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Elevate Your Look with Fall Colors 2014

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'Adventurous' sums up the color selections for Fall 2014. That's the word from Pantone, the industry standard in color definition and matching, which is trusted and used by designers, fashion houses, and the fashion industry. GuidoMaggi Luxury Elevator Shoes can be a part of that palette. That's because two of the most exciting color choices of this season have been added to the line.

Chances are, you've already been perusing the latest offerings for Fall, and even purchased new shirts, slacks, jackets, and other fashion needs to keep up with the trends. Make sure you remember to 'tie' your new looks together with height increasing shoes that match the look you've chosen.

Rather than the old standbys of basic black and gray, the trend has been to enliven Fall with select Earth tones, some of which are as bright as Spring. The keynotes here are vigor and substance, which give you choices that will make your new Fall look outstanding. Here are two selections that are 'must have:

elevator dress shoes

Cypress or Deep Lichen Green

This is a powerful Earth tone that works with both full grain Italian leather and suede. Whether you choose a Burnished leather 5 inch elevator boot or matte suede finish height increasing sneaker, this color choice appropriate for most occasions. It works with dressy wardrobe choices, as well as 'knockaround' looks for casual and social occasions.

Cognac Brown

This exciting color is sweeping New York City this Fall, and is showing up in wardrobe choices that catch the eye and make a strong statement. A pair of Cognac Limited Edition boots will match your jeans and just about any other color of slacks you choose. This is the way to go if you want to flatter your wardrobe, while increasing your stature in style and luxury.

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