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The Magnificent Mile

Price: 595 €

Up to 6 inches taller thanks to the ultimate elevator boots by GuidoMaggi. For a winter season with greater stature and style. The upper of "The Magnificent Mile" is in brown suede calf leather. The inner lining of soft goatskin allows maximum comfort. The insole and midsole are made of genuine Italian leather.

The special lightweight rubber outsole handcrafted, with anti-slip features stylish and solid visible stitching for great durability.

The inner height increaser - anatomical and made to ensure a correct posture - can be chosen from 4 up to 6 inches, depending on the individual needs of each customer.

A great height increase that will immediately add class to your style and confidence in yourself.



The Magnificent Mile
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Thank you for your kind response. I am a loyal customer and true fan of your work. I prefer the light brown suede. Thank you and I appreciate your willingness to change.

William, Wisconsin

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shoes for short men
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