

The Colorful Return of Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is making a comeback, with its abstract shapes and bright colors returning to the fashion world for 2019. And taking inspiration from the hot new trend GuidoMaggi has created luxury hand painted elevator shoes Read more

Men’s Fashion: the Return of Tailoring

Tailoring is becoming more and more trendy. Refined, tailor-made pieces are the inspiration behind all GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, designed and handcrafted in Italy Read more