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Elevator Shoes versus High Heels

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For many men who are considering trying elevator shoes, a question arises: will wearing them be like wearing high heels, which women complain about? The short answer is 'no'. That's because properly constructed height increasing shoes don't have the problems that mere high heels have.

heel shoes for mens

First of all, high heels are made with the specific purpose of enhancing the shape of a woman's leg, by emphasizing the calf muscle, along with raising them up higher. Tall shoes for men have less of this extreme standing-on-the-toes construction. The entire structure of the shoe lifts the man up, with less emphasis on moving the weight to the balls of the feet. This means that, long term, wearing elevator shoes is much more comfortable than the high heel style.

Next is pain. The modern woman who commutes to work often wears comfortable shoes for her commute, then changes at work into her high heels. The less time she has to wear heels, the better. Spending a day in high heels means physical distress for many women. However, the all-day comfort of properly constructed elevator shoes guarantees that the wearer will not have to suffer to be taller.

Lastly, there's the physical changes to the leg muscles that can come with wearing high heels. Too many women report that their Achilles tendon has become thickened and foreshortened by wearing heels. Even with physical therapy, that condition can become permanent. For the wearer of bespoke elevator shoes, that will never happen. The entire shoe raises the height, in balance, without stressing the Achilles tendon. This holistic approach to increasing height, without sacrificing surefooted comfort, is the hallmark of the best elevator shoes in the World.

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