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Calvin Klein and the Elevator Shoes

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Designers like Calvin Klein have paved the way for today’s breed of daring, young designers. From his controversial ads of the 1980s to the resurgence of the Calvin Klein sports bra, it’s safe to say that Klein’s designs are as relevant now as ever. Throughout his decades-long career, Klein has dressed models and celebrities alike, injecting his own personal brand of sleek, minimalistic style to achieve a signature look evocative of his aesthetic. While his brand is larger than life, in many ways, at only 5’9, Klein may benefit elevator shoes for a bit of a boost.

Elevator footwear is an easy option for men hoping to add inches to their height. There are many reasons why taller is better. Well versed in the art of the public eye, men like Klein are frequently photographed alongside other members of the celebrity realm. A shoe that adds inches to their stature will keep them standing proud. Advances in the art of constructing elevator shoes has led to models capable of adding as much as 5-inches of height.

calvin klein elevator shoes

Few countries are as revered for their fine craftsmanship as Italy. Italian-constructed elevator footwear combines impeccable style with a number of other features made with comfort in mind. A meticulous attention to detail during construction creates a fit unlike any other, in addition to stylish silhouettes that will mesh perfectly within the fast-paced, high fashion realm. Whether for work or play, elevator shoes have the potential to dramatically alter a man’s look. From loafers and sandals for vacationing, to luxurious dress shoes and boots for events, elevated shoes are the ideal item to boost a man’s height to new levels.

Today’s breed of elevated shoes offer unmatched style and comfort. High-quality materials combined with modern yet classic designs make for shoes ideal for sophisticated men with a knack for great style.

There have been many advances in the industry of elevator shoes, including “extra comfort” models that utilize special materials for superior wear. From memory foam padding on the insoles to 21st Century lift technology, high-quality elevator shoes pull out all of the stops to ensure complete satisfaction. Styles like slip-ons provide optimal convenience, while luxe, hand-painted dress shoes made of the finest materials are intended to make formal events that much more memorable. For men like Calvin Klein, reliable, comfortable and supremely stylish shoes are a necessity. Elevator shoes that take these factors into consideration are a must-have for the modern gentleman’s closet.

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