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Elevator shoes for all occasions Part 3: Loafers

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There's one style of shoes that hasn't, up until now, gotten a 'lift', so to speak: Loafers. That's because most manufacturers of lift shoes found it hard-to-impossible to make a pair of loafers that would stay on your feet with lifts stuffed inside. They were uncomfortable at best and fell apart, at worst. The reason: these cheap lift shoes were just regular loafers with lifts added after the fact.

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes decided to tackle this challenge from the ground up. Beginning with custom made forms (called 'lasts') that create a shoe shape that includes superior lift technology, these loafers do what no other loafers can – discreetly increase your height while giving you surefooted wear and lasting comfort. The success of this effort is plain to see: these are some of the best loafers available anywhere, with the discreet benefit you know you'll like.

exclusive luxury loafer

This is an industry first. The others aren't doing this. You'll look high and low, and not find first quality leather and suede loafers that increase your height the way these shoes do. In fact, no one else is making height increasing loafers, anywhere in the World. It's a new way to stand taller, in style, with sure footed wear and comfort.

Whether you're looking for a classic Penny loafer, a plain toed suede moccasin, or any one of almost two dozen styles, in various colors, you'll find it at GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. Look over the entire collection and see how you can get superb footwear that raises your stature, improves your wardrobe, and cushions your feet in all day comfort.

GuidoMaggi Loafers: an impossible dream realized, and delivered right to your door. Shop to your heart's content, and order as many pairs as you want. You'll be glad you did!

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