Elevator Shoes: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we all search wildly for gifts to buy for our loved ones. The struggle is real. It may seem like everyone these days has everything they need and even everything they don’t need, so what do you get them? And that’s where elevator shoes come in.

elevated shoes

So what are Elevator Shoes? To put it simply, elevator shoes are shoes that make you taller. At GuidoMaggi we design and handcraft luxury elevator shoes for men, and what better gift to give your loved one this Christmas than a pair of fine Italian height increasing shoes.

Gone are the days when you needed to purchase separate shoe lifts for men for their existing shoes. With our elevator shoes you not only get stylish and comfortable footwear but you also get tall men shoes that combine Italian design with exquisite craftsmanship. We can give you the extra height you’ve always wanted in a discreet way that only you will know about, while also elevating your style; and that’s the beauty of our collection of elevator shoes.

How do you Choose?

Many of our luxury Italian shoes are handcrafted in a range of heel heights, so that you can, in a way, tailor the shoes to suit your own personal taste and style, such as with our sleek Lecce dress shoe, that can be crafted with heels from 2.4 inches up to 3.1 inches.

You simply choose the shoe you would like, choose your correct shoe size and then choose the heel height of the shoe, giving you a customized pair of shoes, made just for you.

However, some of our shoes do come in one standard heel height, depending on the style of shoe. These shoes are designed to give you just the right amount of lift for the style of the shoe, such as with our casual Trani shoe that features a discreet heel of 2.6 inches.

You will see that many of our height increasing shoes can be ordered with heels of up to 4 inches, with some of our boots even being available with heels up to 6 inches, adding a significant but discreet increase to your height.

Our Shoe Styles

At GuidoMaggi we know that you need to be able to add height everyday. And that’s why we have a luxury collection of shoes for every occasion. We have a chic collection of dress shoes, with styles that are ideal for weddings, evenings or a day at the office.

We have a trendy range of boots and sneakers that would make the ideal Christmas gift for the man in your life, so he can enjoy his downtime and still walk tall! So why not surprise your loved one with the gift that he’s always wanted; a few extra inches in height.