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Style Choices and Elevator Shoes, Part 1: Your Build

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“Clothes make the man.” The same can be said about his footwear, especially if he's 'vertically challenged'. The real challenge is matching the wardrobe to the figure. A very slim man can appear taller than he actually is by virtue of his slimness. A heavyset man can appear shorter than he is, simply because his rounded figure distracts from his actual height. Actor Oliver Platt stands 6'4”, but can appear to be shorter, unless he's standing next to someone much shorter than himself.

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Your build (and fashion choices) will determine how tall you appear to be. If you haven't thought about this before, it may be unfamiliar territory for you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, it may be hard for you to see the total view of your appearance. A man with a basically slender frame, even if he has a few extra pounds around the middle, will not need the amount of 'height enhancement' that a truly portly man will.

Serious elevator footwear will increase your height, but you may need less lift if you're rail thin. On the other hand, if you have a beefy build, you may need to adjust your fashion choices to enhance your height vs. width. For men with this challenge, going with a monochrome (one color) look will help. So will avoiding horizontal stripes and high waisted pants. The idea is to de-emphasize your girth in favor of your height.

As you continue to think about what will work best for you, keep in mind that your attitude and confidence will increase your stature in a way that no ruler or measure will capture. Having fireproof confidence can make you seem like a giant, even if you have to look up at others to make eye contact. It's all in the mind, your own and the minds of others.

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